[Invite Only] Reconciliation 2.0 - Meiling

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[Invite Only] Reconciliation 2.0 - Meiling

Postby Koakuma » 08 Oct 2010 18:57

"Ah...Well, while it's only a little bit I've made up at least enough with Patchouli-sama for it not to be awkward to be around her anymore..." Koa fluttered her wings a bit as she wandered through the hall, smiling softly. "Maybe as long as I do well and don't make a mess of things I can hope to get our contract in truth renewed some time in the near future...That'd be nice, back to normal..."

She tilted her head as she wandered by a window, noticing a fairly vivid flash or red and green just outside the walls. "Oh...Patchouli-sama isn't the only one I need to make up with though, now is she. She did say it wasn't very important since I am her servant and no one else' but...Still, I want to make up with everyone. It won't be any fun if I have to dodge around certain people or just live entirely in the library."

She frowned in thought then nodded, clenching her hands into little fists and fluttering off to the kitchen - scaring many of the fairies there silly as she surprisingly barked out orders for them to get certain things then get out of her way and leave the kitchen to her.

It took about a half hour of work before a quite dirty and indeed fairly sticky Koa came fluttering out the front door of the mansion. She had cleaned the kitchen after herself of course but several fairies still gave her annoyed looks for having forced them out of their work. Wait, fairies wanting to work? Fine, they just wanted to have an excuse to have not been working and pretend to be annoyed about it.

Still - none of that much mattered as Koa gave a little 'hup' sound and fluttered over the gate to land a few yards away from a tired looking Meiling. She tilted her head a bit with her headwings fluttering nervously. "Ah...umm...Meiling-san..." she stepped a bit closer nervously. "I...know I parted with you on kind of questionable grounds earlier, but...umm..."

She took a deep breath like she did with Patchy, forcing herself to calm down - although she wasn't sure how much Meiling was actually understanding the sudden intrusion on her resting anyways. "I made quite the mistake and have come to realize it and have returned to help Patchouli-sama in the best capability that I can. As I did not leave under the best of circumstances I am hoping to at least try and make up with everyone so...well, while maybe not immediately, we can hopefully in time return to the feelings this place had before."

She smiled a bit sheepishly, her headwings fluttering wildly. "It's....my home after all, as much as I was an idiot for forgetting that, and I missed it dearly and hope to be able to become a true member of it once more...I have already made up with Patchouli-sama as best I can for now and am welcome back in the library, but I feel very badly for how we parted and am hoping we could talk a little..."

She offered a tray over, lifting the lid off it to flood the air with the delightful smell of melted chocolate and marshmallow, along with the subtle aroma of graham. "Umm...I remember that these were a special treat for you. I used to enjoy an occasional hot chocolate with marshmallow during the winter so had a little stash myself and found some crackers to spare. No one had touched the stash so, umm...I figured I would make a few."

She smiled widely, tilting her head a bit. "I have some nice red tea as well - if you have a moment to spare for a little tea time with me I would be really happy."
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Re: [Invite Only] Reconciliation 2.0 - Meiling

Postby Hong Meiling » 11 Oct 2010 02:35

Her head cocked up from where it had leaned against the wall, looking at Koakuma with equal parts of confusion and indifference. Or at least that was what she hoped to look like; ever since Koakuma had announced her plans to leave the mansion, Meiling had been rather ambivalent about the little devil. She had to admit, the girl’s defense of Suika had stung Meiling pretty hard.

“Uh,” She started, raising from her seat to give a how bow and an attempt at accommodating the girl at her measly, unfurnished post. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really anywhere for Koakuma to put down her tray aside from Meiling’s stool, which she motioned to generously as she could for Koakuma to relax on herself. “Yea… That… … S‘mores…” She had to admit, she was impressed by the level of thoughtfulness and the attention to detail that Koakuma had put into her presentation.

This was awkward. It was. She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to react to such a catharsis of regret. She was bewildered from the sudden, unanticipated honesty, and was caught pretty off guard by it. She wanted to help, and to be accommodating of Koakuma, but she was finding it hard to change gears so very quickly. After taking the tray from the devil, still confused and entirely unwilling to eat it all by herself, she motioned for Koakuma to sit one more time before backing up to lean against the red-brick wall of the mansion to think.

