Character Journal: Mystia Lorelei

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Character Journal: Mystia Lorelei

Postby Mystia Lorelei » 10 Aug 2010 17:54

Mystia Lorelei
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Powers: Night Blindness

Ahem, my name is Mystia Lorelei. I am a resident of the forest of magic and a rather renowned singer and cook. In the human village I'm known for good and bad things there. They don't seem to like my singing so much, mainly because of the night blindness but I have gotten compliments when I'm not using my magic in my singing. Mostly though, I'm known for my cooking though. My stand is rather popular among the humans in the village, more so with the youkai in Gensokyo though.

It started out as a scam to get humans to buy my food, but it ended up turning out to be rather profitable for me though. Hmmm, what else is there. Well I guess I could say I'm an honest person, I enjoy what I do and I love a challenge!
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Mystia Lorelei
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Re: Character Journal: Mystia Lorelei

Postby Mystia Lorelei » 10 Aug 2010 20:55


Ichirin Kumoi- I met Ichirin while I was singing in the woods last winter. She seemed to really enjoy my singing, but then again most people do. I wonder what other kind of music she likes. She certainly seems friendly enough, I really would like to get to know her better.
Orange- I met Orange around the same time I met Ichirin. Later on we got closer when we both found that we had no place to stay. We're very good friends now and live in a nice home together. I hope to stay friends with Orange forever.
Rumia- She's fun to tease~ She just makes it to easy. I've seen her a couple times around the stand among other places. She means well of course, but with that personality I can't help but tease her! That face she makes when she's upset is priceless~
Rika-Rika helped me when I was traveling down to the Snowy City underground. She acted kinda funny around me the first time we met.. she blushed a lot and was acting shy around me in particular. She is a very nice person though, her machine are fantastic! I wonder if she really does like me though.. she's human so its kinda awkward but, I think she is cute.. mmm its complicated.
Lyrica Prismriver-She's an interesting person I met while I was traveling to the underworld as well. She's a very unique person, I don't think she's a youkai though. I didn't get to talk to her to much but I did find out that she can play a keyboard without touching it! Its amazing! I really hope to see her do that some day.
Rikako Asakura- I know she's Rika's good friend, but other than that I don't know to much about her. I heard she designed the house that her nd rika live in, and that's incredible! I wonder what she's like.
Parsee Mizuhashi- She's a jerk! She pushed Rika off of her bridge when all we wanted to do was cross it! Some youkai... seriously..
Rinnosuke Morichika- Well umm he sells things in a curio shop. I should go visit him again sometime and check out his shop more.
Shingyoku- I met Shingyoku during the Valentine's party and it was a little awkward then. After that I haven't really got to talk to them to often. I heard a rumor that Shingyoku is working with Aya now, I wonder what Aya needs help with.
Aya Shameimaru- I caught Tewi changing Aya into child with some kind of potion. I know she doesn't have a good reputation because of her 'stretching of the truth' in her paper sometimes, but she really is a nice person. I'm not just saying that because she's a bird like me too!
Alice Margatroid- Alice really is an amazing person, I have a lot of respect for her and her children. I wasn't sure how she had done it, but I got to visit her house and help her give voices to her children. I was hoping that I'd be able to take one along with me but they really are just kids. Alice was nice enough to let them visit me whenever they want though! I look forward to having them come visit me!
Shanghai- She's one of Alice's children. She says she wants to sing and wants me to teach her. It makes me feel special hearing that honestly. I'm trying my best to train her, she's very shy though, so I'm working on ways to get her to sing louder. Maybe when the stand is crowded, hmmm..
Hourai- She's also one of Alice's children. She more forward than Shanghai and wants to learn how to cook. THAT I can do, she's pretty good at it to begin with too, she's just a little clumsy though, i'm sure she'll go far though.
Youmu Konpaku- I met her when I was visiting Alice, she's a very nice person and very faithful to Yuyuko. Who didn't pay for a meal and offered Youmu as assistance to help with my home repairs. She's very talented with her blades too.
Koakuma-She lived over at Alice's house for awhile, but I'm not exactly sure as to why. I think she was helping Alice with experiments or something but she wasn't wearing very much when I saw her there. Maybe she lives there and has a room?
Tewi Inaba- I caught her red handed pulling a prank on Aya! She tried to play it off like she was innocent but I saw exactly what happened. She's always like that though, she's kinda a brat.
Reisen Udonge Inaba- She's a very knowledgeable person. She helped me when I was having trouble with my decision about choosing someone who I loved. I didn't know she had such knowledge, but I'm not going to doubt it! I'm very grateful for all of her assistance, I hope I can repay her someday.
