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[Open to ALL] Training Game!

Postby Sara » 14 Jun 2010 23:55

((This was originally going to be a thing with no direction, but then I thought of a little game to go along with it. :3))


SLAM! went the punch into the poor little nameless fairy's face as she quickly evaporated. The demon girl grinned. Awesome, she was getting better at hand to hand combat! This one only took five hits. Hmm... Maybe she could start using this instead of danmaku. With enough practice, she could become like... A kungfu master or something! Spellcards would no longer even be nessecary, so she wouldn't miss as often! Sara let out a sharp laugh (hmm, did it sound cool and intimidating? She thought so), then sat down to rest her muscles. Whew, what a workout! Three fairies in one hour.

Usually, when the gatekeeper was bored and alone, she would think. And right now, Sara was thinking of ways that she could use her hand to hand combat. Hmmm... Well, sometimes, punches would miss fairies, and they could zoom out of the way. Maybe... Maybe she'd need backup danmaku! The idea was slightly proposterous. Her, the great Sara, working with a partner? It was quite unheard of. However, maybe if she could see how it worked...

She looked around the great forest, trying to see if anyone was around. Well, it was one of her not so many breaks where she left Makai in general- maybe meeting some outsiders would be good. Just in case they ever tried to invade her home, she would know what their battle strategies were, and quickly defeat them for it! It was a good plan, the little demon thought, and with a satisfied nod, she took some time to think of a way where she'd be able to see them fight, get a taste of what it's like to work with a partner, and practice her kickass martial arts skills!

After a while of thinking, it struck her. Of course, a game sort of thing, almost! "Yes!" Sara exclaimed, jumping up. Everyone likes games, even serious business people like her. Then, opening her mouth really wide, the pink haired girl exclaimed to anyone who would care to listen in the forest, "HEY, WHO WANTS TO PLAY MY TRAINING GAME AND GET STRONGER WITH A REALLY STRONG GATEKEEPER PERSON LIKE ME?"

((Okay, so this is how the game goes. Everyone will be in groups of two, which will be decided in the order that people join. The first person in each group will be the hand to hand combat person, second danmaku [this really only affects RolePlaying, not combat]. Each group will have one fairy to fight with 100 END each, and you are only allowed to use 2d10 dice to attack. The fairy does not attack, and will be treated as an NPC playable by both of the people fighting it. Whichever team defeats their fairy first will get a prize of some sort, which I suppose will be decided as the RP goes along. I only want 3 teams at maximum, and if someone can not find a team member, they will singlely fight a fairy with 4d10 dice instead of 2d10. If you have any questions, please ask me. :3 Thanks!))
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Re: [Open to ALL] Training Game!

Postby Rumia » 15 Jun 2010 00:46

Once again, Rumia was out wandering on her own. It'd be nice if, for once, she had a REASON to meander around Gensokyo, but no. This was the same as any other day. She had nowhere to go, no appointments to meet, nothing. Today was an unusually bright day, but that might've been because it was summer. The sun shone brightly through the stalks of bamboo surrounding Rumia, with individual plants blocking out bits of the sunlight, creating a varied kaleidoscope onto the ground below.

Rumia weaved through the bamboo stalks, narrowly dodging each. She had gotten better at flying from practice, and had been gradually lowering the intensity of her darkness orb, at least, enough so that she could see a bit. Abolishment of the orb entirely would be impossible. The last time she had come in contact with sunlight, she might as well have died, but it was better this way rather than not seeing at all. Rumia continued to bob through the bamboo until she heard a loud shout.

It came from the clearing to the side of her. Peering through two particularly large bamboo plants, she saw a small girl, about her size, with pink hair. Her face had this real "I'M SERIOUS. :I" look on it, and she was yelling about... a game of some sort? Rumia walked through and waved to the girl. "Hey, what's going on?"
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Re: [Open to ALL] Training Game!

