(Closed) Twisted Justice

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(Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 03 Jan 2012 03:42

As the hour nears noon - not a day would go by without her silently cursing the little watch - Parsee stands nervously on the bridge, filing off a mental checklist of sorts. Were the flowers watered? A quick inspection - for the seventh time - reveals that she has, much like the other times, recalled this much correctly. There was not a single weed nor insect around the blossoms; she had seen to that much.

Anything that held the slightest importance to her was stashed away. If fortune treated her as well as it typically did, than this would need to be kept out of harm's way. And then, of course, there were the few things she could not move, the flowers that had come to mean so much for her. For these, she could do little but protect them from what may come. Each row of plants is wrapped in a shimmering, bubble-like veil of green light. Shields were not her forte, but she had done what she could . She would not allow any harm to come to them, not on her account.

The letter had been sent two days ago. The faerie she had entrusted with the message, at least, had returned eventually. Whether it had done as it said was another matter entirely, but then, she had little in the way of confirmation for that. The Yama had yet to arrive - either she was simply busy, or deemed this particular call to be beneath her. Either way, there was little to do but wait. That, at least, was hardly anything out of the ordinary.

The letter held no name, marked instead with the symbol for anything meant to address the judge of paradise: The rod of remorse. The details of it were only recalled with some difficulty, true, but she succeeds in creating a reasonable facsimile of the Yama's seal.

"Your Grace," the missive begins, "I, Parsee Mizuhashi, guardian of hell's bridge, have a matter of great personal importance to discuss with you. A lapse in the justice you have always championed and treasured. No doubt the name means little to you, and you do not recall me - that is of no consequence. I would not expect you to remember the name or tale of every youkai consigned to hell, after all."

"I would prefer not to commit any further details to paper," the letter continues, "and so I will simply plead my case upon your arrival, should you choose to answer my request. If anything remains in you, whether it is duty, pity or simple dedication to your cause, then I ask that you come to the bridge beneath the earth at your earliest convenience."

Short, to the point, yet painfully vague, and more than a little accusatory. It was, to be sure, not a carefully considered message, but penning that much of it had already proven difficult enough. She paces along the bridge ever so slowly, apparently speaking into thin air. The flowers, she was told, would listen. Good. It was time someone did.

"This is it, then. With any luck, she will arrive before long, and then... well, after that, I couldn't tell you. We'll all have to see, won't we? Me, the Yama, and each and every one of you." She kneels down by one of the flowers, her hands passing through the shield to stroke one of the many blossoms. "Wish me luck. I don't think anything else can carry me through this."

She turns around, sensing a familiar figure behind her - her mirror image, a collection of green radiance, hovers just barely above the ground, a few feet away. "And what do you have to say for yourself?" She asks wearily. If there was ever a time and place for such things, it was not now - she would tolerate no interference.

Nothing, comes the answer. Only that I trust the Yama to act as she always does. You will be given precisely what you deserve, nothing more, nothing less. Take that as you will.

She turns her back on the apparition, instead staring ahead without a word, watching the caves above. There was nothing to do but wait now, after all.
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Shikieiki Yamaxanadu » 03 Jan 2012 04:03

The yama of paradise had indeed received the call. Her memory was filled with many things, but Parsee's name was indeed something she remembered. Parsee was the embodiement of jealousy,one of the seven deadly sins,and one of few Shikieiki knew she could do nothing for. A talk with this sinner was an inivtation,no,an opportunity to maybe have the bridge princess repent for her sins and adopt a more apt life.

Shikieiki flied through the route the Sanzu opened into former hell. She hoped her reverse entry would not bother the guard, for she would arrive from a side and to the front. But,in any case,the judge had done this to have the least amount of time missing from her office. She hadn't bothered with warning Komachi of her momentary departure,she was not planning on taking more than a couple hours.

Shikieiki wondered if this had been a good choice,nevertheless she was not going to turn back and lose more time she could spend back in her office. At the thought she sped up her pace, hurrying to the bridge at her best speed. There was no time to lose in pety thoughts and slow movement.

She hurried and landed infront of the bridge like a ghost: with no noise. She watched Parsee's antics,the love she seemed to have for those flowers by the bridge.Even sinners have something they love. All together Miss Mizuhashi does not seem like someone that can not achieve repentment. The yama thought to herself. Straigthening her uniform out one more time,she spoke,"Miss Parsee Mizuhashi."

Her recollected demeanour gave the usual air of autorithy,as she took a step into the bridge."I do hope your reasons to call me forth are of worthy," a second step,"I prefer not to leave my office unless it is to speak to the humans or such." A few more steps."For whatever you need me for,I am here,so do speak up,Miss Parsee Mizuhashi,for this the time I do plan to listen." What she ment was that,if time proved to be of use,the Yama would not listen to the youkai if judgement came upon her.
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 03 Jan 2012 07:01

Parsee whips around instantly, turning on her heels the moment she hears the Yama's voice. It takes every ounce of her restraint not to attack the intruder out of sheer shock and paranoia. On seeing Shikieiki's face, however, she relents almost immediately, not because the Yama was not a threat, but precisely because she could no doubt crush Parsee effortlessly.

