Character Journal: Yamame Kurodani

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Character Journal: Yamame Kurodani

Postby Yamame Kurodani » 10 Aug 2010 12:20

Yamame Kurodani
Alternate Character
Main: Byakuren Hijiri

An earth spider and a proud hellion, fairly famous in the underground for her sunny, friendly disposition and her willingness to help. She's not too keen on orthography, though, so I will be writing down the contents of this diary as she dictates them.

Powers and Abilities:

Yamame's only "active" power is disease manipulation - which, while useful, she generally prefers to not use at all. Instead, she relies on her guts and the neat passives she gets from being a tsuchigumo (spider strength and senses, fireproof silk, etc...) and a mean haymaker to solve her problems.
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Yamame Kurodani
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Re: Character Journal: Yamame Kurodani

Postby Yamame Kurodani » 10 Aug 2010 12:28

(Trying a couple to see how it ends up looking)


  • Yuugi Hoshiguma -- Hah! What can I tell you about the Boss you don't know already? She's nine shades of awesome, she's probably the damn strongest person in the world, and I owe her a lot. I'm going to beat her one day and prove that she wasn't wrong!
  • Kisume -- Lil' sis. Cutest creature to ever exist, too - you measure cuteness in fractions of Kisume! She's shy, but she has a good core. I'm a bit worried about her latest training, though - she can be a bit of doofus at times, overdo it... If anyone so much as tries to mess with her I swear I'll (---)(1). Eh, what? No, no, we're not blood sisters, we're like entirely different species, idiot. Not seeing how that changes a damn thing, though. She's my sister and that's that. Besides, blood's not worth shit, it's just this green icky crap. Want to play smartass a bit more, or do you want that autowriting plume shoved where the sun don't shine?(2)
  • Shikieiki Yamaxanadu -- She's a Yama, you know. Not a total idiot like you'd think from that, though - she's pretty nice. Helped Kisume for a while, and I still owe her one for that. So to repay her I'm trying to get her to live a little, learn how the real world works - it's like munching on granite, though, she's stubborn like you wouldn't believe.
  • Shinki -- Pretty cool lady, especially for being a god. She also can do a pretty awesome thing with her voice, and nobody who stops to help Kisume can be all that bad in my book! Did you know she has this huge fanclub even in Hell?(3). She's also Witchy's mom, apparently.
  • Minoriko Aki -- Ah, Mino. Kind of a dumbass at times, getting all huffy and self-important - but she's a great kid, she's just been too accustomed to people grovelling and shit. I like her a lot, but you know what they say, sometimes you need to give the ones you love a thwomping. It's still a bit sad she seems to think I'm trying to screw her, though - in the bad way, I mean -, because I'm just trying to help. Ah well. Unsung helpers and all that. She also makes a mean lunch, by the way. You should give a visit to her stall. I'm not too sure what those things she sells are, but they taste awesome.
  • Lily White -- Lily... ah, right, the little fairy that was with Mino that day. She seemed a pretty cool sort - I'd love to meet her again! But there's so many fairies up there, and most of them tend to run away on seeing me(4), it's hard to find a specific one!
  • Yuki -- Witchy? Yeah, she's pretty cool. Anyone capable of making stuff explode by thinking at it makes for a good brawling partner, if nothing else! She also holds her liquor damn well for weighing less than sis - I need to get on Shinki's case about what she's feeding this girl, being so small can't be normal. Anyway, she's been appearing a lot around the City lately - I think she likes the place. This shows that apart from having good explosions, she has good taste!
  • Rikako Asakura -- Doc? She's a human, though a pretty weird one. She's always going around saying science this theory that - can't get half of what she's talking about, to be honest! But she's been visiting hell a bit more lately, and even downed a cup of Firebreather(5) like a pro! Okay, so she fainted afterwards, but the will's what matters. Anyway, she also promised to get me a flying fire backpack like the one she uses, which is cool.
  • Kurumi -- Fangy's this vampire that appeared one day and started trying to kidnap Doc, so me and Witchy broke a couple tables on her face until she stopped. Then we went out and drank a bit(6). She kept trying to recruit me to beat some Scarlet Devil's face or something, but I don't go and beat up people I don't know!
  • Reisen Inaba -- Hah, the little white rabbit? Met her in that stupid forest of bamboos. She tried to take advantage of me being all sleep-deprived to have some fun - not a bad trick, really. I owe her a punch for it, though. But since she also helped guide me to where Kisume was, it won't be a too hard one.
  • Mima -- Total bitch of a ghost, she was bullying Mino around. She looked powerful as fuck, though, so I thought it'd be a good idea to divert her anger to me instead(7). That was a pretty intense conversation, and I'm pretty sure she hates my guts by now - it's mutual, though.
  • Murasa Minamitsu -- Weird ghost, says she's a ship captain - not entirely sure what the fuck a "ship" is, though. From what I hear, something to go through water. If so, brrrr, that ghosty's braver than this spider. Going around on water voluntarily takes some damn balls (8). Looked pretty gentle, though, which is a rarity - and seems a bit ashamed of her "Captain Log", whatever the heck that is.
  • Sariel -- Ah, the angel chick? Yeah, she was around here in hell - they probably kicked her out or something, because she's way too nice to be one of those stick-up-the-arse guys in Heaven. She's also really cute and fluffy, it made me a bit jealous, it must be nice to have such a comfy matress with you at all times! She's apparently the Angel of Death or something, too, so I figure she's got to be pretty good in a scuffle too. You know... might invite her around a bit next time I see her, drink a bit, maybe have some fun(9)
  • Reimu Hakurei -- Ah, the miko. People keep saying she's a bitch and whatnot, but she was pretty cool when I met her. Had no trouble with the party and agreed to come, and didn't bitch me out like most humans tend to do on the whole "ewww, spider" thing. She seemed pretty chill, really. Wouldn't mind hanging around with her a bit.
  • Mystia -- Owner of a stand I've ravished a couple times (the stand, not the owner, I mean. She's taken, I'll get to that in a minute). Cooks a mean grill pretty fast, and is nice and polite. More surfacers should be like that, you know. I made her and her employee some new kimonos - apparently people up there really like silk!
  • Luna Child -- Luny's a little fairy, works for Mystia - and is really bad at hiding the fact that she's got the hots for her. Like, real bad. It's adorable, really. She's pretty cute, too, if not as much as sis - you can't help but feel like giving her a hand! I think next time I go up I might see how she's doing... Ah, yeah, also made her a kimono and a pretty dress. Dress to impress, eh?
  • Letty Whiterock -- Oh, Whitey? She's been coming around a bit lately. did you know she feeds off heat? It's pretty odd. Though given the stuff some of my friends will it while drunk, not my place to judge! And she tastes like snow. She seems pretty nice - a bit shy, though. You wouldn't believe how she was blushing just from a kiss!(10)

