Character Journal: Minoriko Aki

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Character Journal: Minoriko Aki

Postby Minoriko Aki » 11 Aug 2010 21:06

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Re: Character Journal: Minoriko Aki

Postby Minoriko Aki » 11 Aug 2010 21:11


  • Shizuha Aki -- My lovely older sister. We get along quite well, despite our differences in opinions on which is the more important duty in autumn (her UNTRUE superiority complex can get QUITE bothersome sometimes). She's easy going (but I've seen her quite scary before), friendly, and sometimes has strange thoughts about life changing experiences (the miko and witch got her to go and meet people?!). No matter what though, I will always love her.
  • Yamame Kurodani -- ... Perhaps the exact opposite of the person I just described. This spider is evil! EVIL, I SAY! When we first met, she dragged me off to a party I CLEARLY did not want to go to while carrying me like a SACK over her BACK! Diary, I cannot describe my general dislike of this person. ...Yes, she DID buy... All my yams at one point. But, I have a feeling that was some sort of master scheme of hers to do... Something bad! Gain my trust or something, then lunge when I'm not looking... And it's not like she does it in the regular fashion, oh no- when she talks to me, she has a HUGE grin on her face mostly, like she's taking pleasure in my pain! That smile and those lit up eyes like she's ALWAYS having a good time, they're there to mock me!... Oh, and she may or may not be an oni.
  • Mima -- Another evil person, that I recently reunited with after almost a year of not seeing her. Unlike Yamame, she does not mock with an expression of fun-enjoyment- no, this woman does it in a cold, heartless, sadistic-enjoyment. Even her tail... Thing... Whatever seems cold and sinister. Believe me, I've got the full experience of it. Not to mention she recently tried to KILL ME with ICICLES! High level magic, I need to take note of that... (She may or not have saved my life.)
  • Lily White -- An annoyance, pretty much. As a symbol of a different season and her certain... Enthusiasm of spring, I can't really help it. I WAS a bit too harsh to her in the underground, though- hopefully that got straightened out at the O-Hanami.
  • Yuka Kazami -- Insanely frightening. We first met at Eientei, where I didn't see her true scariness, but then at the Hanami Festival... Oh, it was terrible, the strange threats, the creepy smile, everything!! Thankfully, I was able to escape unharmed... Oh, I think Shizuha may be hanging out with her too much, that could be bad for her... ... She throws surprisingly good tea parties, though.
  • Doctor Yagokoro (Eirin Yagokoro) -- Briefly met. She gave me medicine for a cold.
  • Youmu Konpaku -- Briefly met. She was at the Hanami Festival's doors.
  • Yuyuko Saigyouji -- Briefly met. Arranger of the dance competition.
  • The Ground-Dwelling Oni (Suika Ibuki) -- Briefly met and the Hanami.
  • Nun-Like Person (Ichirin Kumoi) -- Briefly met at the Hanami, and she once visited my stand at Onbashira (barely paid me anything, though...).
  • Mystia Lorelei -- Business rival!! We met on the mountain, when she tried to steal MY stand's area (and I would've driven her away, if not for Kanako...), and then after negotiations, we were rivals during the Onbashira festival. Don't tell anyone, diary, but I'm somewhat jealous of her... How does a commoner like her get so many customers?!
  • Kanako Yasaka -- A 'higher' Goddess. Me and her don't really get along too well, and I'm somewhat frightened of her... (I hope no one reads this diary!!) She at least let me try to make my stand more popular at her Onbashira festival.
  • Some Random Blonde Youkai Wearing Black (Rumia) -- Bought multiple yams from me. Messy, disgusting eater!
  • Rabbit (Reisen U Inaba) -- Bought a yam from me.
  • Kogasa Tatara -- We first met when she bought a yam from me. Then, I met her another day when I was just trying to get out of the house for a while, and I was recruited into some scheme involving taking an umbrella from her or something (it was a revolting one, too, yuck). I suppose we're on neutral terms- she at least listens to me when I want something to go my way. Kind of annoying, though.
  • Some Man (Shingyoku) -- 'Bought' a yam and some wine from me (technically, Yamame was paying for it...).
  • Yuka's Scythe Wielder (Elly) -- I briefly talked to her at Yuka's tea party before she left.
  • Wriggle Nightbug -- A friend of Shizuha's, I think. I met her at Yuka's tea party, but we barely talked. We later met again in the Sea of Clouds, both complaining about the same thing.
  • The Creepy Blonde Maid (Mugetsu) -- Briefly talked. She creeped me out and didn't seem too knowledgeable about the world in general. Didn't even know what sweet potatoes were!
  • Chen -- A little cat who admires someone named 'Yukari'. I, er, borrowed some of her clothes in exchange for the umbrella that Kogasa girl forced onto me.
  • The Breast-Obsessed Pigtailed Fairy (Sunny Milk) -- UGH! UGH! UGH! This vile little creature deserves to DIE! (Hopefully by my hand, too!) She STOLE ME AND SHIZUHA'S CLOTHES AND SACRED ITEMS, COMMENTED ON MY BREAST'S WHILE I WAS HALF NAKED, AND... Okay, calm down Minoriko, calm down, deep breaths... Well, I certainly taught her a lesson. And now she's terrified of Shizuha, so all's well and good.
  • Boob-Fairy's Spiral Pigtailed Sister (Luna Child) -- Another fairy who stole my clothes. This one seemed more sensible than the rest, so I won't MUR- I mean... Comment on her if I see her passing by like her sisters.
  • Boob-Fairy's Black Haired Sister (Star Sapphire) -- Boob-Fairy's more annoying sister, who seemed pretty intent on stealing our clothes and sacred item. I don't like her, personally, at least more than Spiral-Fairy, but I hate her less than Boob-Fairy, due to the fact that she at least later had an idea to help set things straight (perhaps only due to Shizuha's threats).
  • That One White Wolf Tengu, What Was Her Name?! (Momiji Inubashiri) -- A very nice and respectful tengu. If only I could remember her name. She helped me and my sister during the Clothes-Stealing Incident, and I'm grateful for that. Later she showed up while I was asking a favor from Nitori.
  • The Other Black-White (Yuki) -- Marisa?? I'm not sure. All I know is she was with me that one time in the Underground, and she came with me when Yamame crashed head-first into a table, carrying the both of us.
  • Fellow Goddess, Shinki -- I thought she was a nutjob at first, but it turns out she's a real Goddess who actually protected me! ... I won't admit it to anyone else, but she's pretty cool, and anyone who protects me from people like Mima is a good potential friend.
  • Nitori Kawashiro -- A kappa who gives me the PROPER respect and seems to find the prospect of my year-long cucumbers quite nice. Potential friend, I suppose, she seems nice.
  • Loud, Annoyingly Dressed Tengu (Hatate Himekaidou) -- An annoying know it all with no respect and no consideration towards my status! She talks to me as if we were an equal, with her strange speech! Even her choice of dress is obnoxious...
  • Ms. Keine (Keine Kamishirasawa) -- The Guardian of the Human Village. Sadly, I don't think she likes me much... That's bad for my image to the humans... I'm not sure if I like her much, either. (... But oh does she have good food!)
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Re: Character Journal: Minoriko Aki

Postby Minoriko Aki » 24 Aug 2010 00:12

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