She nods curtly, motioning to the stone chair by the table, behind her. There was little use for courtesy here - her visitor had done nothing but bring her grief, in her eyes, and so she deserved nothing of the sort. Only a thin veneer of propriety, a necessary evil.

"Good afternoon, your grace," the bridgekeeper greets her guest with a slight bow. "Rest assured, I would not dare to squander your time. Not the mighty judge of paradise." She all but spits the last word out, however unintentionally. Paradise? Perhaps it existed somewhere out there, but not here. Never here.

"You will have my story in brief, then. Centuries ago, I was betrayed twice over, first by the one closest to me, who had led me far away from my home in Persia, and abandoned me within months. Second, by the priest who misled me. No doubt you've heard the tale of the bridge princess, upon the Uji bridge. The tale has... changed somewhat in the retellings, certainly, but here I am. I was given a set of instructions which, I was told, would grant me my vengeance. Instead, they robbed me of my humanity, leaving me as a pitiful youkai, forever bound to this bridge."

She shrugs, letting out the briefest of sighs. "My actions carried little thought," she admits. "I acted rashly, out of nothing save anger and jealousy, as anyone in my position would do. As I had every right to do. And for this, I was trapped forever here, far below the earth, cast away from the world."

She levels her gaze with the Yama's - more imposing, certainly, but no taller than her - staring into the judge's eyes. "I have followed through on my duty, since then, guarding the bridge eternally. And every single day, I have watched these caves, watched every last soul that wanders through these stony halls to the fires below. Not once have I seen those that reduced me to this state. They were never cast into hell, despite all that they had done to me."

Her voice carries a note of accusation, now, as if condemning the judge of all that lived in these lands. A laughable notion, perhaps, but she no longer cared for reason. "Any wish I had for vengeance is cold and dead, now, like those I would have brought it down upon so long ago. Now, I only wish to be their equal. I do not know if you had a hand in this madness, your grace. All I ask is that you stay true to your duty, to your cause, and give me justice."

And in an instant, any venom in her voice has faded, replaced with the tattered remnants of hope. She clasps one hand in another, falling to her knees and looking up to the Yama, as if praying to some higher power - and in a way, perhaps she was.

"Please, let me leave this place. Set me free."
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Shikieiki Yamaxanadu » 03 Jan 2012 07:31

Shikeiki nodded at Parsee,"Be in no rush,child, tell me your story,I am here to listen." Indeed,she was. The enma was in the right position for this,and seeing as how Parsee cared to offer a seat,she politely turned down, despite feeling the slight sting of Parsee's venon filled words. Rest asure,the youkai had her reasons,and said reason would explain why she had been called for on such an occassion .

As the bridgekeeper told her story Yamaxanadu found her way to the edge of the bridge,putting a hand on the rail and apparently caressing it, thoughtfully. She had heard the story of Uji Bridge and the cursed princess that was forced to overwatch the bridge for eternity. Samasara had surely played a foul game on the youkai reincarnation. Or at least that was how she saw it.

Betrayal must have stung Parsee deeply,for as she told the tale,the judge of paradise felt her bitter words grow close to her neck,almost waiting,stalking, for an opening to inject their hurtful intentions. Nevertheless,the enma brushed it off,seeing how the guard had had such a tough luck, she knew there was reasons to it.

Through the retelling, Shikieiki was puzzled as to how this involved her,as to how Parsee expected the yama to help her. Towards the end,her words changed in content,now a bit closer to remorseful. Asuring that her thirst for vengance was gone seemed a bit of a tall-tale,and the request for "equality" with peope who were "cold and dead" translated to a want of death in her Shikieiki's books.

The enma blinked and stepped back a bit as Parsee fell to her knees and begged for being set free. The bridgekeeper imploring struck Shikieiki's heart indeed,but her duties made her keep her composture. "I am deeply sorry to hear your tale,Miss Parsee Mizuhashi,it seems as if your past life was one filled with hardships."

The judge signaled for Parsee to stand,"I truly am sorry,but I cannot do what you wish." The enma made a gesture as she tapped her chin thougthfully,her frown becoming visible."Setting you in equals with the 'cold and dead' is beyond my jurisdiction,and simply something I am not willing to do.. As for freeing you..."

She set her hands down,before crossing them and shaking her head,"If the sentence to your soul was to guard the bridge,it is something I cannot overule until death has reached you and you have asended past Higan. The sentence to your soul is not changable,I am sorry."

Remorsefully,Shikieiki sighed,"Despite that,you should strive to keep up the fulfillment of your appointed duties. It will lead to a much more pleasing afterlife or reincarnation, one that is away from this fate. Gathering good Karma seems to be just what you need in order to break this cycle,Miss Parsee Mizuhashi."
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 03 Jan 2012 16:24

Motionless, locked in a silent plea, Parsee listens. Listens as judgment as passed. As the Yama, who stood for all that was right and good in the world, rejected her case. As she was admonished for her acts, and told she could do nothing save for improving herself. As Shikieiki, the ever-just, incorruptible judge of paradise pronounces her sentence. As her last resort declares her fate, she rises from the floor, staring blankly at the Enma before her. Hope has long since drained from her eyes.