1 - Yamame's exceedingly graphic description has been redacted for the sake of the lunch of the reader.
2 - It's surprising how greatly the proximity of an angry carnivorous spider's teeth can increase one's focus. In a totally unrelated note, I need another job.
3 - Yes. It's called worship. It's kind of what gods do.
4 - Can't fathom why.
5 - A vile Oni concoction. Humans, however, have found an use for it in the metallurgy industry, for melting metal.
6 - It's almost heartwarming how accepting and incapable of rancor Hell's residents can be. Or would, if they didn't insist on inflicting blunt trauma on you as way of hello anyway.
7 - Classic Yamame nonlogic at its finest. It's horribly dangerous, so I'll make sure if it blows anything up it's me. How she has survived to almost two centuries of age is beyond this humble scribe.
8 - Little known fact about Tsuchigumos: as Earth-elemented creatures, they're really, really dense (in both senses, yes, for those wondering). Yamame is probably around 160 kg herself. This gives them a pathological fear of water, because it hasn't yet been born the tsuchigumo that can swim.
9 - At this point, Yamame grinned and winked in a very definite way. I may be a collector of knowledge, but this is one bit I could have gone without knowing.
10 - ...she French-kissed the anthropomorfic personicfication of winter. And the only thing she has to say is that she "tastes like snow". This spider is insane. I only hope to survive long enough to finish this and haul it to the other end of Gensokyo and never see a spider again.
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Re: Character Journal: Yamame Kurodani

Postby Yamame Kurodani » 10 Aug 2010 14:07

Old Journal Entry: A Lost Spider

Okay, so I needed to find the damn shrine maiden, right? And I decided to take a shortcut through this place that looked like a forest of emaciated sticks that felt like ugly wannabe-trees. I got a magnetic sense of direction, so, you know, I can't actually get lost.

Yeah, right.

I don't know what it is in that damn place, but it throws your head for a loop something fierce. Before I knew, I was lost as all hells. At first I didn't care much, but after a couple of days I started to get annoyed. I'd promised Kisume I'd be back soon, can't break a promise. But no matter how much I tried, I couldn't find an exit. I spent eight damn days in there, without sleep. By the end, stuff was starting to get a bit blurry. But I'm pretty sure all I'm about to write actually happened.

So I found this rabbit, named Reisen, who said she was also lost - though later I got pretty sure she was conning me there. She suggested we should make some kind of basket to get me out - the rabbits fly me out, and I beat up some flying green monsters that were roaming over the forest or something. I'm pretty sure there weren't actually any, though, and she was just messing with me. Anyway, she split to see what something in the distance was, and then something exploded in the air, so I went and had a look.

Turned out to be Shinki, who is actually a pretty cool gal, and who said she was around to visit her daughter - moms' noseyness goes through dimensions, would seem. She also said she had met Kisume, who'd left home - which nearly gave me a damn heart attack. And about there Reisen came too, yeling that she'd seen Kisume kidnapped. I don't think I got to say that I got up in there fast and ready to turn the kidnapper into a fine mist, and not the boss Ibuki's way.

