March 29th Continuity Meeting Summary

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March 29th Continuity Meeting Summary

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 30 Mar 2013 01:17

We received quite a bit of feedback from the meeting today, thank you to everyone who could make it to participate. There were no end of ideas, suggestions, and concerns thrown out, but amongst it all, there were a few key highlights to focus on:

Absolute PoIR Canon We asked who was interested in a single, non-retconnable, timeline for PoIR. The absolute canon for PoIR would be a historical account of in-character, major events up to now and would include things like: incidents, tournaments, and other threads that have had Gensokyo-wide reaching effects.

Think of how the official games have multiple paths, yet all paths have a number of things in common. Those things in common form Zun's absolute canon. These are the things that already form the baseline for PoIR's official timeline. In contrast, the things that differ, or contradict each other between character paths are subject to much individual interpretation. For PoIR, these minor details and mundane happenings would remain subject to retcon as characters change player hands, just as they are currently. A thread where Reimu has tea for the umpteenth time with some random youkai she just trashed probably would not make it into PoIR's absolute canon, but a tournament announced across, and involving all of, Gensokyo probably would.

We want to know from all of our players, does anyone have any objection to such an endeavor? If you do, please tell us in our PoIR Global Canon Initiative - Discussion thread. If you wish to give anonymous feedback, you can send it to us at as well. If we do not hear any opposition, we will assume there is no objection to continue with this effort in light of those interested in making it happen.

Sorting PoIR's Canon Of course, arriving at the above will require a lot of work. We have no less than 600 archived IC threads that will need to be examined and cataloged with various relevant information. What information is important to list, how we should go about organizing this data, how this data should be published, and how the data should be utilized once it is compiled are all things we will need to discuss and figure out. Once we have hammered out these guidelines and procedures, only then does the actual data collecting start. This doesn't include provisions for maintaining this effort for the future either.

This is not a task to be taken lightly, nor is it one to start and abandon halfway. This is something that really needs to be stressed right here and now. It is not something the mods will even attempt to do alone. It is up to those amongst our playerbase who most want this to happen to take initiative and work with us to make it happen. If there's no real interest, we will not be wasting our time on something no one cares enough about to put work into it.

Volunteers Mandatory That said, anyone interested in setting aside time from their week to dedicate to this task, please say so in the PoIR Global Canon Initiative - Volunteer Sign Up thread. It's not just important that we know who's actually interested in this, but that we also know who is willing and able to work towards making it happen.

Again, thank you to everyone who has given us feedback so far. This is only the beginning, show your resolve by not just making your voice heard, but by working with us to make your wants reality.

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PoIR Global Canon Initiative - Discussion thread
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