A Youkai's Notebook: Rumia's Journal

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A Youkai's Notebook: Rumia's Journal

Postby Rumia » 10 Aug 2010 21:00

Shadowy Youkai Hiding in the Dark
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"What is this thing? A book with some paper in it? I dunno, but I found it on the floor.

Heh, I'm writing to myself now. I think I'll use this to record my life from now on!

Well, to start off, I'm Rumia. Nice to meet you. I eat things for a living.

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Adventure Log

Postby Rumia » 10 Aug 2010 21:30


  • Snuggle Time: Starring Rumia, Lily White, and Orange.
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Friends List

Postby Rumia » 13 Aug 2010 00:52


  • Yakitori
    Mystia Lorelei

      My self-proclaimed rival. Although she doesn't really acknowledge it much, even sometimes assuming herself to be better than I. I mean, hell, our powers are almost the same! If anything, I'm better than her! To make it worse, most people mistake us as old friends. I guess it could be worse, we aren't at each other's throats yet, but.... Sometimes I really wanna....

  • Fruity Friend

      One of my best friends. We met one day back in the forest. She was with Mystia, but, useless youkai aside, Orange was fun to be with! I remember the first day we met very well, back at the Forest. Her name reminds me a lot of the fruit, to be honest.

      We've had a lot of crazy adventures since then! It's always so hard to resist those cute little eyes and that innocence of hers.

  • Spring Buddy
    Lily White

      My closest friend next to Orange. We both met each other during the Frozen Lake incident, although under very strange circumstances. Since then, we've bumped into each other multiple times and become good friends.

      There was also that time on Valentine's Day... Hehe... More on that later...

  • Peculiar Spirit

      A strange lady who I met above the Misty Lake, although it was more of a Frozen Lake then. She did save me from a watery death, but more more than glad to let me die on a forsaken land of fire and brimstone. She's a very powerful magician, by my remembrance, and a ghost, by the wispy feet she has. This is a person to watch out for, definitely.

  • Fun Nun
    Ichirin Kumoi

      One of my other friends. Like Orange, I met her during my trek through the Forest of Magic. She talked really funnily when we first met, very sophisticated and prim and proper. After spending some time with her, though, she revealed herself to be a very kind and fun girl, with a penchant for hugging. I met her again at the Valentine's Party, and once more at the festival on the mountain.

  • Boisterous Fairy

      An old friend of mine. She's a very arrogant and rash girl, to be sure. But she's not much better than me, as most would say. Either way, she's a good girl, she really is, despite leading me into several.... scrapes. It's also due to her that I met most of my other friends besides Lily, Orange, and Ichirin.

  • Calm and Collected Fairy

      A friend that I met through Cirno, as mentioned above. Nearly the polar opposite of my good friend, we have a nice relationship standing. Since she has to deal with Cirno all the time, my antics aren't anywhere near as hard to deal with. She's usually the one to get me out of trouble, as well.

  • Yet Another Fairy
    Star Sapphire

      I've just realized how many fairy friends I have. Being with Cirno really influenced me a lot. I first saw her playing with Cirno and Dai while they were searching for Masks. I don't really see much wrong with her, but since we haven't really talked much, it's hard to say....

  • Doctor With an Attitude
    Eirin Yagokoro
    八意 永琳

      My first and only opponent in the Spellcard tournament (Not counting her partner). They may have won, but they didn't get that win easily, since Orange and I really put up a fight. In fact, they both seemed almost beat by the time we went down. Makes me think that if we tried a little harder, we might've actually won.

      I met her again at the festival on the mountain. We didn't talk too much, but both of us seemed to have let bygones be bygones, although Orange is still rather afraid of her. I don't think she really understood why we had to fight her in the first place.

  • Over-Possessive Princess
    Kaguya Houraisan
    蓬莱山 輝夜

      Eirin's partner in the Spellcard tournament , although they seem to have a deeper relationship than that, although I wouldn't know. You should've seen her after we managed to take down Eirin; she was a giant red ball of fury. I really thought she would just explode into a giant fireball and cause Armageddon. Unfortunately, it was she that caused our loss, as her revival of Eirin seized our fate. Unlike Eirin, though, I haven't seen her since the tournament.
  • Maternal Maid of the Mansion
    Sakuya Izayoi
    十六夜 咲夜

      I had a brief encounter with this lady at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Well, encounter isn't quite right, I only heard her voice, after all. Since I had a mask on, I couldn't see her face. From what I can tell though, she's a nice lady. Sakuya let us through into the mansion to see Patchouli with no objections, only a mere questioning of our purpose there.
  • Mean Magician of the Mansion
    Patchouli Knowledge

      Patchouli, on the other hand, is likely the meanest person I've ever had the displeasure to meet! Her personality was horrible! She wouldn't even pay attention to us, and all we wanted was to get our masks off of our faces. And what did she do? She threatened to kill us!