"I do not wish for death, your honour... despite your best efforts. Only freedom." She reaches out, staggering over to the bridge and grasping its railing in one hand for support; in her grasp, the wood cracks, ever so slightly. "Clearly, I will have neither. Not... not in the face of your judgment."

The youkai's voice cracks as she continues to address Shikieiki, now growing hoarse and uneven. "But I will not be condemned. I will not pretend that I was a saint in life, but I was an ordinary human in soul and heart, as any other. And yet, this is my fate. My last hope in this world or any other has told me that I can do little, save waiting for death. So forgive me, your grace, if I place no stock in karma, and have little faith in the judge that governs it."

A note of indignation creeps into her words now, long held back. "I have remained in hell for far longer than even the spirits of the dead are forced to remain, save for the worst among them. Years and decades have lost all meaning, centuries have come and gone, fading beyond memory. I have remained here with only worms and the broken, decaying wood of my home for company. Day after day, I am left in solitude, cast aside by the world, tormented by my own voice."

She takes one step, then another away from the judge - not a gesture of fear or deference, but disgust, as the fury in her voice mounts slowly. "And you - you, with all that one can possibly have, with the world dancing on your strings and obeying your every decree - would speak to me of repentance? Of karma? Have I not suffered enough for your liking, then? Tell me," she asks, drawing a small stone whittling knife from one pocket. In the next instant, she drags it across her left arm, drawing blood without so much as flinching, without reacting in the slightest. "Is this what you want to see?" The knife is cast aside, hurled in a single gesture of anger, burying itself in the stone.

"What was my crime? To have the gall to trust another? To be so unforgivably willful as to live?" She shakes her head, exasperated. "Enough. There is no point in debating such things with you, not when you have no ears with which to listen to reason, no mind with which to render sound judgment, no heart capable of compassion, no soul to keep you true to your cause."

"Here and now," she calls out, emerald fire burning in her eyes, "you are exposed, a champion of false, twisted justice. The judge who would heedlessly condemn an innocent to millenia of torment, only to demand remorse, to call for repentance from the accused, leaving her with no hope save for deserved rest at the end of her interminably long life."


When she speaks again, her voice is even, deathly calm, masking her emotion beneath placid waters. In this, the rest of her body fails; her hand tightens further around the railing, partially crushing it and scattering splinters everywhere. A great deal of them embed themselves in her left hand, piercing the skin and leaving blood flowing from dozens of small wounds. If Parsee so much as notices this, then she says nothing to show it, not even the slightest flicker of pain.

"An appeal is in order, then. In the old world, there was... a custom of sorts, before the courts and corruption you so treasure. Trial by combat. When two humans wished to settle a grievance, they would do so by means of a duel. The gods, as the stories go, would grant victory to the combatant most deserving of it, and so the winner was continued to be in the right. I do not care for gods... but I can think of no other recourse at this point."

The bloodstained stone knife is tossed through the air, landing neatly in the Yama's hands. Parsee holds no weapons - there will be no need for such things, today.

"And though you may have long since abandoned the principles I demanded from you, I, for one, do not intend to rest until I have justice. Defend yourself, false judge."
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Shikieiki Yamaxanadu » 03 Jan 2012 18:44

"I am deeply sorry,I truly am." Shikieiki repeated as Parsee went on,the accusations to being an unfair judge did sting,they were the first words that had managed to break past the convictors coarse outside. Being told that her duties were false,that what she stood for was a lie,that she was a fake form of justice,were harsh words for someone who lived only for what she did.

"You fate was most harsh,I admit,but you must understand that inhave no jurisdiction over sentences that have already been given." But she stopped as Parsee put a slit across her arm,the enma's brow furrowed,and took will not to stop the youkai from harming herself."No, of course we do not ask for serl sacrifice-"She muttered to herself as the knife was cast aside.

Parsee's accusations reached peak,and so did Shikieiki's indignation. Accusing her of being fake,of giving false sentences was above her,and as the enraged Bridgekeeper continued to rant at her,and continued to pull conclusions out of thin air,the enma kept her composture. If anything for her pride to her duties and for the respect towards a sufferig soul.

She silently waited for Parsee to usher down,to meltdown to her true demands. Upon hearing of the old ways,Shikieiki knew where things were heading. Parsee threw the bloodied knife,a tool stained with her blood. The yama caught it. Neverthless she had no intentions of using it if she could find a resolve for things. Now it was her turn to appeal for her case.

"I do not plan to use this crude tool." The judge said,letting her hands down to her side,"You must understand I am not to blame for your errors in your past life. Jealousy and wrath ruled your choices and so you were to suffer in the next life,I do not recall sentencing you,and so you must not accuse me of what I have not done. You are daring to do so,but it does not help your case."

Shikieiki's own eyes blaze with dislike,but deep down she still had the desire to end this peacefully,though she saw little hope of repentance in Parsee's burning green eyes."I must ask you one more time; Please,do not turn this into a violent gathering and resume your duties."