“It’s, uh… Well, it’s weird. Complicated. But I’m sure you know that best of all.” The tray lowered in her grip as she mulled over her words. She stared at it absently for a moment, until finally her senses snapped back to her and she held it out towards the devil, clearly indicating that she did not want to take the first treat.

“I know you had your reasons; from what I heard, they were good ones, too. But…” Meiling’s eyes focused off, towards the gate and the mansion waiting behind it. “I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t a big deal to us. I mean-- Well, no-- I…” An abrupt pause; Meiling bit down on her lip to allow her mind to catch up with her, thinking over her words as carefully as she could. “I like to think that we’re-- the Scarlet Devil Mansion, I mean-- a family too, you know? And so… I dunno, just you leaving like that… It stung. Don’t get me wrong though! It looks like you figured that out too.”

The brocade of her vest brushed against the red-bricks as she relaxed, lowering her shoulders and letting the wall support her frame. She rebalanced the tray on one hand, using her now free hand to pluck a s’more off of the plate and pop it into her mouth. Her chewing was pronounced, dramatic almost, as if trying to stress that she was eating the food and that it was a sign of good will. It wasn’t too hard to look happy; s’mores were one of Meiling’s favorite treats.

“Well--” She started once she had finished her treat, gathering up a huff of air to conclude. “You’re back now, right? Not gunna run off again?” Her words were forceful, as if she was half-teasing, half-ordering the little devil to keep up her good work. “It’s not like you can’t ever take a vacation, you know? We‘re not gunna monopolize you that much.” A crack at a smile, and Meiling was looking down on Koakuma kindly.
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Re: [Invite Only] Reconciliation 2.0 - Meiling

Postby Koakuma » 11 Oct 2010 18:25

Koakuma had long ago learned the social etiquette norms of the Scarlet Mansion. It did not matter how many seats were available, you never took one unless it was offered. Ho wever, if a seat -was- offered regardless of your personal preference you took it. It was because of this fairly well ingrained response to civility that Koa quite happily accepted the seat that Meiling offered her even before it registered in her head that this would indeed leave Meiling standing and holding the tray herself.

She contented herself by keeping the second tray she had been carrying, with tea and cups, in her lap - pouring a bit as she kept it balanced there and offering Meiling a cup even as she took one of the smores that were being held out. She nibbled at it a bit more sedately than the gate guard - while she did enjoy sweet things she knew that it was a very popular, if not the favorite, treat of Meiling so would rather eat only a few and leave most of them to her. Of course she knew Meiling would not take well to that so she at least join in a little.

She smiled a little bit sadly at the mention of how the Mansion's residents were like a family, nodding slowly. "Indeed. I don't know what came over me - a family I have been with for years, sharing all sorts of good and bad moments, and I try to give that up in exchange for a family I can't even remember...While delightful people I can't help but wonder why I made such a choice. As you said, it is not as if I could not have taken a vacation or a nice trip to be with them for a while then returned. All that I did was hurt people by leaving like that..."

She nodded at the last words much more eagerly though. "Indeed, I have figured out this is where I am meant to be. Most of the people I really care for are here and..." she gave a faint joking wink, "Well, how could I ever give up the library? I know I would just not be able to survive long without the familiar scents and sights of what is pretty much what I have lived for all these years."

She actually giggled a bit at Meiling's partially stern words. Smiling widely she gave a sound of agreement. "No, I can't imagine I will be running off again - I don't think any of you would ever forgive me if I did and I think my heart would break and I would be as good as dead if such a thing were to occur." she shifted the tea from her lap to sit on the stool and stood up herself to face Meiling for a moment, hands in her lap.

"Ah, but..." she bowed fairly deeply, a clear sign of apology. "Even ignoring that, I gave you some very hard times just before leaving. I really have no excuse for my actions that made life so hard for everyone here, and you in particular. I am so very sorry for having done them, and promise you such things will not happen again. You're the proud guardian here, after all - your words are ones that should be listened to, not argued with or countered and pulled right from under your feet. I am very sorry for any embarrassment or anguish I caused you in particular in the past and will try very hard never to act so rudely again."
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Re: [Invite Only] Reconciliation 2.0 - Meiling

Postby Hong Meiling » 14 Oct 2010 23:21

While Meiling did follow many of the unwritten rules of the mansion, she was far less aware that she was doing so. The guard reached down, taking the tea cup with one hand while balancing her tray on the other. Without furniture, their balancing act was getting more and more complicated. Meiling pondered on her situation for a moment, before sliding down against the brick walls and resting her haunches in a squat. It wasn’t the most elegant posture but it allowed her to rest the tray of treats on her thighs, freeing up her hands to drink her tea properly.

