Weekly Announcement: December 8

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Weekly Announcement: December 8

Postby Fujiwara no Mokou » 09 Dec 2012 03:57

It’s the third week of testing Visionary Gensokyo and time for announcements again. Please let us know what you think about the new forum and what you’d like to see for its future!

Activity Break
Between the holidays and the Visionary Gensokyo trial period, we are not giving out strikes for the next few weeks. Scans will return in January.

New Members
Hatate Himekaidou

Dropped Characters

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Re: Weekly Announcement: December 8

Postby Ichirin Kumoi » 09 Dec 2012 22:48

Hello everyone!

The PoST tournament has started! Please consult the PoST thread about how you should create your duel threads!

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