Knowing full well she was asking for a miracle,the judge remained tense,her hand silently clenching around crude tool she had been hurled. She was too focused to realize it was the knife and not her Rod of Remorse. The air was still,and tense,the yama awaited for the bridge princess next move.
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 04 Jan 2012 00:37

At the Enma's closing suggestion, Parsee can only laugh. A laugh like broken glass, cold and sharp. Slowly, the bridgekeeper shakes her head, incredulous. "You would speak to me of duty? After centuries of guarding this bridge, a task that has long since lost all meaning, you would dare to simply tell me to return to my duties?" A slight sigh breaks through as she stares ahead, her stare boring into the judge's eyes.

"Then I suggest you look to your own first. The title of a Yama is not one without responsibility. If you represent justice in Gensokyo, even in name alone, then you must see that is maintained, by your hands or otherwise. As the supreme arbiter of our lands and a guardian of the law, your duty demands nothing less. Whether you sentenced me to this fate personally or not, in the end, the responsibility is yours."

Realization begins to dawn in the bridge princess's eyes; this is not a battle she could ever win, but somehow, placed on this path by madness and carried by nothing but sheer momentum, she no longer seems to care. Green light swirls around her in wispy tendrils, coalescing into a pair of shimmering claws around her bloodied hand. Magic is a tool meant for calmer minds - the rage coursing through her now would not allow her to use anything but her bare hands.

"We're both failed guardians, you and I." Her words carry no sense of kinship, only mutual condemnation. "And if I cannot have freedom, then... well, I'm afraid you've left me little choice but to settle for revenge. I," she states with perfect calm, "will see you burn. Nothing less will do."

Slowly, Parsee walks towards the judge of paradise, towards her fate. Her tone is soft now, with nothing to show her anger for the moment, save for the words themselves. Blood drips down from her arm and on to the bridge's stone floor, evaporating instantly into the briefest coils of emerald flame.

"Come now, your grace," she addresses the Yama once again, a shred of formality kept in place, presumably, by sarcasm alone. "Why would you be so averse to battle? After all, you've shown no mercy, no inkling of pity so far. Why begin now? Surely there is no need for such a farce, for yet another charade now?"

As she walks, the claw by her side carves three charred grooves into the railing, tearing through the old wood with ease. It was a fine weapon, deadly, quick, powerful and, above all, utterly insufficient for the task at hand.

"I must admit, however, that at least your analysis is correct. You know what drove me down this path as well as I do; what turned me into the creature you see before you. But for the moment, at least in part, I've changed, left those old flaws behind me." Her hand pulls away from the splintering wood, and a terrible smile - almost a grin - comes over her face.

"There is no jealousy, no envy left in me," she continues, shaking her head slightly as if to dismiss the very notion as absurd. "No green-eyed monster stands before you. Tomorrow? Perhaps. But not here, not today." Her manic smile broadens further, only to vanish abruptly, as if it had suddenly flickered out of existence.

"But as you know, I am hardly flawless. I've kept one thing close to heart; a personal gift from you, though you may not know it, and an emotion very dear to me. No envy, no jealousy," she repeats, standing only a foot away from the Yama now. "Only wrath."
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Shikieiki Yamaxanadu » 04 Jan 2012 01:20

"That I do, represent justice, justice which I guard with everything my being is and will ever be," The Yama's former annoyance at the bridge keeper had melted down, through years of judgement she had learned that many were beyond sense. As Parsee's stare bore into her mind, she knew that this condemned youkai was one of them. "My fate, I am sorry to inform you, was not a punishment, and I do not see it as one, Miss Parsee Mizuhashi." The judge sighed, this was boiling down to Parsee's choices

The yama of paradise understood the accusations fully; Parsee sought someone to blame, and since she was the judge of the dead in Gensokyo, the faulty sentence was placed upon her shoulders. "No, I am not quite a failed guardian, I do my duties to their full extension," she appealed her own case,"But, I admit there is always an unhappy soul such as yourself, and that, is something I am not blind to." Eiki sighed a scoff out, more at her own words, and for knowing they only dug her deeper into Mizuhashi's bad side...not that there seemed to be a good side. "I will have to excuse myself, but burning is something I will not be doing." She looked up as the youkai drew a bit closer,"Not that a fire would harm someone who resides in such closeness with hell."

By now, the judge knew her words were in vain, but she was not going to let it be known a part of her had lost hope in Parsee. The bridgekeeper crushed some of the railing, and spoke a bit more. The bloodied mess that were Parsee's hands did not startled Shikieiki, not even move her. The words Parsee wore had no effect now, they were bouncing off the judge, who still wore a remorseful look at the youkai."It seems that way." The enma spoke again as the green-eyed youkai spoke of her wrath," But please, do not peg the credit to me, your wrath seems to have been self attained through these punishing years that you have endured." That much, the enma said with compassion.

The space between them had been closed fully, and to her it seemed a fight was inminent. " I will not fight you,unless you decide to attack," the yama dropped the crude weapon to the floor, the one stained by Parsee's blood,"If not for my duty and pride as a yama of paradise,for my morals." She looked up at Parsee,"If a fight is what you wish, I will have to defend myself." The silent resolve in Shikieiki's calm voice was there.
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 04 Jan 2012 06:05

"No," Parsee answers quietly, shoulders slumping suddenly."All I wish for is freedom; release from my prison here. Revenge, blood, combat... these things are far from what I want," she mutters, seeming for all the world as if she had already given up.