She was pretty content, to be honest. Enjoying tea and snacks; Meiling was rather pleased with the situation. It seemed that Koakuma had learned that home was where the heart was, and you didn’t need to be around others constantly to be loved. She would have left it at that, enjoying their tea time together, if not for Koakuma’s change in body language.

Meiling’s attention followed the demon with mounting befuddlement.

“It’s-- Hey--” She wasn’t sure how to answer that, a shade of red tinting her cheeks as her mouth hung agape. It was true that in the weeks immediately preceding Koakuma’s new life, there had been issues. And it had been true that Koakuma had gone directly against Meiling, but really-- did it really need to come to this? Having someone be so formal and apologetic made Meiling feel almost cruel, even if she had done her best to be as understanding of the situation as she could.

“It’s alright,” She smiled, though it was a clumsy and unsure upturn of her lips. She was doing her best to comfort Koakuma, and to be as warm and inviting as she could manage. “I’m not mad, it’s not a big deal anymore.” It had been, but she had learned and apologized. Meiling wasn’t going to hold it against her. “You’re making this really hard, you know?” Her tone was defeated, and Meiling looked up to Koakuma with a pleading look. “It doesn’t have to be so formal and all-- I just said we’re family, right? Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

The guard cracked out a sympathetic smile, before nodding with her head that Koakuma should take her seat, drink her tea, and just relax.

“Now calm down and eat; you're making me nervous.”
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Re: [Invite Only] Reconciliation 2.0 - Meiling

Postby Koakuma » 16 Oct 2010 18:59

Koakuma couldn't help but giggle just a bit, lifting her head and smiling widely. "You really are almost to kind, Meiling. It seems strange someone so polite and sensitive to the feelings of others would be in a position like a guard - let alone be so good at said job." she seemed to realize that while what she had said was in good nature it might be a bit insulting and flicked her wings faintly, taking her seat again and picking up a second smore to munch on lightly as she tried to move the conversation along much like Meiling tried to do when she was apologizing.

"I guess it's in my nature to be a bit overly apologetic at times - which even now I feel the urge to apologize for, haha, what a silly cycle." she went silent for several moments, simply silently enjoying the treat and the tea. She was fairly proud of her tea. While it was not of the level of Sakuya of course it was made for a slightly different palate - one less for vampires as she never made Remilia's tea. Of course Koa was not satisfied to leave things just like that and after several moments of silence spoke up again.

"We have never done this before, have we...? It's rather nice out here. With all the time I spend in the library and only really coming out to do occasional tasks for Patchouli-sama I don't often just sit outside and appreciate how different it is. I imagine it'd be nice just like that, but with company it is even more pleasing."

She grinned a bit and tilted her head to look at Meiling again. "If you are alright with it I would like to do this again some time. I know Patchouli-sama...there have been some issues between the two of you so you cannot come to the library very easily. Still, she is usually busy and it is rather difficult to be satisfied company wise with just the occasional orders from her and the words of fairies. Sakuya is of course quite busy helping Remilia-sama, and she herself is busy with the things which keep us safe and secure here..."

She shrugged helplessly. "And while your job is very important fortunately it does not seem terribly common of late for people to be so rude as to try and force their way in to the mansion uninvited. I can't help but imagine it gets a bit tedious on occasion with days or weeks between problem visitors..."

Koa groaned softly, why was she always so round-about with things. "I very much enjoy your company and would be delighted if we could have some more talks in the future." she laughed a little. "After this one I'm sure they'll be less awkward with me not apologizing left and right, hehe." she seemed nervous all the same. Koa was after all in spite of how she acted not an incredibly social creature and did need to force herself to talk to others even if she really wanted to talk with them.

