Global Canon on hold, public input sought on various ideas

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Global Canon on hold, public input sought on various ideas

Postby Fujiwara no Mokou » 11 May 2013 22:06

Plans for the Global Canon Initiative compilation of a set continuity for PoIR are on hold due to flagging interest in the finals season. We'll start revive the project when/if it picks up again. In the meantime, our continuity policy will return to what it was before the recent experiment, with a continuity in theory but no official list of canon threads. Players are encouraged to say what threads they want to retcon or make canon in their journals, and this information would speed up future cataloging efforts.

Also, we have some things we'd like feedback from the community on:

First, why do people not post hiatus when they need to sometimes, and what might we be able to do to make it more appealing? See viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4060.

Second, what do people think about having strike and hiatus time tallies visible to the public, so people can check their status at will, and would people be interested in having a thread of the month feature? More information and post comments here viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4074

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