[PoST - Round 1] Rin Kaenbyou vs. Suika Ibuki

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Re: [PoST - Round 1] Rin Kaenbyou vs. Suika Ibuki

Postby Suika Ibuki » 12 Mar 2013 05:31

If the little oni had been able to see what Orin was trying, she would have had a hard time suppressing a chuckle. It was smart, but she hadn't had any intention of staying hidden for long anyway.


There was a great noise from far above Orin, as one of the magma pipes above the kasha burst. There was a shower of stone and a small fist sticking out of the newly opened breach--but the important thing was the cascade of magma pouring out, ready to turn the battlefield below into...

"It's Oni Hot Tub time! Can ya stand the heat?"

She jumped out, growing huge on her way down, and smashed open a few more tubes before landing with a great splash in the rising pool of molten rock.

"Let's finish this! If ya can take me on like this without gettin' caught for a minute, then ya win, but if I catch ya then I'll win!"

The magma flowed in, higher and higher, eventually engulfing the giant oni almost to her torso. She reached after the cat with a gargantuan hand, occasionally kicking up plumes of lava so as not to give her unrestricted room to fly out of the way.

"Y'oughtta be honored. Makin' me go this far to give ya a good fight... y'got my respect, lil' cat!"

At this point, she wouldn't mind even if the kasha did manage to slip out of her grasp. Not that she'd let that happen easily.
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Re: [PoST - Round 1] Rin Kaenbyou vs. Suika Ibuki

Postby Rin Kaenbyou » 15 Mar 2013 10:00

The stinging clouds of sulfur had taken their toll the kasha. She covered her mouth with the edge sleeve and cleared her lungs a bit with a cough. She just had to sit on her heels and wait for the cloud of micro-oni to show its collective face once more. She’d wait and ambush the oni with one massive explosion Suika couldn’t hope to avoid, even if she divided herself a million times over.

Something was wrong.

She could hear the breaking stone echoing from above, but she couldn’t quite locate it. The hellcat stifled another cough, and looked up towards the source of the sound, her large feline ears tilting forward. She heard the stone crushing, breaking, and a growing low rumble...

Her coal-black ears fell completely flat against the sides of her head, her eyes widening in dread as she realized what the pandaemoniac had done. She stared at the growing fissures in the stone in numb terror, her hands falling to her waist, the prepared spellcard all but forgotten... and it had all been going so well. “... Th-there’s no way... that’s impossible.” ‘Dammit Sis, get up on your feet an’ move. Jus’ accept it an’ move, it’s all useless if ya don’ move your tails NOW!!’

Orin snapped from her stupor and kicked her cart upright. She had but a fraction of a second before the molten rock poured from the above like blood from a open vein. As the first few molten drops fell into the hazy clouds, Orin wrenched the cart upwards into the air, turning the up-ended cart’s bottom towards the impending explosion.

She jumped out, growing huge on her way down, and smashed open a few more tubes before landing with a great splash in the rising pool of molten rock.

The heat from the magma ignited the sulfur-laden air and the the bright the choking clouds erupting in cascade of bright blue blossoms of flame that surged towards the kasha with a deafening roar. Orin tucked herself into her cart as best she could as the as the bluish-white bloom of flame swallowed the entirety of the tunnel and turned the rest of the dead to ash. The cart held up as a rickety barrier against the explosion but the force from the blast sent the hellcat-in-a-cart flying slamming into the wall of the tunnel, knocking the wind from her lungs.

"Let's finish this! If ya can take me on like this without gettin' caught for a minute, then ya win, but if I catch ya then I'll win!"

The hellcat braced her bruised back against the stone, kicking the cart away from the wall. She was able to catch it before it fell too far. “Nyaaaa- oh damn" she shook as she hacked again "that hurts...Oh Satori-sam''nya it hurts...” Her arms, her legs, her back... everything ached, but she didn’t have much time to catch her breath and reflect on it as Suika renewed her assault. She scarcely managed to dodge the oni’s hand. Orin dodged below the crest of the wave, escaping before it collapsed back in on itself. The oni’s tactic had effectively halved the room she had to maneuver, but it wasn’t impossible. She just had to hold out for a little longer. She didn’t even have the energy to spare to answer the two-horned terror.

She slipped through the massive oni’s clutches once again, but the kasha’s fatigue was mounting. Her movements lacked their earlier grace and she was slowing, staying just a scarcely a step ahead with her dodges. It was time for one last gamble. Drawing the last of her black spellcards, she put all that she could spare into one last invocation.

“Come to me, my dear friends.「 Rekindling of Dead Ashes」

Her call was answered by a small handful of the deathly pale fairies. ‘so only four of ‘em answered...how the.. no, it'll work, it has to!!’ The kasha set her jaw in a grim smile. The sprites flitted about Suika like stinging gnats, harassing her from all angles to try and break her concentration. Even as they fell to the flames, or were crushed under the weight of the oni’s fist, they rose to assail the two-horned behemoth again. It would almost have been comical to watch the massive Suika swat the small fairies like pesky mosquitoes, if Orin wasn’t fleeing for her life. She was getting so damn tired.
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Re: [PoST - Round 1] Rin Kaenbyou vs. Suika Ibuki

Postby Suika Ibuki » 16 Mar 2013 01:37

The unexpected sulfur explosion, thankfully for Orin, slowed the great oni just enough to give the hellcat time to recover from the blast herself and slip through the giant's fingers.

“Come to me, my dear friends.「 Rekindling of Dead Ashes」

The drunkard swatted Orin's summoned fairies out of the sky like bothersome flies, but quickly found that it was useless: they just kept coming back, no matter how hard she crushed them or threw them into the magma pool. Damn cat... why won't your lil' pets stay dead?!

After a precious few seconds spent trying to rid herself of the fairies shooting at her, Suika finally realized she'd just have to focus on Orin herself, as hard as the zombie fairies made that.

Suika made a frantic lunge for the beleaguered necromancer, hoping to catch her in the last few moments before she had to make good on her promise to give Orin the victory--and missed. It took a moment for her to recover, having overextended herself slightly.

"Grraaah! Get back here!" She would have to make the most of her last chance to catch the flighty cat. She kicked up a great wave of lava in front of Orin, grabbing at her with both hands from behind. But her foe's spellcard proved fortuitous, a zombie fairy fluttering in front of the Deva's eyes just as she should have been closing her fingers around its master, creating just enough of an opening for Rin to slip away again.

"You an' yer zombie fairies!" The tiny pandemonium sighed, shrinking to a less intimidating size, staying only large enough for her head to stick out of the magma pool. "Guess ya win this time, sneaky cat. Ah well. It was fun."

It only took a few seconds for the little oni's annoyance at losing to give way to her usual drunken cheer, no doubt a relief to Rin. "Jus' lemme know if ya ever want a rematch! Y'gave me a real good fight back there." Her arm emerged from the magma, bringing the Ibuki gourd to her lips for a post-fight gulp of sake, before she began lazily floating toward an exit from the battlefield.
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