"Uwawawa, why do I always make things awkward like this...hmph!" she gave a little horribly cute pout, flustered and flushed and went to burying her attention in the tea and smore to keep her mouth busy instead of continuing to ramble on.
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Re: [Invite Only] Reconciliation 2.0 - Meiling

Postby Hong Meiling » 27 Oct 2010 03:39

She looked up from her crouch, following Koakuma’s gestures with her eyes much like a cat innocently following a fly. Her blue eyes peered delicately from over her teacup, watching every small detail of Koakuma’s body language. She really was a demure girl, despite being a devil, and Meiling found it hard to believe that such a kind-hearted creature could stand to dwell in such a dark, dusty place as the library. She seemed far more suited to a more comforting environment.

“We don’t,” She agreed, listening politely to Koakuma as she sipped at her tea idly. “It’s usually nice out, though. You should come out for fresh air once in a while; it’s pretty relaxing.” There was a pause, in which Meiling looked over her post. There really wasn’t much to entertain the little devil with, but she would find ways to improvise; to some, just being outside was in and of itself a novelty. “Plus, you bring me snacks!”

The playful, impish grin that proceeded her statement made it all too clear that Meiling was teasing, though beneath the surface there lurked a truth to her statements all the same. Having company, especially for things like tea, was such a strange, foreign idea, but Meiling wasn’t particularly against it. It helped the make the time pass by.

“If we’re going to have tea time, though, I might look into getting some chairs and a table,” She replied thoughtfully, her lip jutting out in contemplation as the bottom of her cup clicked lightly against her tray, hands now occupied with a fresh s’more.

She couldn’t help the giggle that escaped during Koakuma’s outburst; the girl was getting herself all worked up for nothing.

“Don’t worry!” Chirped the guard in response, flashing Koakuma her best comforting smile. “Stop worrying! It’s not a big deal-- I don’t care!” She was biting back a genuine smile; it was nice to see that someone else in the mansion was as awkward as she was, and it felt good to be able to calm someone else down for once. “Geez, it isn’t like I never get the same way. Just relax!” She broke into laughter after this, her cheeks flushing a light red at how refreshing it was to be able to let her guard down with someone while on the job.
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Re: [Invite Only] Reconciliation 2.0 - Meiling

Postby Koakuma » 28 Oct 2010 23:31

Of course Koa couldn't know any better than Meiling herself did that the little demon was thinking much the same thing - what an oddity the guard was in the mansion. It was more a polite thought than it seemed though as while she did care for everyone here it was a fairly cold feeling mansion for certain. She would never want anyone inside it to change, but...well, she had the feeling at times Meiling got far worse treatment than she did when she messed up.

Well, it didn't really matter though she supposed as Meiling seemed quite happy here. No doubt just like she herself the gate guard had some problems and complaints about the state of the mansion but nothing that was so bad as to bring up and not nearly bad enough to actually think poorly of anyone who resided inside.

"Ah - there are some fold up tables in the kitchen. They're practically antiques, only used for the faeries games I think, but I am sure I can find one or two which are in serviceable order and bring it along with me next time I bring tea and snacks." she laughed a bit at the grinning comment about said snacks. Well, if she was going to barge in on Meiling's time then of course she had to bring such things, right~?

She started to say more than frowned, flicking her head wings faintly. "Ehhh...I suddenly get this feeling I am forgetting something..." she took a sip of her tea, then blinked and stared at the cup.

"Oh, right, I was going to the kitchen to make tea for Patchouli-sama, wasn't I."

She took another sip, seeming completely nonplussed by the situation for several seconds. Of course Meiling probably understood the situation well and in those several moments Koa's eyes slowly widened and she sat her cup down.

"...S-she's been waiting this whole time for tea. Oh...uh...right...haha..." both pairs of wings fluttered wildly in nervousness before she fluttered free of Meiling's seat, setting the tea down for the guard to enjoy if she wanted any more. "Wahhh, I need to go make it, she likes a special blend, ohhh...If I don't hurry I bet she'll complain and Sakuya will do it or one of the faeries and they'll make it horribly and...wahhhh!"

She flittered in several useless circles before turning and bowing to Meiling before making a beeline back to the mansion. Uuuu, she was sure to get a talking to for this!
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