Announcements 12/22/2012 (Important policy changes!)

All the weekly announcements will be placed here.

Announcements 12/22/2012 (Important policy changes!)

Postby Fujiwara no Mokou » 23 Dec 2012 02:41

Merry Christmas everyone! There's a lot to announce this week, so let's get to it.

Holiday Activity Break
Quick reminder, activity scans have been on hold the past month but will begin again the week after New Years.

Forum Continuity Policy
After years of characters changing hands, PoIR's continuity has become a confusing tangle of retcons. We're at the point where individual players pretty much constitute parallel universes unto themselves, and the old notion of PoIR having a single RP canon is obsolete. The official rules regarding continuity will be changing to reflect this reality; see more here.

Visionary Gensokyo
Visionary Gensokyo is being updated with new rules and FAQ, to better define what the new area is for and to address the concerns that various members have raised. Please check them out!

Announcements Forum Reorganization
The "Weekly Announcements" archive has been renamed simply "Announcements Archive," and will be used for all announcements from now on. Old special announcement threads have been moved there, and new ones will be left in the root Announcements board for a month or two, and then archived.

Character List Change
Kasen Ibaraki is now open for application on PoIR!

Staff Changes
Please welcome Kogasa Tatara to the mod team!


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