[Poll] Announcing major events

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How to spread the word of largescale events?

Poll ended at 24 Apr 2011 01:24

Maintain a global thread
Make an announcement for each event
Make announcements and maintain a global thread
Some other way of spreading the word
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[Poll] Announcing major events

Postby Keine Kamishirasawa » 16 Mar 2011 22:39

Since PoIR was opened a number of events with widespread, noticeable ramifications have happened. Examples include the destruction of the top of Youkai Mountain and the Human Village being flooded. These events and others are of a magnitude and visibility that makes it reasonable or even likely for any inhabitant of Gensokyo to have noticed them, yet no effort has been made to spread knowledge of them. Instead only people who had characters involved in the relevant threads were likely to learn about them directly and unless they spread the word ICly or OOCly even characters closely tied to the affected areas might be left unaware that anything big happened.

Seeing the problem in maintaining a consistent world and giving these events the feeling of significance they should have, the mod team has discussed implementing ways to make such knowledge available to the members of the site in general. It is also our hope that spreading such knowledge would inspire people to create their own, independent threads relating to these events, letting them be triggers for greater activity on the boards in general. Three different ways of going about this have been discussed, though others undoubtedly exists. These four are:

1: A global thread dedicated to describing major events concerning large, public parts of Genoskyo is created and maintained by the mod team. Whenever a major event happens or a new, visible development in an ongoing event happens the thread will be updated to indicate the new status. Using the flood of the Human Village described in Fathomless Flood as an example the thread would be updated thrice over the course of the run of that event. First it would be updated at the start of the thread when the flood was first mentioned, next it would be updated when Patchy showed up to reveal that it had gone as far as the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Simpler events such as the destruction of the very peak of Youkai Mountain would only require a single update, as no new information relating to it was ever revealed. However, in order to gain the relevant knowledge the mod team would have to rely on people involved with a given thread to tell them about the event in question.

2. The Second proposal is that rather than update a single thread, each major event or major development of these events gets an independent announcement. An archive would be created for past event announcements where details of past events can be found. In terms of what constitutes a major event or a major development, this would be similar to the first proposed version, just like the need to keep the mods informed would stay the same. The difference is simply in the form with which the information is presented.

3. The third proposed ways to go about it is to combine 1 and 2, so that not just is a global thread maintained, but individual events also gain announcements. Otherwise, it would be similar to the proposals that make it up.

4. Other ways of tracking and spreading knowledge of major events undoubtedly exists, so if anybody has a good idea bring it up in the thread so it can be discussed together.

The poll will run until the mod meeting on April 23 begins, at which the mod team will discuss the issue based on the feedback gained from this discussion.
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Re: [Poll] Announcing major events

Postby Yukari Yakumo » 10 Apr 2011 15:22

A Bunbunmaru's contributor's section would probably work, perhaps a seasonal thread to list the major events each year. That'd be a single global thread for major events.
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