      Then again, I did almost destroy her library. Then I tugged at her dress. Come to think of it, I bad mouthed her as well. Perhaps her anger wasn't completely unfounded....
  • Mysterious Mistress of the Mansion
    Remilia Scarlet

      I don't have a very good relationship standing with any of the Scarlet Devil Mansion residents at all. Although, I never really talked much to Remilia. I've only seen her once, while the lake was frozen. She had come out to talk to us about what Cirno had done to the lake since Meiling was asleep, but I didn't get to speak very much, since Mima's glares more or less silenced me. She got horridly angry at Mima, and I think she was the one who threw me out when I ran into the mansion.
  • Scary Umbrella, Broken Umbrella, Lost Umbrella, Judo Umbrella?
    Kogasa Tatara

      Ah, Kogasa. Each time I meet her, she's almost like a completely different person. My first very short encounter with her at the Valentine's Party, she simply scared me half to death and went on to talk to some others. However, I met her again (Well, not really met, as this time SHE was half dead) at the plains, where I had to help fix her. Once again, I caught a glimpse of her in the underground caves. She seemed to run away once I saw her with Orange. Last time I saw her, she was a bystander while I was trying to fetch some fish balls for myself. She didn't do too much, except she swept my feet off the ground with a judo kick and knocked everyone down. She also tried to pull me back when I got tazered, and we both fell down in an unconscious heap.
  • Spider, Just Scary
    Yamame Kurodani

      Yamame, just like Kogasa, scared me to death at the Valentine's Party. I haven't seen her since though. It's a wonder I even know her name.
  • Good Luck. Or Was it?
    Tewi Inaba
    因幡 てゐ

      Tewi is an interesting fellow. At first she had the nerve to give chocolates to Orange while we were fighting about her. The next, soon after a certain Hell Crow burst in, she decided to split her chocolates with all of us. What exactly was the reason for that? Quite suspicious...
  • Unprecedented Nuclear Affair
    Utsuho Reuiji
    霊烏路 空

      I don't know this lady that much, only that she had come in randomly after I blew the roof off of some oni's shop. Orange took a quick liking to her, but she looks like a dangerous one to hang around with. Nonetheless, she ended Lily and my fighting with each other, so for that I'm thankful.
  • Man? Woman? Orb?

      I'm not quite sure about this person (Thing?). The first time I saw him (her?), he was an it. An orb to be exact. It sort of materialized out of nowhere and tried to kill me, causing me to run off screaming into the Forest. The second time I saw her (him?), it was at the Valentine's Party, but I didn't talk to her. I didn't even know that that was Shingyoku, anyway. I've seen his (its?) male form twice, which is the only form I've formed a friendship with (Wait, if I'm friends with one, am I friends with all of him?): Once at the Plains and another time at the festival on the mountain. I was surprised he recognized me those times, since I didn't. I suppose the memories are mutual through all forms?
    Satori Komeji

      The woman I fought in my one on one Spellcard Tournament round. She completely dominated me, and dodged every single one of my attacks. It's all good though, I got a nice chunk of her flesh from it.
  • Wailing Bucket in the Well

      I met this girl at the Plains. Well, met might not be correct, as she was unconscious 50% of the time. This bucket girl had some sort of sticky substance on her fingers, which we couldn't quite get off (not easily anyway). Shingyoku and I were working on it before Kogasa and Ruukoto showed up, and we had to postpone saving her from the silvery thing until further notice.
  • Clumsy Nuclear Meido

      I have no idea what this woman is supposed to be. She has bright green hair and her broom smells like Utsuho. She also flew in out of nowhere carrying Kogasa in the middle of the plains, and then my brain just exploded. Weirdoness aside, I don't know what this girl is like, since our only interaction was in saving Kogasa.
  • Stand Owner Used in Spite
    Minoriko Aki
    秋 穣子

      I've only bought a few yams from this girl, nothing more.
  • Older Orange
    Hong Meiling
    紅 美鈴

      I first saw this lady sleeping at the Mansion, but I didn't really bother her. I did talk to her at the festival on the mountain., but so did everyone else, since we were all remarking on her similarities with Orange.
  • Huh? Who?

      Wait what? Who? I don't even know!
  • Source of Freeloading

      The owner of the fish balls I was trying to eat. She didn't take too kindly to me trying to steal her food, and attempted to attack me when I tried to get them. She didn't hit me, of course, but my dodging the bullets she shot caused me to run smack into Nitori's tazer. We have a friendly relationship otherwise, sometimes I see her with Cirno.
  • Swamp Monster Warhead
    Nitori Kawashiro

      *thread still ongoing*
  • Scientific Scientist of Science
    Rikako Asakura
    朝倉 理香子

      This scientist helped me out when I was trapped in my darkness orb, but I doubt it was for my benefit. She used some sort of machine to shoot? Granted, shooting is normal, but it came not out of her hands or body, but out of some sort of long thing... She identified herself as a scientist, and gave me a few pointers, but I think she lost interest later and simply left after a bit.
  • Wandering Swordswoman

      Another lady helping me escape from the prison formally known as my darkness orb. She wielded a sort of glowing sword, but from the looks of it, she herself didn't really have much experience with it. Nonetheless, she had helped to disperse the group of youkai trying to freeload off of me, so that's a plus.
  • Trickster Illusionist
    Nue Houjuu
    封獣 ぬえ

