Yumemi's Tournament Recap!

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Yumemi's Tournament Recap!

Postby Fujiwara no Mokou » 17 Feb 2013 04:05

Image: Greeting humans, youkai, and all other beings of Gensokyo! Your favorite strawberry shoujo scientist Yumemi Okazaki here, bringing you the what's new in the world of tournament fighting! With me today to provide her insightful co-commentary is the adorable little warhead, Mimi-chan! Say hi to the folks at home, Mimi-chan!

Image: Kyuuu~n!

Image: Still polite as always, I see! In any case, we are happy to say that things look to be running pretty smoothly in the Phantasmagoria of Sacred Tournament! At first I was a bit worried that the tournament wouldn't get off the ground, but, seeing as this is Gensokyo, I should have known that there would be people willing to achieve their personal goals through friendly violence!

Image: Kyuu~n!

Image: Yes, I guess I fall under that grouping as well...

Image: For those who haven't been keeping up with the tournament, I'll be giving a few quick summaries of what's been going on so far!

Image: (Even though you yourself should be keeping up with what's happening.)

Image: In anycase, let us get started!

Image: Oh, and to those who would rather skip pasted the non-essential stuffs, just scroll down to the last post. That one is a must read!

Image: Kyuuu~n!

Forest of Magic
Shizuha Aki vs. Mononobe no Futo

Image: It's a battle of nature versus man! Or woman if you want to get technical. The goddess of dead leaves looked to be within her comfort zone in this fight, though, with Futo's own "creative" use of topiary and nature, she has done well to level the playing field!

Image: Things look to be heating up in the literal sense as both fighters go all out with their spellcards. With the fight looking to reach it's climax, one can only ask...

Image: Will there be any forest left once this is finished?!

Image: Kyuuu~n...

Image: Poor wildlife indeed.

Gensokyo Plains
Letty Whiterock vs. Kotohime

Image: Humans fending off youkai is commonplace within the world of Gensokyo! While I shouldn't choose favorites, it's always nice to see someone representing our side. More so if they have red hair!

Image: Kyuu~n.

Image: Whoops! Sorry, kinda went off on a tangent there.

Image: On one side we have the confident yet slightly odd cop princess Kotohime. On the other side we have the buster wielding ice queen, Letty Whitero- wait what?

Image: How the heck does a youkai possess that kind of technology?!

Image: Kyu~n.


-Technical Difficulties. Please wait warmly...-

Image: So! It seems that this fight doesn't look to be going to well in Kotohime's favor. As things get colder, Letty gets stronger, and the yuki-onna is doing her best to make sure things stay frosty! Can Kotohime come back with a comeback? Only time will tell!

Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Sunny Milk + Luna Child vs. Rika

Image: Two faeries, one tank! As strange a match up this sounds, this looks to be an interesting battle of nature against machine. This fight-

Image: Kyuu~n!

Image: Eh..? Really?

Image: Breaking news, folks! It seems that the match up has changed slightly. Due to a last minute partner change, Rika is now faced against the combined efforts of Sunny Milk and Star Sapphire! Whether or not this will make a huge difference in the outcome of the match is anyone's guess!

Image: Kyuu~n?

Image: You're wondering why I allowed this exception in the match ups?

Image: Well, I can't really expect much from just one fairy. They're fairies after all!

Image: Kyuuu~n..

Image: It's not mean. It's the truth!

Scarlet Devil Mansion
Sakuya Izayoi vs. Hong Meiling

Image: Ahem. Let it be stated for the record that I, Yumemi Okazaki, have in no way done anything to compromise the outcome of the match pairings.

Image: So stop saying I set this up! Blame the fate changing vampire, not me!

Image: ....

Image: With that out of the way, this is indeed an amazing coincidence! Two members of the infamous SDM, dueling on their home ground. A deathly dance of grace and beauty under the radiant glow of the clock tower's moonlight.

Image: Kyuuu~n! ♥

Image: Thanks! That was pretty romantic, huh?

Image: Despite bringing fists to a knife fight, Meiling looks to be doing well at holding her own against Sakuya Izayoi! However, the title of "perfect maid" doesn't look to be just for show. The knife wielding servant has done well to avoid a direct hit from the gate guard while landing some good hits of her own!

Image: With both fighters trading blow for blow, it looks as if this match will wind down to a test of endurance! Careful not to blink or you may find yourself missing everything!

Image: ...Seriously. Messing with time can do that. Take my word for it.

