An Idea I had thought up of.

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An Idea I had thought up of.

Postby Konngara » 12 Mar 2013 04:06

Okay, I have had an idea for a roleplay thread that tries to involve everyone if they are interested. Seeing as how Konngara wants to find a way to improve herself. Seeing this as way to communicate with others as well, seeing as she is needed in her realm and needs some way to communicate with others while busy with her work. She will send out various spirits to the others as a message and in hopes of those strong enough to reach her, will get a chance to. Leading to her skills in fighting and analysis of her foes to gain some insight as well as meet other people strong enough to reach her.

Now this had just come up today as an idea I had. I had wanted everyone to see this and hopefully participate when I get the thread up. If you cannot do this, I understand completely. Anyone who can give support and cooperate in this little thing I have planned, even help out when you can would be appreciated though. Something I thought would be very nice to do for you all since you have treated me very well in the past few times I have been on. If you have anything to say, please reply and thank you all for being there.
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Re: An Idea I had thought up of.

Postby Merlin Prismriver » 18 Mar 2013 02:35

Not sure if I can get around to do it, but I'm starting to run out of threads anyway, so this musician might gladly accept. So what's the whole thing about? Party, tournament? I don't quite follow...
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