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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Shikieiki Yamaxanadu » 05 Jan 2012 22:18

Like the pain had been her own, the Yama watched Parsee fall. The youkai was uncouncious or so it seemed. Sh let herself set her tool of judgement down. Her task was done...Until Parsee decided to get up once more. The convictor admitted to being impressed at the bridge princess getting up after such a blow, and being in such condition could mean that Parsee's spirit was still burning with an unknown fuel that came from her pent up rage.

Shikieiki's looked as the broken girl stood, and clapsed the rail. Hidden,the respect for Parsee grew. Someone so broken, who claimed she had nothing to lose, getting up again, to face her end with her head high, in a way. Hope still sparked in the judge, a soul with such a drive was definitely saving matterial,someone who could achieve Nirvana if place in their mind.

Yet Eiki knew better, the youkai would not listen in the moment the air was still. Reaching for Parsee would have been an insult, and so she let her speak."The fate of many lay in my hands, and yet, knowing that justice has slipped past the system I live by, I feel the guilt of the actions of my fellow yamas." She reached for her last spellcard. She would finish Parsee now, and would do so in a way the youkai could hold pride for it. The convictor could not bare to see the bridge princess's rage filled eyes and broken body,"No soul deserves your fate, and I will make sure that our judgements tigthen,to prevent things like this from happening."

Suddenly,in the blink of an eye, the judge found feelings crushing her heart. Why now? Why was her loneliness at Higan so evident now? Why had her reward for being a jizou statue been to be bound to law and judgement? She had been given life only to be bound to the higan. Spoke to no one, saw no one, heard no one. The crushing silence of court, the envy of those who were free to dwell their lives, and not fear making a wrong choice. How many sentences had she passed that led to people like Parsee? How was this a reward?

The crushing feelings went deep into the enma, even if she able to keep it pent,she had stopped in her tracks. Then she remembered, the youkai of jealousy, stood before her. It was a trick on Parsee's part, she was attempting to corrupt her feelings and soul with mortal emotions.

"I was once asked, 'is there such thing as a false accusation?' I gave it some thought," Shikieiki reached for the card ever so slowly,a part of her was knew that this had to end, the mind trick was something sneaky. " I responded 'Yes', in other words, there should be no space for scandal to arise. People maybe judged incorrectly, but their core content comes from how they deal with it." She continued her eyes turned to the water below her the bridge,thoughtfully, her attention split between the bridgekeeper and the water. Her eyes turned to the floor of the bridge upon which she stood.

"You must know, I was once a jizou statue, who received enough worship that I was brought to life to fulfill my duties. Like you,I have been bound to the place I was given from the moment I was giving eyes to see and ears to listen. Telling you this might not matter, but it must be said. I was given said eye to observe sins, and ears to listen to lies. Since I have existed,I have listened to pass judgment. And such is my fate,I embrace it, and tell myself I am making a diffrence in other's life. I have lived with the burden of death, and learned to comply to my duties." Her words were to herself,straigtheing her mind from Parsee's attack. It was her way of remembering why all the things that had been bound to her were just a speed bump.

You and I, we are similar in one way. Our fate was chosen beyond our grasp, and all we can do is strive to complete such duties. You can hope to reach a better afterlife, this broken fate can be changed." Shikieiki looked up,her gaze intense and filled with resolve,"As the judge of death, I will have to punish you, as any soul would be upon entering my court, it is my obligation."

She held the card up releasing it into the air. It was not the card she had planned,but Parsee was not deserving of the cleansed mirror, with such a soul as hers, that would have been a terrible punishment. The Rod of Remorse was pointed at Parsee, the yama's coarse shield had been replaced, her feeling locked away as they were ment to be all along.

"Judgement,Guilty or Not Guilty."

The danmaku spheres of a red tint made their apperance."If it was a battle with the yama,you got one." Shikieiki said,"Now accept the fate you chose." The red spheres of danmaku begun to emanate more energy,before rushing at Parsee in a last attack.
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 06 Jan 2012 09:26

On hearing the Yama's words, Parsee falters ever so slightly. Eiki was trapped as well; rewarded with imprisonment. She relents, momentarily, releasing the vise-like grip on her foe's heart and mind. Perhaps they, as the judge had said, had more in common than she had thought. Sympathy and pity, regret and the strangest sense of kinship all vie for a place in her mind. Each succeeds only for a moment, only to be pushed aside in turn.

Only raw emotion had allowed her to survive the previous spell: Hatred was the only weapon left to her, and fury her only shield from the onslaught. To let go of it even for a moment, to relinquish it in favour of kinder thoughts, would spell her end in a matter of moments. And so, closing her mind to unwelcome thoughts, she marches on without a word.

Letting prudence dictate her actions for once, she steps aside, evading the column of searing purple light. The effort is largely in vain: One of many crimson globes slams into her, sending the lightweight youkai hurtling backwards through the air like a broken rag doll. When her flight ends, she crashes down almost six feet away with a loud crack.