A moment later, the oversized green claw rises in the blink of an eye, palm turned skyward in an upward sweep, aiming for Eiki's eyes. Without waiting to see the result of her attack, she leaps backwards, opening a little distance between the judge and herself. The Enma may not have been just, in her eyes, but at least she could be blinded.

"Not my wish, but merely what I am forced to settle for." The claw is gone now, its work done, leaving her broken hand exposed once again to the elements, or at least, what little wind there was in these caves. "It's a shame really," the maddened bridgekeeper remarks. "I might have stayed my hand, if only you left me with something to lose."

Parsee snaps her fingers, and the air by her side shimmers ever so slightly, as if seen through a heat haze. In the next instant, an illusion of sorts hovers by Parsee's side, only half-real at best, her own image carved from emerald light. There it remains, expressionless, silent but visible, staring straight ahead with burning green eyes.

"I am not so deluded, false judge, as to believe that I can match your power. I am only a weak, tired youkai facing the full might of the Yama of paradise - this will be a short battle, and rest assured, you will be the victor. That much is clear to me. But then, I have no intention of winning - I might have wished for victory once, but such pleasant illusions are for those who still hold hope. Hope, which I no longer have any use for, thanks to your work."

The stance she settles into, if it can even be called that, is, put bluntly, that of an amateur. She is left barely defended, restricting her movement unnecessarily. The overall effect is of one who has barely fought at all in her long life, which is no doubt the case. She was not meant for combat, but then, Parsee herself seemed to have other ideas.

"No, I harbor no such hope. I will fall here, though Yakumo's law may keep me on this side of death's door, even in the face of your power. If I can inflict on you some small portion of what I have endured over the years, that... that will suffice. Though I may fall, I will see to it that you burn with me."

Falling silent for the moment, the bridge princess extends one arm towards the Yama in a beckoning gesture, as if daring her to strike back.
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Shikieiki Yamaxanadu » 04 Jan 2012 06:29

Shikieiki had remained in her silent stance. Then Parsee struck,in a flash. In the same amount of time,she whipped out the Rod of Remorse,shriking behind it,and her other arm supporting the rod so as to cushion the strenght of the bridgekeepers blow. Despite her quick call,she was a tad bit too late,and so a small scratch made its apperance on Eiki's cheek. With a inaudible grunt she straigthened out,a small step back the only retaliation."...."She wiped at her cheek with a thumb to see if there was external damage,perhaps there was but it was of no importance.

The Yama was rusty,she had not faced any kind if physical confrontation in a long time,the hours of reclusion to a desk may show their results now of all times. "Your wrath is understandable,but seeking a fight with someone who had no say in your faith is but a futile way of venting your rage." The judge relaxed again,"If what you thirst for is a fight,I am afraid I might just have to give you one."

Her voice was filled with guilt as she said,"Pity,I rather not stain my hands on someone with potential for forgiveness." Parsee took her stance,the yama only brought up the rod to her lips tapping it lightly to her flesh as she did when judging."You really do,you sought to be freed,had you not turned your fist upon me,I might have been willing to lead you into a proper life even if it took hours outside of my office." She sighed behing her judgement tool,"But,as it stands,I can fully see this will not end with silent treaties."

A last sigh,before she slashed the air with the Rod of Remorse horizontally,"Then,I will do as you wish,Parsee Mizuhashi. May your soul feel the weight of your own sins,even as I pain over this crude exhibition of power."

She couldn't help but to raise an eyebrow at Parsee's beckoning to her,certainly the youkai though she would fall for such taunting. Contrary to normal,more impulsive characters,she studied the stage. A bridge: Reduced Movility. Ground: Wood,a ground Parsee knew far better. Magic: The only present was the figure next to Parsee that was hardly visible.

That done,she wondered if she should make the first attack,"I see,I suppose I can take your invitation as a sign of some politeness," The Yama was still relaxed,"Giving the first strike to the guest,you truly are a mannered princess,Miss Parsee Mizuhashi." The last portion might have sounded like sarcasam but Eiki truly did mean it as a complement.

"As you wish." She ran foward,feelig her strides were far to slow,in her hand the Rod of Remorse gained weight,said weight adquired through the severity of Parsee's sins. With a small jump the last portion of the way,Shikieiki brought the rod upwards and sideways,had it been a punch it would have resembled a right hook to the jaw.

The movement felt crude and immidiately, the enma fell back,to tap one of her pockets. Good,she had left the office with her Cleansed Mirror. The motion might have taken a bit too long,and left her exposed for one of Parseee's attacks,but the yama kept her eyes up. If her coordination proved well she might be able to doge whatever Parsee had comming her way.
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 04 Jan 2012 11:36

The Yama was out of practice, and never known for her physical strength, in any case. While a strike to the jaw may be a powerful blow to most, youkai were both more durable, and of stronger constitution than any human.

All this and a little luck mean that Parsee manages to cling to consciousness as the attack bowls her over, sending her sprawling on the ground with a loud crack. She struggles to rise to her feet once again, only to fail, spitting blood on to the surface of the bridge before collapsing again. A moment of weakness that would have allowed for a finishing blow, a quick, decisive end in any other battle.

