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Re: [Open to Mountain, others please ask] Mountainous Egos

Postby Kanako Yasaka » 11 Aug 2013 18:23

The goddess huffed loudly, as if she could scarce believe the little wolf Tengu had the steel in her spine to address her in such a manner. But she couldn't hide the slight smile that played across her features. She gestured upwards, in the direction of Moriya Shrine. Past the shimmering waterfall that fell nearby. Her onbashira twirled in the sky above, dancing an intricate pattern this way and that. Her wine colored eyes fell on Yuugi and Momiji with an amused expression.

"Well, since you've worked so hard, little wolf...why not calm the powerful thirst you have no doubt built up by joining us for a celebratory drink? Surely you've earned yourself a short break."

With that the goddess fired straight up like a rocket, soaring over the mountain as if it were a fence to be nimbly stepped over. Her words were fairly clear: an open invitation to get staggeringly drunk at an impromptu party at Moriya! With that, a short rainstorm would sweep along the base of Youkai Mountain. Warm rain easing the tension in the air and giving the perfect excuse to be indoors.

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Re: [Open to Mountain, others please ask] Mountainous Egos

Postby Yuugi Hoshiguma » 17 Aug 2013 04:39

Yuugi would grin at the goddess' official invitation of the tengu, and took off up the hill at a good clip, legs pumping once more as the thirst for fresh booze seemed to grant her strength. She'd wave the others to follow along, and after a few dozen steps, leapt skyward and into flight, the force of the jump leaving a small crater in the rock of the mountain.

"Hah! Knew I made the right call comin to demand answers. Now I can get answers and some drinks!"

And minutes later, she'd be ducking into the shrine herself.

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