Slowly, Parsee picks herself up from the bridge floor that was beginning to bear an unfortunate resemblance to herself: Shattered, charred and spattered with blood. A swift gesture of her hand conjures the faintest of shields in front of herself, not enough to stop pain, much less deflect the blow, but at least it would allow her to hold her ground. With it in place, she resumes trudging towards the Yama, paying no heed to the rain of magic that struck her from every direction.

"Guilty," she croaks out in answer, staggering forward against the force of a thousand blows. "Guilty," she repeats again, "I've... done enough now. Enough to earn my place." Another sphere rolls over and through her, pushing her back but not down, as she continues her advance.

"Today," she continues, straining to hold on to what little voice she has left in her, "I accept my fate." A second spell card appears in her hands, old and flaking, as if it had remained there, unused, for a very long time. The surface is adorned with a painting of jagged green flames, and nothing more.

"Today, I can do nothing else - my fate is not one I can refuse. Some day, I may hold hope again, find the audacity to dream of freedom again." Another hit knocks her to the floor, and still she continues, clawing at the wood beneath her as she crawls towards the Yama.

The seed was planted, the spark lit; all that remained was to fan the flames. As she inches towards her opponent, Parsee raises the card, throwing it as if it were a dart with what little strength remains in her arms. It flies towards her doppelganger for a few brief seconds, before making a direct hit, burying itself in the mirror image's skin, or whatever passed for it. The two nod to one another as the bridge princess closes in on her quarry, attempting to stand again, only to fail.

"Envy sign: Consumed by Jealousy."

In an instant, the apparition loses its shape entirely, bursting into roaring sheets of emerald fire. The inferno quickly surrounds both Eiki and Parsee, thunderous on the outside, but little more than crackling and faint whispers on the inside. Unbearable heat comes in waves from every direction, burning from within and without. Burning without mercy, a blind flame that does not care to distinguish between its victims, lashing out at bridgekeeper and judge alike.

And in the firestorm, Parsee looks up, placing a hand - bare bone showing on its back - tiredly on the Yama's shoulder, barely clinging to consciousness. Her eyes had already closed, and even the conflagration around her could not give her the energy to reopen them. The only words she speaks are weak and ragged, barely capable of leaving her mouth.

"I accept my fate. Burn with me."

Not a threat, not a command. No malice, no hate. Only a simple, earnest plea from a shattered mind. She could bear defeat, fire, shame and guilt. All four of these had done little to move her. Anything but solitude. Company could soften any blow - she would not fall alone. Flames may take her, but never alone.

There is the briefest flicker of her own face within the flames, staring at the bridge guardian. A small, knowing, cruel, almost smug smile. And though there is no way for Parsee to see it, somehow, she is aware. Fire coils around them both, burning away all that it touches, and still she shows not the slightest sign of pain. To show weakness would be a far worse indignity than defeat.

The spell had always been one mean to burn away the heart, to strike at the body using only what could be found in the mind of almost every living being. The same peculiar trait, by the same token, had rendered it an effective weapon against Parsee herself, taking envy to fuel the inferno, reaching yet greater heights of heat. She could outlast some, but against the judge of paradise, the conclusion was a clear one from the outset. Even that was before her own mind, her own soul turned upon her, a faint laugh from the heart of the bonfire as it seared Parsee ever faster.

For an instant, the bridge princess opens her eyes. She sees the Yama before her, barely marked. She sees herself, burning away moment by moment. Within seconds, the spell flickers out, gone, as if it never was. She falls, unable to even remain on her knees, barely succeeding in looking up, but averting her gaze from her foe. Even in defeat, she could not show tears - that would go against all that she was. The veil of lies gave her, if not strength, then at least the appearance of strength, and she would not abandon it now.

"I forgive you," she whispers, barely audible. The burned, blood-soaked youkai casts aside any pretense of resistance, of hate or anger - she had no use left for any of it, now. With so little left, guilt moves to the forefront of what little remains. A small sigh escapes her, as she speaks a few more words, almost choking.

"You've won. Now leave me to... to my duty. Leave me be. Please."
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Shikieiki Yamaxanadu » 06 Jan 2012 10:09

Once again,the yama of paradise sees Parsee's burning spirit. She had given an untraceable flinch as Parsee flied like a piece of rag. Shikieiki held her stoic face and let the barrage coninue,the Rod of Remorse trained on the poor bridge princess all the time.

Guilty. Guilty. The words ring in the enma's mind,rattling and buzzing with Parsee's acceptance. The youkai continued to make her way to Eiki. The yama wished with her very being for Parsee to stop moving,to stop this punishment upon herself. Yet she kept moving, and spekain of how she had comed to terms with what was bound to her soul.