But Parsee is no ordinary youkai, in mind or soul. The retaliation does not come from Parsee herself, as the Enma suspected, but from behind - her mirror image takes the fallen knife, delivering a series of rapid, barely-aimed slashes as it leaps towards Eiki's back. Midway through the fourth slash, it finally falters, as the bridge princess's material body, lying bloodied on the ground, blinks slowly in astonishment.

Could this have been avoided if she had acted less rashly? Could the judge have spared her from this fate, chained to her post for the remainder of her life, if only she had held back?

No. That was simply not possible. It was... some sort of joke, another lie, another of the Yama's cruel deceptions. A misdirection, to divert her attention from the battle at hand - a goal which it had accomplished with admirable efficacy. That was the only possible answer. The only answer that the bridgekeeper could possibly tolerate.

A moment later, she staggers back on to her feet, swaying slightly as a thin trail of blood drips out of the corner of her mouth. Coughing slightly, she raises her eyes from the ground to Eiki, slowly moving backwards, hands held out in a poor attempt to block any other attacks.

"Why?" She mutters, barely audible. "Why hold back? You can do better than this. Am I not even deserving of a duel? Do you think me too weak to bear witness to your magic? Believe me, I've... endured far worse, over the years." She draws a single card from her sleeve, adorned with the symbol of a crimson needle, holding it between two fingers as her doppelganger mimics the gesture.

"Your continuing reserve insults us both. Show me what you're capable of - I will endure."
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Shikieiki Yamaxanadu » 04 Jan 2012 23:17

The enma had still been ready for Parsee, by the time she had noticed that the bridgekeeper's doupleganger was nowhere to be seen,it was too late. She felt the sharp knife cut through her back twice,before being able to turn and block the third. She had been foolish and made two mistakes: left a weapon out for taking and lost the green energy from her eyes.

Shikieiki jumped back as the mist blinked at Parsee, this time, the judge kept her back to the rail, the Rod of Remorse was pointed at Parsee,and palm was up towards the copy. It was the Yama's attempt to keep both of them in her sight and in her attack range. The slashes on her back,though, could possibly make movement a bit painful or difficult,as Parsee drew to her feet, Shikieiki cursed at her lack of attention.I made mistakes a mere human would make.Letting myself be taken from behind like that, it was simply a boorish decision.

"As I had previously said, I did not wish to fight, I sought to end this peacefully," Eiki responded staying on her previous stand. "You can stop this,I am not one that enjoys fights, nor violent conclusions."

Her comming lecture was cut short by Parsee's demands and pulling out a spellcard."I am not reserving my strenght to insult you, I do not wish to harm a soul." She moved her empty hand to a pocket,and pulled out one of her own spellcards,"I would not dare insult a suffering soul as yourself,much less insult you in your own home. To do so would be to dishonor my duties."

She wonder if she should draw and use her card, and hope to hit, with her back bothering her a bit, her aim could be off, but with her spellcards she usually had a good range of attack. "If you do not want me to hold back, I will have to use this."

"For your fault accusations, for dishonoring my vows, and for looking for a freedom that does not belong to you," She held up the card,"If you chose to continue with this by engaging in a duel of cards,then I will be left no choice."

"Have you chosen you fate,Parsee Mizuhashi?"
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 05 Jan 2012 12:02

"Neither am I," Parsee responds, quite honest for once. "I hardly relish combat, much less at such skewed odds, but if my choice is between this and simply accepting my imprisonment, then I see no alternative."

She flicks the card into the air, leaving it to spin in its path before finally stopping a little way above her, dissolving into mist. "I did not choose this path. Did you choose it for me, or was it the world? Might it have been simple fate? That, I'm afraid, is not for me to know. Whoever chose the road I walk, I'm afraid they never saw it fit to consult me on the matter, but it is a path I will follow. I see little in the way of alternatives; after all, you said yourself that I am, for whatever reason, not deserving of freedom. That such things do not belong to me."

Mist turns to light, then vanishes entirely, and Parsee's two sides call out the name of their spell in unison, two voices merging into one.

"Malice sign: Midnight Anathema Ritual."

Immediately, the emerald spirit opposite her material self is surrounded by glimmering red thorns. One, then two, then dozens at once hurtle through the air, halting only inches away from the Yama, instead turning into spheres of blue flame, burning without so much as the slightest whisper of sound.

"If that is your judgment, then I am left with no choice but to rail against it. To lash out at those who imprisoned me here, and inflict what little pain I can. After all, one can expect no more of a denizen of hell."

"Day two," the doppelganger announces, and a second hail of thorns is fired toward the Yama, this time from Parsee herself.

"In power, you are far greater than I can ever hope to be. I might as well be an insect, challenging the sun. And yet, here and now, I am untouchable: You can do nothing to harm me. No judge, true or false, can destroy me. There is nothing in all the worlds that would allow you to do more than simply survive." This time, the two sides speak with one voice once again, ever so briefly.

"Day three."

The water below churns and boils, spitting out volley after volley of sharpened crimson needles, shards of the sharpest steel flying towards the Enma, wreathed in blue fire that never quite succeeds in consuming them as they fly toward their mark. "Break the body, if you must - it will be almost too easy, to you."

