[Open] A Klutz of a Maid

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[Open] A Klutz of a Maid

Postby Ruukoto » 03 Apr 2010 23:41

The Hakurei Shrine.
Population: 2.
Chores: Many

Ruukoto was starting up her usual chores. Her lady, Reimu, never did them, but she overlooked that laziness, instead insisting that her mistress was too good for chores. The usual consisted of dusting everything, cleaning everything, organizing everything. Naturally, Reimu being the only actual resident, you'd think it wouldn't be so dirty. But the shrine had an abundance of visitors lately, causing the entire shrine to fall into disarray. But that was okay. More chores meant more work, and that meant more chances for Ruukoto to prove to Reimu that she can actually be of use.

Indeed, she had really outdone herself this time. (Which wasn't too hard to do, unfortunately) If you had used a buffer and used it on everything possible, you'd have the same result. Every room in the entire shrine was shining and glimmering. It was as if the sun itself had settled to rest in the center of the building. Sighing in relief, Ruukoto turned to the last room she had to finish. The main room of the shrine, also the biggest, was the final room needing help from Ruukoto.

Readying her nuclear powered broom, Ruukoto rapidly dusted everything she could see, taking care to not drop anything. Luckily, she succeeded in this endeavor, and managed to dust most of the tables, drawers, and other objects in the shrine. Proceeding to mop the floors, Ruukoto hummed a joyful little tune, and finished this very soon as well.

And finally, she was done! Picking up her bucket, broom, and mop, Ruukoto walked out, a smile on her face. How proud Reimu would be!

At that thought, Ruukoto remembered something. Turning slowly to one of the tables, Ruukoto saw her mistress's Gohei. The wooden rod sat with streamers spread across. She knew that Reimu used these constantly when fighting, and that it was very valuable to her. But on closer inspection, it was dusty and dirty, worn from use. Lady Reimu certainly can't use THIS to fight! Her opponents would scoff at her just from the look of her weapon! Calling upon it as her own duty, Ruukoto set to dusting it, making sure that it was completely perfect.

After a bit, she was done. Walking back to the table, she prepared to place it back where it was-
And tripped. Her bucket; it was still there. The water spilled everywhere as Ruukoto dropped the treasured Gohei onto the floor. With quick hands and intuition, she grabbed it back and pushed it close to her chest, falling on the floor. Sighing again with relief, she stood up.

And gasped.

The Gohei. The Gohei! It has snapped in half! Ruukoto panicked. She looked around quickly, quickly, for anything! There was supposedly a sticky substance that could fix this, but, it was only sold at Kourindou! She couldn't make it there and back before Reimu noticed! She ran about the shrine, desperately looking for anything to fix it with. Into the bedrooms, closets, kitchen- Kitchen! They were having rice for dinner! Rice was sticky! Taking a wad of boiled rice, Ruukoto sped back to the Gohei, took a bit of it, and stuck the halves together. For the third time, she sighed. It looked as good as new. Except....Except.....The Shide! The streamers! They had gotten wet from the water! Ruukoto couldn't stand it! She panicked, PANICKED. There was no way to soak up the water, and it couldn't be heated. Speaking of heating, Ruukoto's inner mechanisms started to work fast, thinking of a way out of this mess. The gears in her mind and body turned and turned, until her body started to overheat! Her hands turned red, and the Gohei sizzled in her hand. She grasped it harder, and closed her eyes, trying to hold back tears. But she knew that would get her nowhere. She had to calm down. Calm down, take a deep breath....Inhale.....Exhale.....Ruukoto opened her eyes, and could now calmly think of a solution. The Gohei-

The Gohei! Looking in her hands, Ruukoto saw in horror what had happened: Her overheated hands had caused the wooden rod to burn. All that was left were ashes falling from her hands into the water below.
Ruukoto knelt down and cried. What would happen now?....
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Re: [Open] A Klutz of a Maid

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 04 Apr 2010 17:34

In spite of Ruukoto's attentiveness to every last detail, there was... one area that she had yet to clean. And it was here that the hungry predator lay in wait.

Miss Kogasa Tatara had accounted for every last detail this time. This time, she would not fail. This time, she would scare that red-white.

She saw this as a test of everything she had learned from past experiences, and it all lead up to this. Everything, from the haunting of the Temple of Myouren to the incident at Eientei and the surrounding area, from the magical fire in the Forest of Magic to her later encounter with the same rabbit responsible for the fire. Today, she would test her skill. Today, she would show Hakurei Reimu.

Because for all intents and purposes, today, she was Hakurei Reimu.

Sort of. She had to give Nue her thanks for giving this idea to her the next time she saw her. Impersonation was actually rather scary, as Kogasa found out herself, because the last thing anybody expects is to see a reflection of herself without a mirror in between them.

Of course Kogasa had brought along her own shrine maiden robes today which were strikingly similar to those of the red-white, but in order to make the deception complete, she had to take a couple extra steps. She was not so foolish as to repeat the same mistakes as from when she had attempted a siege on the Temple of Myouren. She knew full well that both her hair and her eyes did not even begin to match those of the Shrine Maiden of Paradise, so she had taken the necessary precautionary steps. Such as purchasing a fake black wig that was about the same color and length as Reimu's own hair and a pair of sunglasses to keep her own eyes from being seen. All she had to do then was steal a hair ribbon and those little hair tie things Reimu had and she was good to go.

Now, let's go over this again... I'll be hiding in here, waiting for Reimu to come by and check her donation box for donations like she always does, and then, I'll spring out of my hiding place and attack her!

It seemed highly unusual for someone of Kogasa's size to be hiding in a donation box, of all places, but it was a nice fit. It was evidently designed to hold a large sum of money, a dream that apparently never came true.

