[PoD.D Chars ONLY] Dimensional Daydreaming

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[PoD.D Chars ONLY] Dimensional Daydreaming

Postby Kotohime » 11 Apr 2010 14:28

(( By PoD.D characters only, I mean that if you made any sort of appearance in Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, you can come in and leave whenever you want, however you want, etc. etc. This most likely won't become an Ask First, as I wanna keep this pretty, er, segregated(?). ))

It was a nice day outside, near the Hakurei Shrine. The birds were chirping. No bad incidents to be solved. Some youkai having a nice time outside it.

So, what seemed out of place here?

Was it the red haired girl, slowly walking- almost floating, it almost seemed- to the front of the shrine? With her faraway look? The youkai lurking near stared at her a bit. Was she a strange youkai, here to cause trouble? Or a stupid human, basically made to be eaten? And why hadn't they ever seen her before? Surely, a woman like her would be remembered, one who looked like she should have authority, but just seemed so... Weird, with the way she presented herself.

Kotohime's, er, mind was just on one track right now, however. It had been many years since she had been to this shrine, many many years. Since the ruins incident, correct? Well, something like that. She hadn't even really remembered the shrine until a few days ago, in which she then remembered an item there that she automatically had memories of wanting the first time she saw it. It was a sad little thing, the princess remembered, as if it wanted a friend. So empty, but needing things in its life! If Kotohime hadn't been in a bit of a rush to get home the first time she saw it, she would have swiped it. But by the time she got home, she had almost completely forgotten about it.

Then, many years later, the memories came back to her about it. And she immediately decided to set out to get the donation box!

She finally arrived at the shrine steps, the youkai still staring at her. The maiden rolled up her sleeves, and picked the little, still empty box up, and set back to her house, thinking, almost dreaming, of the wonderful times she and this little box would have. And the random canon fodder youkai were looking at her like she was the most insane in Gensokyo...

... Which maybe wasn't too far off.

"Don't worry, Box," she whispered to it. "You'll soon be filled with lots of wonderful things!"
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Re: [PoD.D Chars ONLY] Dimensional Daydreaming

Postby Ruukoto » 11 Apr 2010 15:00

Ruukoto had finally finished plastering up the westernmost wall of the main room of the shrine. Having had blown it up earlier, it would be nice to clean it before Lady Reimu noticed. Walking back to her quarters, she hummed a happy tune. Unfortunately, she managed to notice that....

The donation box was gone! "Ah! Wh-where did it go?!" She could have sworn it was just in this spot mere seconds ago! What would Lady Reimu do? Not that it was particularly useful, but, nonetheless, she still had to make an effort to find it! "D-did it drop when I crashed into the wall?...." Sprawling herself out on the floor, she scanned the bottom of the shrine. "N-no..."

It was also possible that it was flung outside along with her body earlier. Running outside, she checked the gardens an-

....Who was that woman over there?... A visitor? Dammit! If they're donating, there won't be anything to donate to! But maybe the woman could be of use. "H-hey! You there!" Ruukoto called out to the maiden in the purple dress. "Could you help me look for so-"

What was that?
Her inner mechanisms activated.
"What was what?
The box in her hand. According to my data, this is the conatiner you have been examining the Hakurei Shrine for.
"Y-yes, but, y-yes! That's it"

Ruukoto ran up to the woman. "H-HEY! YOU THERE! GET BACK HERE! THIEF! THIEF!"
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Re: [PoD.D Chars ONLY] Dimensional Daydreaming

Postby Kotohime » 12 Apr 2010 21:19

Thief, she heard the word called. Kotohime automatically stopped. Oh, how she hated thieves! The princess believed all thieves needed to be locked up, and locked up for a long time. As a collector, she knew it would be absolutely dreadful for her stuff to be stolen. Her mouth opened wide, and turned around to see who she needed to aid. A maid with green hair, who seemed vaguely familiar. No matter- stranger or not, it was a policewoman's duty to help out those in need!

Kotohime turned around, her face with a serious expression. First, she mumbled to her newly collected item, "I'm sorry, Box, but I have something important to do. Please don't get stolen by this same thief while I am away!" She put it down, before strutting to the maid, looking quite concered. "Young lady," she said officially to the maid. "My name is Kotohime, police officer of Gensokyo, and I am here to aid you in catching this thief you call for! Please, give me a description of the said person, and I will track her down and exterminate her."
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Re: [PoD.D Chars ONLY] Dimensional Daydreaming

Postby Ruukoto » 19 Apr 2010 14:57

Unfortunately for Ruukoto, she had focused too much attention on the box itself instead of the person who had actually stolen it. Running toward the direction the thief had gone, she ran into another woman who claimed she would help her search for said thief. Police? I didn't know there were police around here...."I-I-I don't know what they looked like....." Ruukoto admitted sheepishly. "I didn't really pay much attention..."

"Th-they stole something very important from the shrine, but, they were walking when I saw them, so they couldn't have gotten too far..." She switched on her radar.

Life Form Detected.

Hm....There's someone else nearby besides us. She looked around the surrounding area. "S-So what do we do now?...."

(Short post is short. `-`)
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