"Day four."

The floor of the bridge shudders and buckles, ripping itself to pieces in places, as the wood and stone slowly floats away from the ground, hovering towards the long-lost sky, only to turn downward again. Once again, each shard takes on the appearance of a smoldering scarlet point, blunted and hooked ever so slightly at the end, each a tool designed more to cause pain than to serve as an adequate weapon.

"Break the spirit, if you can. The world has conspired to do as much for centuries now, here beneath the earth, in this sun-forsaken place. It has failed. The spirit is twisted, the soul cracked, but unbroken. I will endure, as I always have, but I will hardly stop you from trying."

"Day five."

The very air joins forces with Parsee now, as the mist of the caves turns to hundreds of minuscule ruby-red slivers, directed by a single mind. Each and every one of them rain down on Eiki like a bloody hailstorm, but one mind can only go so far in controlling a swarm. A number of the shards drift aside, striking and cutting into Parsee instead. Though the harm they deal is hardly insignificant to a youkai of her strength, she does not show her pain for a moment. Whether she owes this to fury or bravado, however, is another matter entirely.

"Here and now, you cannot harm me. If I rebel against your judgment, you cannot cast me into hell - I have lived here for longer than I can remember, after all. You cannot steal away what I hold dear, when I have already lost everything. Would you take the sun from me? Blind me to the sky? Cast me into an endless prison? Leave me abandoned in a rotting, waterlogged pit of a realm meant only for the dead?"

"Day six."

The entire cavern quakes ever so briefly, as stalactites large and small detach from the ceiling, tearing through the air as they, too, take on a crimson sheen, obscured entirely moments later by the light blue fires that soon engulf them. And then, inches away from the Yama, Parsee's endless barrage halts, hovering motionless in the air.

"You have taken everything from me once, your grace. You can take nothing more, try as you might. Here and now, by your hand, I am made untouchable, unbreakable. You cannot even take my life without setting me free. Crush me where I stand if you wish, but you can do nothing to me. I stand beyond your judgment, broken once and never again."

Somewhere, a bell tolls. A clock strikes midnight, the final hour of the long ritual.

"Day seven."

The wound on her arm reopens, blood pouring freely from it, and into her right hand. A few moments later, the cut closes once again,and her hand grips a single, long needle, coloured in the deepest shade of red and far sharper than any that came before it. Taking her aim, the bridge princess throws this one herself with all the force she can muster, aiming for the Yama's heart.

"If your judgment is as right as you claim it is, than not one of us finds their way to hell without reason. Perhaps there's something to that after all - have we both fallen so far, then, to deserve our places here? Time will tell."

Silence claims her abruptly, as the needle leaves her hand. As one, thousands of thorns resume their rapid journey towards Eiki. Parsee does nothing, only standing in the eye of the storm, watching with a grim smile on her face.
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Shikieiki Yamaxanadu » 05 Jan 2012 18:48

The enma had cornered herself from the first attack. Her back to the rail left her little space to move when she despertatly needed it. The first barrage managed to get her almost fully. Parsee's words had distracted her from the mist and as it attacked her she was too slow to react,be it of her lack of space or her slowness to react. To that barrage all the judge did was bring up the rod of remorse in hope of protecting some of herself.

"I see,talking sense with you is beyond me,I am sorry for having failed a soul." The yama,darted out of the rail before the second attack came. Luckily for her,she had been looking at Parsee when day two of the spellcard began. The thorns that were sent at were sidestepped,though a few managed to get the sleeve. Shikieiki knee better now than to not keep her eyes in both Parsee and the mist,her attention being split like that made it difficult to focus on dodging."Crushing your soul and spirit is something I do not enjoy, I am not a form of crippled justice that enjoys the suffering of others."

Day three came upon Eiki,now she decided to jump backs and float above the bridge. She grazes what she can and blocks the few that were imminently going to damage her. Her strategy for dodging this barrages of danmaku was to stay in one place. Due to Parsee's rage,the attacks were directly aimed at her,"Crushing the body of a being with life is never easy..." was her comment from where she floated now.

Day four was probably the worst for Eiki. She was feeling some toll,the slashes to the back,the first barrage,and the danmaku that had managed to get her despite her best attempts had hit the mark. Nevertheless the judge staid were she was,tapping the Rod of Remorse to her chin. "The breaking of a soul...that would be unforgivable." The judged overlooked the debris that came back to earth,the price of which was a few more slashes to go on her skin. Although she dodged the rest with ease,the first few had made their mark.Unforgivable....I am making many beginner mistakes. A this rate I will be in shreds by Day six.

Upon Day five,the judge fully focused,the red barrage of rubies was easier to dodge when her mind was set to it. "I would not abandon a soul,not one with potential for saving." When that wall of rubies seemed to end,Eiki gave a sigh,"But as we stand,even as I strive to help you,you do not accept my ways, and that I understand." The judge tried to be something she wasn't usually; tactful.

