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Patch Notes

Postby Rin Satsuki » 18 Apr 2013 21:10

Title used for lack of a better term.

Forum software has been wiped and restored due to chronic backend issues.
  • Please confirm all User Control Panel settings.
  • Parts of the forum may not be operating correctly. Contact your Software Admin if you encounter any issues.
  • The option to choose between being notified once per new post or once per new post per thread has been removed.

Login/Logout Redirects adjusted.
  • You will be now redirected to the page you were previously viewing on logging in or out.
  • The notification page informing you that you will be redirected in three seconds has been judged useless by the Yamaxanadu and consequently cast into Hell.

Rules and FAQ modifications.
  • The FAQ page is now editable by moderators, and will be receiving changes to become more relevant to PoIR's specific configuration in the following days.
  • A similarly formatted Rules page has been implemented, but not yet activated (pending software fixes).

New BBCode text editor.
  • Largely self-explanatory*.
  • Text alignment options provided due to specific request.
  • Buttons may appear, disappear, or shift positions. This is a result of minor tweaks that remain incomplete and not due to the antics of gap youkai, experimental pharmaceuticals, or divine conspiracies.
* Original plans called for a JavaScript-based WYSIWYG editor. Plans did not survive contact with the lack of options for such.

A large majority of the forum will be overhauled or otherwise optimized in the following weeks. Suggestions for changes are welcome, as is criticism of the constructive manner.

19 Apr. Addition:
Speed optimizations:
  • Forum style has been modified to decrease page loading times. This tweak will be of minimal benefit for those who are bottlenecked by bandwidth.

20 Apr. Addition:
Page names modified:
  • Page names have been reordered for enhanced readability when using tabbed browsers.

Forum notifications are now sent through poirrp(at)
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Rin Satsuki
Software Admin

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