Sanae Kochiya- She was rather rude the first time we met, but she did apologize for it. I didn't see much of her til much later when I was taking a bath up on the mountain. I had thought my spot for bathing was secret but apparently not. Guess I'll have to find a new spot to take a bath.
Kanako Yasaka- She helped me a lot with getting my stand up onto the mountain. She was very sweet to do that for me, even if there were a lot of rules she had me follow for being up here. I really don't mind though. The only embarrassing thing is she did see me naked once... I need to be more careful when I'm taking a bath at night.
Minoriko Aki-She's funny~ She thinks we're rivals, but I do like her. She's a good cook and a very devoted Goddess to her season. I wouldn't intrude on her festival at all. I hope that we can always be friends and rivals at cooking. We should merge our stands sometime!
Meiling Hong- She came to visit my stand during the onbashira festival. Later on I helped her with a baby bird she found outside of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She really has a big heart and she's very devoted to her job.
Eirin Yagokoro- She's visited my stand, but I haven't really gotten to interact with her much past that. I've visited Eientei when I was sick but past that I haven't had a chance to get to know her.
Wriggle Nightbug- I was so happy when I got to see Wriggle again! She usually hibernates during the winter so I don't get to see her when she's hiding. We visited Yuuka's house and talked. I'm hoping she wants to come and stay with me and Orange this winter, it'll be so much better than not being able to see her all winter!
Yuka Kazami- She makes great cake and has a very pretty home in the field of flowers. I don't really know what she's like though, I've heard other people say she can be really scary.
Shizuha Aki- She's Minoriko's sister and very devoted to her. She came up with a wonderful idea to help me fix my house too! She asked me to have faith in her, I certainly do now!!
Cirno- I don't get to see Cirno very much, but it was really funny when Wriggle poured hot tea into her mouth. She's silly for a faerie, but a friend nonetheless.
Luna Child- I first met Luna at my stand. She was a customer who had a sealing charm stuck to her face. It was kinda funny but she really did my help. She's very sweet for a faerie and ended up helping me out at my stand. The more I got to know her the more I saw that she liked me. It was hard to decide at first but I decided to go out on a date with her. She was very enthusiastic about it too and when we did go out on our date I got my first kiss from her. I like her a lot...
Yamame Kurodani- She has a very boisterous personality but past that I don't know to much past that. She seems fun though!
Sariel-One of my customers, I don't know to much else about her though.
Iku Nagae- One of my customers, I don't know to much else about her either.
Yuugi Hoshiguma- I met her when she was looking for a cooking master to help teach her in the human village. She's a little odd for a cook, but I know she means well. She has a big heart too, which is different than what I've heard about Oni before, it was a nice surprise.
Yuyuko Saiyouji- Considering what's happened in the past I was a little wary when she showed up at my stand, but she really did seem to enjoy my food! Well she didn't pay for it but she did offer me assistance with my house from her gardener. Maybe she doesn't really want to make me a meal.
Luize- She lived in Makai and came to my stand for some food, I don't know much else about her though.
Marisa Kirisame- She doesn't like to pay for food, but she is quite smart. It seems like she has her own problems with love too. I'm still not sure why she had to take my stand to get me to participate in some silly contest.. it was kinda fun though.
Reimu Hakurei- She prefers to have her food delivered to her shrine, which is understandable I guess. I asked her for some help with love advice since Marisa was asking for help too, but she seemed a little embarrassed to tell me anything. She also found my secret bathing spot! I gotta find out who blabbed about it...
Kisume- She accidentally got a baby bird in her mouth when we found it outside the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She's not a bad person, just a little bit to shy. I wonder what it would take to help her with that?
Kogasa Tatara- I know she likes scaring people, but a nest of baby birds? Geez.. some youkai really are desperate for a cheap thrill. I gave her a good talking to though.
Suwako Moriya- She came to visit my stand when Yuyuko did one night. She wanted to play a prank on her but it kinda back-fired. I know she's the Goddess of the mountain so I wanna make sure I treat her like a person should treat a goddess.
Patchouli Knowledge- Even SHE knows about my secret bathing spot. She's a renowned magician so I guess its understandable, but I REALLY need to find out who blabbed about my secret bathing spot.
Tenshi Hinani- Hahhh... she was even at my bath spot. She seemed to be rather intent on teasing Reimu and Patchouli while she was there though, she didn't really pay me much mind. I heard that she's a celestial though, so she must know a lot of really interesting things!
Iku Nagae- Reisen was giving her a tour of Gensokyo and stopped by my house to introduce her. She has a very interesting job watching over Gensokyo like she does, I wonder if she gets lonely doing that though. I hope to see her again, Reisen didn't want to keep her there to long since they had a bunch of other places to visit. I hope she comes back soon!
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