Now she unstood that Parsee was in pain. Pain over a faulty judgement over her soul and those that made her what she was now. The youkai venting off her rage at the enma."Your rage...that shall be my punishment,Parsee mizuhashi, your rag-"

Day six interrupted her words,the Yama had landed as soon as the blue fire made its way to her."A broken spirit is not one that cannot be repaired." Shikieiki looked at Parsee but kept her attention on the halted attack as the bell rang.

Day seven reached the peak,upon seeing the blood Eiki immidiately tensed herself. The storm resumed as she had expected,a jump back into the air leaves the shards to hit the bridge,the larger needle still travelled. The judged was still dodging the main storm,she used the Rod Of remorse to deflect the needle left and moved herself right. Landing once more the yama sighed,it was not a gesture but rather to make sure she had all her breath.

"As I said." Her composture returned,"For my faulty action upon a soul,your rage shall be my punishment. But as any being,I wish to avoid pain,and I myself rebel against your judgement."

"The crushing of a body is a raw action of no delicacy and of no prize. The crushing of a soul is an unforgivable act that no one has a right to do." Eiki pulled out her own spellcard."But,if you accuse me of being capable of such actions, with ease, I will have to show that my form of justice does not take to such things."

"Even as I attack,I curse my being for not being able to help a suffering soul as yourself,"she released the card,"Forgive my errors, if you can, if not, whip me with all your rage."

"Lies,Tongue of Wolf!"

The Rod of Remorse rose as the danmaku of blue tint begun to circle Eiki,"Magic. Is this what you wanted?" She points the tool of judgment at Parsee. The orbs of energy made their rapid way to Parsee.

It was not the enma's top choice of card,but if this managed to take care of Parsee in a more "humane" way,she was fine. Nevertheless,the cleansed mirror clung to her pocket,ready if the situation came to that.
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Re: (Closed) Twisted Justice

Postby Parsee Mizuhashi » 05 Jan 2012 21:17


For a few moments, azure light filled her view, painted the air above and around her. The sky was back. Somewhere above her, a glowing sphere floated through the dank air, making its course from east to west. Not mist, but clouds - real clouds, at long last - drifted through the skies above, lazily tracing their path from horizon to horizon. Was the air always so strange and stale? Had the sun always been such a vivid shade of blue? It hardly mattered.

She was home now. Finally free, after so many years. For a few precious moments, her expression becomes a smile of true happiness. Finally, the sky had come back to her.

Wake up, Parsee.

And in an instant, the delusions are gone. No sun, no sky, but an avalanche of raw magic, shining in every hue from aquamarine to cerulean, lighting up the entire cave. No clouds, but the same damp fog that always drifted through her home. She slumps down on to her knees, too exhausted in body and mind to even attempt to dodge the hail of projectiles.

Pure, searing energy surrounds the youkai, tearing away at her as she is engulfed in its midst. First it takes her smile: Almost too easy. Next, it steals her breath, fire creeping into her lungs in its stead. Her hair is reduced to a charred mass, next; little more than a blackened tangle. Her skin is torn, burned away, and yet she scarcely seems to notice. Ash covers her, blanketing hundreds of tiny wounds. What remains of the bridge princess is nearly unrecognizable: A pair of green eyes staring out from what now seemed for all the world like a long-dead, fire-scarred body.

Parsee never reacts in the slightest. A spell can only harm, and that, for her, cannot hope to match a stolen dream. Slowly, the broken bridgekeeper rises to her feet, shaking her head. She tries to speak, succeeding in little more than coughing up a few droplets of blood. Her second attempt meets slightly more success, but her voice is dry, cracked and barely comprehensible.

"No. I... I cannot forgive. Not yet. Not after all these years. Perhaps when I've done enough to earn my place here in hell, but not today. And for this battle-" she cuts off suddenly, coughing once again as she stumbles forward, grasping at a broken piece of the bridge for support.

"For this, there is no pardon for me to give, nor one for you to seek from me. I will not blame you for this, whatever the outcome - my fate may be on your hands, but my blood is not." Gasping for breath, she staggers towards the Yama, step by step, almost stumbling over her own feet. "Go on," she finishes, her voice little more than a ragged whisper. "I refuse to fall so quickly."

And though it may not have been visible to any eye, Parsee's attack had already begun. It was an easy matter, to find Eiki's soul in this dim cave, and only barely harder to apply her own thoughts to it. She had long meant to keep this power of hers locked away - a fate she would wish on no one, having known it herself. But then, madness had a way of doing away with such restraint.

Jealousy for those who were unchained, unbound by duty. For those who need not live with the guilt of past sentences. For those who lived in a land far away from the kingdom of the dead, beyond the Sanzu, where Eiki's courthouse lay. For those who could let themselves be swayed by simple emotion, who were permitted to hold a flawed soul. In an instant, she pours a thousand envies into the Enma's soul, hoping against hope that one, at least, would remain.

Such emotions were, of course, forbidden to the judge of paradise, but the flicker of indignation earlier had given the broken youkai hope. She would lose, that much was certain, but there was the slightest chance that, however momentarily, the Yama might slip and fall, might be corrupted for the merest instant. A blow to her pride and nothing more, perhaps, but in Parsee's eyes, it meant far more.

If she could not win, then she would give her opponent a victory that would make Pyrrhus himself weep.
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