Shameless Thread Plugging (includes cats)

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Shameless Thread Plugging (includes cats)

Postby Chen » 29 May 2013 23:57

Hey, if you're looking for a thread, here's a thread. Join it before it gets ten replies and becomes awkward to join in medias res! Or after, that's okay too.

Breakdown: some naughty kittens from my cat village went crazy. They're causing minor chaos and major embarrassment in the Human Village! Now will you help me catch them or not?!
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Re: Shameless Thread Plugging (includes cats)

Postby Yukari Yakumo » 03 Jun 2013 20:41

Will they perform a musical? Will we see Grisabella enter Gensokyo, along with Mcavity and a dozen other rapscallions?
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