Postby Sara » 17 Jun 2010 13:27

The little gatekeeper blinked at the sudden darkness. "Wh-what...?" she couldn't help but think, her voice softening from the yell before. Thankfully, from living in a cave most of her life, Sara was quite adapt to darkness, so she was able to make out the shape of a blonde girl about her size wandering to her. Excellent, this girl will be my partner! And she seems to be obviously weaker than me, so, using my skills, I'll be able to scare her away from ever thinking of coming near Makai! The demon girl smugly thought, and grinned at the newcomer. But, why did she have that ball of darkness surrounding her...? No matter, what did matter was now Sara had a chance to show off to other little youkai.

"Hello there, person!" she replied, waving back. "My name is Sara, and I am the gatekeeper of Makai! You've probably heard about me from some of your youkai friends that have tried to go through... And failed! Hahahahooo!" Ooo, was that a good tough guy laugh? Yeah, it sounded pretty impressive to her. Awesome! "Anyway, I am hosting a game, and lucky you, as you are the first of MANY to show up, you will be the partner of yours truly!" The demon's grin became wider, and she patted the youkai on the shoulder. "The rules are simple. Together, you and me will find a fairy, and destroy it! Me using my fists, you using danmaku... That is, uhhh, if you know what danmaku is. Numerous other teams will come, and then, whichever team does it fastest is the winner! Do you gots it?" She didn't wait for the blonde girl's reply. "Good. Now, to wait for others!"

And Sara waited... And waited... And waited. But no one else came. Her grin slowly faded as the minutes went by, until it was a full on frown. Then, turning to her newfound partner (huh, what was her name? Oh well), the pink haired girl just flatly said, "Well, let's start then, whatever your name is," and grumpily started a trek through the forest to find their prey.
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Re: [Open to ALL] Training Game!

Postby Kurumi » 17 Jun 2010 21:33

Wait and wait and wait Sara may.. This, for the most part, because when the sun is still out, a certain vampire is a very heavy sleeper. Yet the demon's yelling managed to reach the blonde's ears, and she groggily came to, "Hn.. Mnng.. Wha.. Huh.. Who dares challenge.. me.." she groaned. So where was she anyway?

Well as the team moved through the forest eventually they'd come accross a well-dressed, blonde girl with large wings and a larger, thin materialed white cloak over her head. She crawled out of a hollow log, seeming half-awale as she reached in to draw out her tan satchel. It may be wise not to ask what she was doing there.

Kurumi rubbed her eyes, then looked to Rumia, and finally to Sara with a bit of a tired grin, "A gatekeeper, one of you said? I could use a little training with those types *yawwn* I think. I don't really see a downside." She looked from one to the other again, expression shifting from sleepy to very confused for a moment.

"I don't really understand what's going on, but it is my personal mission to become recognized as number one!" Number one -vampire- to be exact, but she'd forgotten to mention that. "Explain to me the rules of your game so that I may dominate it with an iron fist!" she demanded, jabbing her pointer finger to Rumia. Which shifted to Sara. Then back to Rumia whom, in her eyes, appeared to be the leader of the two. "And how about sharing some of that darkness? I'd be willing to pay you for it, Miss Gatekeeper."
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Re: [Open to ALL] Training Game!

Postby Chen » 19 Jun 2010 08:37

Chen had entered the forest early that morning after having been given a fantastic idea by one of Yukari-sama's many curious items. It was a moving image that, over a few minutes, proposed that one could improve one's agility by fighting in a forest, then proceeded to demonstrate. Enraptured by the idea, she had scarcely remembered to ask for permission before running off to meet and defeat...oh, something or other, these were minor details. Tigers, most likely.

The day had not, however, been filled with tigers - simply disappointment. It went without saying, then, that Chen jumped at the chance to scrap with something or other. She rolled out of the brush ahead of Sara and her company and sprang up, fangs and claws bared in the most threatening stance possible.

"Prepare to...were you talking about training? I'm here to train too!" She practically squealed the last part out, and the menacing nekomata that was there for almost two seconds dissolved into an overeager, rather bored little kitten.
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