Youkai Mountain
Soga no Tojiko vs. Momiji Inubashiri

Image: An ominous storm hovers over Youkai Mountain as these two combatants prove that lightning can indeed strike twice! Despite this being the case, Momiji's keen senses and quick movements make dodging lightning seem like a simple feat!

Image: Kyuu~n!

Image: Indeed, only in Gensokyo.

Image: One the other hand, Soga doesn't look to be letting up on the barrage of attacks. Using the storm to her advantage, this has turned into a match of predicting the opponent's next move. Two tactical minds battling with both brains and brawn! Whatever the outcome may be, I'm sure it'll be shocking!

Image: ....

Image: ....

Image: ....

Image: ....Okay. I get it. I apologize.

Youkai Mountain
Mima vs. Suwako Moriya

Image: Lady Suwako will undoubtedly win! That evil spirit obviously has no chance!

Image: Also, be sure to check out my match with Ichirin ☆here☆! While not in the tournament itself, it's a fight definitely worth seeing! Hahaha~☆

Image: Mimi-chan!! Take her out!!

Image: *WHOOSH* Kyuuuu~n!!!


-Technical difficulties. Please wait warmly...-

Image: Sorry about that. Damn shrine maiden...

Image: This match we have Suwako Moriya, co-deity of the Moriya Shrine, and her opponent, that evil spirit that I myself know all too well (and kinda wish didn't), Mima!

Image: One utilizes the powers of the stars while the other wields the ground as her weapon. It's a clash of heaven and earth, but not in the way you'd normally associate it!

Image: Mima has already shown off one of her bag of tricks (no pun intended), and I'm sure she'll have many other tricks up her sleeve. Which of these old timers will come out on top? Will Youkai Mountain still be standing after this fight?

Image: And what is with that weird hat!? Seriously! It creeps me out!

Image: ...Ahem.

Image: We can only assume at this point, right Mimi-chan?

Image: Kyuuu~n!

Image: WAH!!

Youkai Mountain
Alice Margatroid vs. Merlin Prismriver

Image: It's a solo performance against a general and her handmade brigade! Despite having overwhelming numbers on her side, the musical poltergeist seems to be going at her own pace since the start of the battle.

Image: Will Alice Margatroid's army like tactics be enough to drown out the noise that is Merlin Prismriver? Considering how well planned out the puppet master's strategies tend to be, the flow of battle could go to anyone!

Image: Kyuu~n ♫ Kyuuu~n ♫

Image: ...A little flat, but you're getting there I guess.

Image: Kyuu~n!

The Hell of Blazing Fires
Rin Kaenbyou vs. Suika Ibuki

Image: Anyway you look at it, this is a match made in Hell.

Image: The kitty necromancer, Rin Kaenbyou. Controlling the dead at her command, she uses her quick wits and feral instincts in an attempt to add another corpse to her collection.

Image: The destructive pandemonium, Suika Ibuki. With the unparalleled strength of an oni, she continues to barrel through whatever is thrown at her, fully intent on crushing her opponent for the sake of enjoyment.

Image: ....

Image: This is the stuff of nightmares!!

Image: K-kyuuu~n...

Image: Two very youkai-like youkai, fighting in a setting that, while very unnerving to others, they themselves feel at home in. While Suika follows the "oni way" of things by making sure to fight fair, Rin looks to be pulling all the stops in order to bring down the drunken behemoth!

Image: Despite what people may normally think, I believe it could really be anyone's game!

Image: I just really hope neither takes it too far. Not casualties in my tournament. Please?

-Important Notice & Final Thoughts-

Image: With the summaries now out of the way, we can move on to the final, important bits of the tournament announcement.

Image: To everyone who skipped everything and just started reading here, that's fine. I-It's not like I wanted you to read it all anyway! Hmph!

Image: Tsuuu~n

Image: Joking aside, we've reached the period where round two of the tournament should be starting soon. With that said, let it be known that, as of now, all participants are now expected to either speed up their posts or begin wrapping things up. Having an unfinished fight will /really/ impact negatively on ones chances to advance to the next round!

Image: Thanks to everyone who is taking part in the tournament, as well as everyone who is taking the time to watch the matches! Let's see that this tournament finishes all the way through!

Image: With that, this has been Yumemi Okazaki and Mimi-chan! Take care, and see you next phantasm!

Image: Kyuuu~n! ♥ *wink*

Image: ....

http://i.imgur.com/1Azms.jpg, http://i.imgur.com/79Z2EEk.png

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