      A seemingly nice woman I met in my darkness orb. However, this initial observation was quickly disproved when I found out she was a Nue (Whatever that is). In short, that means that she can make people see scary things. Why it didn't work on me, I might not know. Regardless, it scared Orange half to death, and fully to tears. She disappeared soon after, courtesy of Rikako and her automatic shooting contraption.
  • Ghostly Helping Hand
    Youmu Konpaku
    魂魄 妖夢

      The third girl assisting me in my darkness orb problem. She, like Meira, held a sword. Two swords. But these swords were a lot more normal than Meira's glowy one. Some sort of wisp thing follows her around. Is it like some sort of Unzan for her?
  • Unknown Sounds of Happiness
    Merlin Prismriver

      I'm not quite sure if this was a person? The only thing I heard from this was trumpet sounds, and since it was completely dark, I couldn't see who it was. Even when I called out to it, the sounds just disappeared....
  • Oxymoronical Fire Witch

      *Thread still ongoing*
  • Former Fuschia Goddess
    Shizuha Aki

      *Thread still ongoing*
  • Fellow Gourmet
    Yuyuko Saigyouji

      *Thread still ongoing*
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Entry 1: A Not So Gorgeous Day

Postby Rumia » 13 Oct 2010 18:55

A Gorgeous Day for Birdwatching
"Gorgeous? Birds? Snrkity snrk snrk."

Dear Journal/Notebook/Diary,

Today was a great day! Well, relatively, anyway. I was wandering around the Forest in my orb, as I did every day (With hunger pains, mind you) when I ran into a small group of people talking in a clearing and bumped into one of them. Unfortunately, one of the three that were conversing there was none other than Mystia. And you can probably imagine my dissent after encountering her.

Anyway, the one I bumped into was a little girl named Orange. The other lady standing there was a nun named Ichirin. My first impression of Orange is the same as my current impression of her: A cute ball of cuteness with cute on top and cute on the side. Ichirin, on the other hand, initially seemed to me as a very learned, erudite, prim and proper woman. Later on though, I'd see that there was more to her than that. Now, here's where is gets bad. I start to bad-mouth Mystia, see? Well, not quite bad-mouthing, it was more of mild teasing. After making friends with Orange and Ichirin, Mystia began to retaliate. And well, then I did the same, and that kind of went on for a while.

So, after an extensive amount of bickering between us, Ichirin piped up saying that she needed to go to some shop somewhere. I, of course, was rather eager to head off to wherever she needed to go, but Mystia pulled me back, and Orange insisted to hear Mystia's singing. The Ichirin agreed to listen to her voice. Why the hell they would want to do that, I may never know.

But, then... She sang. Even worse, she sang well. Even I couldn't disagree that her song wasn't beautiful (Even if she looked as if she had no idea what she was doing). Ichirin and Orange were similarily spellbound. After some grumbles from my personage, we finally set off to get Ichirin's baubles from Kourindou, and headed home off in our seperate ways.

In conclusion, I made two new friends.
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Entry 2: Gee, it Sure is Frozen Around Here

Postby Rumia » 04 Nov 2010 18:44

The Frozen Lake
"I was FROZEN today!"

Dear Writing-in-thingy,

So, today, Cirno got in trouble again. Well, actually, that's not quite right, as she got ME in trouble. You see, something snapped in her mind or something, and despite Daiyousei trying to insist otherwise, she somehow managed to freeze the ENTIRE LAKE. As it happened, I was RIGHT ON THE LAKE. Now, I didn't get frozen, per se. Rather, my darkness orb somehow got frozen instead (I'm still thinking about that. How did that even happen?...). Regardless, I hadn't even noticed that the orb had frozen, so I bumped smack into a glass wall and fell onto the floor.

The ice cracked open (But not because I was FAT or anything! It was ICE!), and I tumbled in. I was about to drown, and I probably would have, had some ghost named Mima not come by to save me from a watery doom. She seemed pretty loathe to have done so after, though. It seemed that I wasn't the only one trapped, as Lily White was also involved in this debacle. But that was the least of the problems that arose here.

For one thing, Cirno had somehow lost all of her power, and to compound things, Dai had broken her leg. They ran off into the forest, and I regret not chasing after them. So now, Mima, Lily, and I had to deal with the condition of the lake, especially since it was doubtful that the mistress of the Scarlet Mansion would be happy about this.

We ventured to the mansion, and, by pure coincidence, Remilia Scarlet just happened to be right there with her parasol (Boy, was she steaming. She coulda melted the ice with her temper there). She and Mima had a "friendly discussion" that culminated in Mima exploding the entire lake. Now, I, not exactly liking being damned to hell, sought refuge in the mansion. Lily did, as well.

I'm not quite sure what happened after that, but when I awoke, Lily and I were sitting outside the mansion.
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Entry 3: Varrentymes Day

Postby Rumia » 09 Nov 2010 19:20

Valentine's Party at the Palace
"What is a Valentine's?"
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Entry 4: A Fruit Flavored Chocolate on Mt. Ooe

Postby Rumia » 03 Dec 2010 19:28

Sharing Orange
"Fruit Salad... Yummy Yummy."
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