Except, you know, not. Turns out, the "kidnapper" was the person Shinki had left sis with, a Yama. Not as bad a Yama as most, too - her name's Shikieiki, and while she's a bit silly, she's pretty fine. And she took care of Kisume while I was lost, which means I owe her a lot. We'll see if I can repay her later. In any case, I fnally got reunited with Kisume, and after sleeping a bit - hey, get off my back, I'd been eight days going nonstop - I could finally take her back home.
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Re: Character Journal: Yamame Kurodani

Postby Yamame Kurodani » 11 Aug 2010 20:30

Old Journal Entry:Treasure Hunter on Duty

Ah, that wasn't a bad day. Met this mousie and this Kappa - Nazrin and Nitori, they said their names were. Appeared on them a bit by surprise, but tried to be on my best behaviour - tsuchigumos and kappas aren't in what you'd call great terms, you know. The mousie got drunk rather quickly - turns out she works at a temple or something, which probably explains why she's got the tolerance of a wet sponge, with all those vows and stuff. Anyway, she started dancing and doing all the typical drunk stuff, and I had some fun myself while trying to keep her out of doing something really stupid under the sake - when you've seen gents dare each other to kick bombs while drunk, you get a bit careful, you know. What, I can be careful too!

Hmph. Anyway, Nito was having a lot of fun at our expense, though she tried to hide it. In the end, we went our separate ways after a while - but I did get a promise out of Nitori that she'd pay me a visit sometime, and she'd better fulfill it if she knows what's good for her, if you know what I mean! I'll go and get her myself otherwise!
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Re: Character Journal: Yamame Kurodani

Postby Yamame Kurodani » 11 Aug 2010 21:42

Old Journal Entry: A Goddess's Mourning

Ah, this was my first encounter with Mino. Funny memories...

Anyway, let's start at the beginning. The gods on the top of the mountain were doing a biggass festival - what for, no idea. But I was heading there to participate, of course. It's not a party until someone crashes it Hell style and all that. Things got a bit bent there, though, because I saw something that caught my interest - ghost lady in a silly hat, obviously bullying some girl in brown.

You see, evil spirits are really more or less a common fixture around here in Hell. So it was easy to see that this was one - they just... smell wrong. It's pretty hard to explain this stuff in human, you know that? Anyway, so this was a girl being bullied by a ghost, so obviously I stepped in, tried to get her to cheer up - those guys feed on you feeling miserable, did you know that? - and made sure ghosty bitch got angry at me instead, because I can take whatever she could dish.

Only instead of thanks, I got lots more sneer. You see, Mino's a bit dumb at times - she's a goddess, and apparently this means that they've filled her head with nonsense about how she must always be perfect and ruthless and totally self-sufficent and I have no idea what the hell other bullshit else - and so she took it pretty badly when I started to help her. So I did the only logical thing.

Grab her and get her invited to the festival!

Had to defuse ghosty a bit, though - and now, away from the adrenaline rush, got to say, I probably should have dodged that staff instead of insisting on looking all badass by standing my ground, that thing was sharp as hell and I'd probably be a foot shorter if ghosty had misaimed - and she said she was trying to get better and be less of a bitch. Well, everyone deserves a chance, and I hadn't been the picture of politeness right there, so I asked her whether she wanted to come to the party too. You know, so she could socialize and I could keep an eye on her. She refused, though. Which was probably just as well.

Anyway, I went and took Minoriko there and tried to show her a good time! Not unlike trying to box a mountain, but I think a bit did get through to her!
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Re: Character Journal: Yamame Kurodani

Postby Yamame Kurodani » 12 Aug 2010 14:14

Old Journal Entry:Springtime for Hell

Ah, that was a little fun encounter. See, I'm all relaxed lazying around in a cave when I hear voices - rather loud ones, too - and I think I recognize one of them. So I scurried there. Right on the money - the voice was Mino's, and the other one was some kind of fairy I didn't know. but still, had to give Mino a greeting, Hell style!*

Of course, she didn't take it well, but whatever. The fairy also introduced herself - said she was Lily White, fairy of spring. I only know a bit about spring, though, and how it apparently multiplies the greenery up in the surface. Don't know, really. Anyway, Minoriko started going about how I was so evil or whatever... and then started saying nonsense about going to the City and "educating the Onis". I had to cut her there - she's my friend, and I can't very well let her go face a bunch of Onis and tell them they're savages! I'd have to pick her up with a spatula!

So I break it out to her. Could have been a bit nicer on it, but still - does this girl want to get smooshed or something? She ended up going home, but I think she got the message and will try to not be so suicidal next time. I mean, seriously, girl! Lily went with her, too - a pity, she looked fun to be around.

*Scribe's cultural note: Yamame means "scaring the wits off her" here. The other traditional hell greeting is a punch, but it's not usally done with surfacers**, so Yamame means she defaulted to the classics.
** Because surfacers tend to explode if friendily punched by an Oni
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