[Private]Christmas Operation: All Engines Ready - Takeoff!

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[Private]Christmas Operation: All Engines Ready - Takeoff!

Postby Yamame Kurodani » 19 Dec 2011 14:47

(This thread is just for those that are going to help with the present delivery, to get ready. This thread happens a couple hours before dusk on the 24th, but I wanted to have the chance for everyone to get ready and discuss the plans before the spam of Christmas threads on the 24th starts")

And somewhere near the well that marks the entrance to the underworld, as the sun goes down, a spider in white and red clothes swipes her brow.

"Welp, ev'rythin's packed!"

And indeed, everything is ready. Hundreds of presents, in several huge sacks, divided per area, ready for grabbing and taking in the several rounds to Gensokyo they will have to do. Also a small house with a big red ribbon around it.

Yamame looks at a couple of her oni friends that are here to help. "Alright, boys, 'member - nobody but us gets close t'the sacks, alright? Surprise gifts ain't much of a surprise if people snoop!" The two onis nod, pounding their tetsubos. The fool who tries to snoop here should be pitied indeed.

Satisfied, she goes back with the others. She really hadn't expected two of the Bosses to want to help her with her little idea, but they did! This is going to be the best night ever! And the help of the others is going to make this a total cinch (she's got absolutely no idea how Machi's mumbojumbo works, but it does, and that's what matters).

"Alright, gals, everyone ready for this?" she waves to the others, grateful. "Here's th'plan - the sleigh can't take all the presents at th'same time, so we'll be doin' rounds. We grab a couple bags, head where they gotta go, drop an' sneak in, leave the presents as close to th'chimney as possible, an' get out smooth like a cup of sake down the gullet" the spider grins. "Then we come back for a couple more sacks!"

"And 'member, these are supposed to be so nobody knows who's givin' them, so make totally sure they don't see you!"

She grabs her Santa hat from the sleigh and puts it on, grinning like a shark, in a very definite move that somehow manages to feel like a gun cocking. We're ready for this, Gensokyo. Are you?

"Anyone got any questions?"
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Re: [Private]Christmas Operation: All Engines Ready - Takeof

Postby Suika Ibuki » 19 Dec 2011 19:10

Suika had chugged some sake before the whole expplanation begun,but she grinned excitedly as it concluded. She had usually celebrated christmas on her own or with a sake dish, so the oni was excited about doing something good for the holidays. If not for herself for the other of Gensokyo. Hey, many good folk deserved a reward, and the bad ones need some loving too.

She looked over at the bags, the sled, the fellow oni with weapons, and the hat as Yamame put it on. Yup,it was going to be a night to remember. Now it was time for questions!

"So we be taking rounds?" She looked curiously, her face strangely straight,"What do we take out first...And...Do we have to wear a harness to pull that thing along?" If the oni was pulling that thing along (meaning the sled) ,was there so get-up that went along with it? Not that she care,why would she?....It's not like someone would see her if said get-up was needed. Then again, she was willing to wear a get-up if she got to wrap some christmas lights on dear old Yuugi.

"Oi, we will need to be real fast! There is many people out there in Gensokyo, so everyone better be ready to hit the road full trottle!!!" As the horned gal said so she pumped her fist in the air, the chain charms jingling as she did so, hopefully the christmas spirit she had was in all her compatriots!
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Re: [Private]Christmas Operation: All Engines Ready - Takeof

Postby Yuugi Hoshiguma » 14 Jan 2012 05:09

Don't be seen.

Don't be seen.

Oh but this was going to be a challenge.

Yuugi was most assuredly not built for stealth. At a full two meters tall, she was hard to miss in general, and her nature as an oni was pure, unflinching, proud STRENGTH - something which did not lend itself well to the act of sneaking around. But that didn't bother her one bit. Indeed, as the preperations were finalized, the tall Deva approaching the sleigh was grinning fit to burst.

The oni who would back down from a true challenge was no oni at all.

Full speed ahead, no stopping or slowing down - take a challenge head on and don't look back!

"ALRIGHT!" she boomed, one fist meeting the palm of her own hand with force enough to sound like a small gunshot. "I just gotta get in and get out without bein' seen, get the presents in the right place... Heh heh heh. This ain't gonna be easy. I'm gettin' fired up already!" She strode right on up to the rest of the group, then without preamble reached down and scooped Suika up with an arm, giving the smaller oni a quick, sharp noogie on the head. "Ah, hell with a harness, let's just pick the thing up and carry it! Be like haulin' around boulders up on the mountain."

Her fellow Deva released, Yuugi produced a rather larger hat than the one Yamame had already donned, and brought it up to her own head; rather than try to struggle with perching it properly, she simply took the most direct route, and impaled the front of it right down on her horn with a sharp rip sound. From there all she had to do was adjust it to sit more comfortably on the rest of her head, and it would be secure pretty much no matter what! "I ain't got a single question, but I do have somethin' I wanna add."

A finger snapped up and pointed straight at the oni guarding the presents. "OI, YOU LOT! LISTEN UP! WE COME BACK AND THERE'S A SINGLE THING MISSIN' OR BROKE, IT'S SPIRIT DUTY WITH NO SAKE, ONE WEEK FOR EACH PRESENT!" The grin on her face had become fierce, near-beastly. There was no mistaking she meant it.
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