When her card stopped,Parsee continued to claw her way to the enma. Eiki set her tool of judgement, the girl was deserving of no more punishment,broken in both soul and body with nothing but a mere hope to cling to. To punish her further would have been cruel. And so the Rod disappeared.

The card flied last her,stealing a blink from the convictor. Eiki had to look around at the flames to ensure that she was not in a kind of mind trick yet again. Her attention snapped back as Parsee, this almost took a surprised sigh from the convictor. The suddenness of Parsee on her shoulder...automatically the stone-cut yama reached to hold the Youkai up.

It was not a sign of malice from her part either. Parsee had gained a form of respect from the yama like no one else had. Now, Shikieiki held Parsee at the shoulders,to keep her up. Burn with me."As you wish,I accept your punishment upon my faulty actions." She nods as the flames begin to sear the air,the enma closed her eyes as well,"Let us burn then."

Her locked feelings proved to be the shield to this spell,as the flames coil in on the two her few slipping feelings were what caused her little damage. Her confusion,at having found Parsee admirable despite her rash actions. Her envy of those who went through life without what she had to. The fake reward of life that came bound to law. Her loneliness,that which almost made her human. Those were her sinful thoughts,the sinful thoughts that proved she could make mistakes,and those that managed to harm her in this circle of jealousy.

The spell ended. Shikieiki realised this because Parsee slipped out of her weak grip. The youkai hit the grounds upon her knees. Yet another blink stolen from the yama of paradise. She understands she cannot help Parsee,if she did it would insult the youkai.

Eiki sets her hands down to her side,her fingers holding some of Parsee's blood,and she nods."As you wish." she turns to leave,thinking of how the fight had occur,she stops the moment she is off the bridge,"Miss Parsee Mizuhashi,your fate is most harsh,but your soul burns with a passion. That,I have to applaude to,even if it is fueled by the wrong reasons."

The enma nodded,"If you ever do need to speak to me. You know how to contact me." with that she left the bridge. She flew as fast as she could to the reclusiveness of her office. Once locked away,she begun to ponder.

Her soul,upon beging gripped by jealousy had relayed feelings equal to that of a human. Shikieiki had thought herself immune to such low things. Not only that,but she felt some kinship towards a sinful youkai that was bound to her duties until the end of her days. What were these feelings of...of sympathy?

She sat upon her desk,going around the matter. She thought of that and of many things that had escaped her mind through the centuries. The reconnection with her younger self, the more mortal Shikieiki, was what she found. The thoughts if this past were smothering.

It seemed as if the duel had done more than allow a soul to release its fire.
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 06 Jan 2012 14:32

The Yama takes her leave, and once again, Parsee is alone, lying in the centre of the ruined battlefield. Smoke clears from the air, and from her mind, leaving nothing to veil the devastation. The bridge is broken, shattered; it had not been in a good state for centuries, certainly, but even restoring this to its former, far from ideal state would take weeks.

And then, of course, there was Parsee herself. She lay on what remained of the bridge, a reflection of her home: Bloodied and charred, broken in spirit and body. Beyond thought, beyond hope, only exhaustion remains. Away from the eyes of others, finally, she pays her dues to pain. She does not cry out, even for a second - such gestures are meant for those with more breath left in them.

A familiar figure steps out of the gloom, placing a hand on the bridgekeeper's near-unrecognizable shoulder. Mustering what focus she can, she finds the strength for a faint thought, if nothing else.


You were sliding out of control, thinking beyond your place in the world. Your home is here - I only needed to remind you of it.

What now, then? Did you come to mock me?

The voice grows a little softer, for once, and pain slowly drains away from her, still burning, still as sharp as ever, but a little more bearable, now. Hardly, comes the reply, in an unusually reassuring tone. My work for today is done. You understand, now, and that's all I ask. As for the bridge... the bridge will wait. We can always rebuild it later; we have all the time in the world, down here.

The projection's fingers brush against Parsee's own, and in an instant, it is gone again, flowing back into her with only the slightest spark to mark its former presence, nothing more than a soothing voice in her mind. I won't have you standing in this condition. Rest, Parsee; whatever your faults, you deserve that much. Just rest - the bridge, the flowers, they will wait until you've recovered.

A final, lone thought drifts through Parsee's mind, never vocalized, almost lost among what few thoughts remain as she struggles to stay conscious. This, too, is answered by the voice, by her other side. Its words, by contrast, were not dulled in the slightest by the conflict. That hardly came as a surprise: It had always been the stronger of the two, in her mind.

Alone again? You poor, confused soul... why would you ever say that? You'll never be alone - you never have been alone. Even in the worst moments of your life here, you've never wanted for company, even for a second. After all, you have me, don't you? Who could ask for better company than the one who understands them best?

Weak and delirious, the bridge princess nods, ever so slowly. Without the slightest reply, she closes her eyes, and her head slumps down to the burned wood.

Days would pass before she woke up again.
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