September Adds/Drops

A Colosseum-style arena for the Queen of Iron Spellcard tournament. All tournament battle threads are posted here.
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A large, circular Colosseum-style arena, built by the kappa on behalf of Patchouli Knowledge. This grand stone structure was constructed for the purpose of hosting the Queen of Iron Spellcard tournament. Contestants face off against each other in the middle of the arena, while all around them are tiered seats to accomodate hundreds of spectators. Special boxes have been reserved for the residents of Gensokyo's elite, such as the Scarlet Devil Mansion, or Eientei. This also includes shrines. (Note: While match threads are occurring simultaneously for speed, they are ICly assumed to be taking place one at a time. Can't have spectator attention be divided, after all.)

September Adds/Drops

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 22 Sep 2013 22:18

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