She didn't hear much while she waited, but once she heard the sound of the bucket falling over, she realized that there must have been somebody in the Shrine already. Kogasa stiffened. What if that's...? Was she too late? Maybe she should just le- NO!! Not after coming this far! She adjusted the sunglasses on her face, which were beginning to slip. I'll just proceed as planned. Heh... yes... this should go nicely, regardless. Rising from the penniless donation box, Kogasa gripped her umbrella and then, as an afterthought, left it behind in the box. As long as I keep it nearby, I'll be A-OK.

Kogasa slowly entered the shrine, scanning her surroundings but seeing nothing except what looked like a maid, weeping on the floor. Was this Reimu's maid? She had never heard anything about her. What am I going to say...? Thinking madly and hoping the maid didn't notice her, Kogasa began. "Hello? What are you doing here?" Her eyes expressed an uncertainty that would have given her away in a heartbeat. Good thing they were hidden behind midnight black shades.
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Re: [Open] A Klutz of a Maid

Postby Ruukoto » 09 Apr 2010 01:02

Ruukoto sat there crying, unaware of the looming figure behind her...

"Ah-AH! Lady Reimu!" Ruukoto stood up abruptly, picking up her broom. The Gohei, or, rather, what USED to be the Gohei was hidden under the mechanical sandal she wore. "Wh-what are you doing here?! I thought you were out, um, buying groceries for dinner!" Ruukoto had uneasy eyes, and tried her best not to look directly into her mistress's eye-

Wait. "Lady Reimu? What happened to your eyes? They're sort of blackish..." She poked the glasses. "Oh! It's some sort of eyeware, is it? It look very nice on you!" She bowed. "A-ah...I'd better clean this up." Picking up her bucket, her eyes caught onto the box behind her. "Oh, I forgot about the donation box. Just a second, I'll clean it up in a jiffy!" She ran over to the box and immediately began to wipe the outside of the box. After a "jiffy", she had it done and inspected the insides as well.

"Hm? Lady Reimu, there's an umbrella in here. Is it one of yours?" Before letting the woman answer, she did so herself. "Ah, it looks like one of yours, although it's kind of creepy...I had no idea you were interested in this type of stuff... I'll just go put it away with the others." Picking it up with her, she ran toward the umbrella closet. (Yes, the shrine had a closet dedicated to umbrellas and whatnot.) However...

The water, it was still there. Being the root of her problem today, you'd think she'd have the sense to avoid it.

She didn't. Tripping again, she fell face first onto the umbrella, with a resounding *CRACK!*
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Re: [Open] A Klutz of a Maid

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 09 Apr 2010 21:07


Kogasa's heart skipped a beat. The moral of today's story was that if Kogasa ever became the owner of a great big mansion, or even a tiny mansion, she would never, ever hire a single maid. Without realizing it, Ruukoto had literally put Kogasa's life into jeopardy. And now Kogasa was about to go out with quite the bang.

At first she didn't realize what had happened, but then she made the connection. N-no... it can't be! And yet it was. She was not dealing with Nue here, who was likely to make Kogasa's umbrella poof in the blink of an eye just to screw with her. She was dealing with a robot maid with no self-discipline at all and in dire, dire need of punishment.

Much like her umbrella, Kogasa snapped as well.

"You... little...!" With tears in her eyes, Kogasa removed her sunglasses and launched them. The sunglasses smacked against Ruukoto's backside with a hollow, metallic thud. What was that? Was this maid a robot in disguise? All the better! She would crumple like a paper cup! So who cared if she messed up Reimu's shrine a bit in the process? By the time the youkai exterminator came back there wouldn't be a youkai to exterminate.

"DO. YOU. KNOW. WHAT. YOU'VE. DONE. WELL? DO YOU!?" Kogasa had never, ever been this outraged before, and fury, as she was about to find out, was a dangerous weapon. She was about to break every single damn rule of the spellcard rules, but who really cared, right? Desperate times called for desperate measures, and it wasn't like she was going to be punished.

Last Word "Reckless Kamikaze"
Kogasa's final stand: a completely reckless charge attack into the opponent.
Damage: 5d16
Effect: Can only be used if END is less than 50. Kogasa takes 2d10 extra damage next turn.

Kogasa Tatara rolled 5 16-sided dice and got a total of 80

Of course, she was perfectly aware of the fact that she was cheating. But again, what was going to happen? She was screwed no matter how she spun it. With a reckless charge, she sent Ruukoto soaring, straight through the back wall. A ragged hole was blown into it, but the maid kept flying, like a giant lead ball. Kogasa saw Ruukoto land on the grass behind the shrine, and, satisfied, hopped through the hole and followed her outside.
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Re: [Open] A Klutz of a Maid

Postby Ruukoto » 09 Apr 2010 21:27

"O-Oops...S-s-sorry, Lady Reimu..." Ruukoto stood up and held the broken umbrella in her hands. "Ah-ah...Lady Reimu?...Your face looks very flushed...Perhaps we should go to the-"

"Gah!" The sunglasses collided with her, and she stumbled back a little. "L-Lady Reimu! What are you doing?! Ah...Ah! Your eyes! You-You aren't the mistress at all!" Looking around nervously, Ruukoto searched for some way to contact her real mistress. Unfortunately, before she could...

She was tackled by the imposter, flying through the shrine, and breaking most of the wall. Ruukoto stood up, fairly hurt. "Ah-ah...." She had to fight back, but...

There wasn't much she thought she could do. If she lost, no, if she died here, she would be a failure. Reimu's life would be in danger, and it would all be her fault.

"I-I-I can't do anything. Wh-what am I going to do?!..."

Suddenly, her eyes glowed a dark red.

"No. I have to fight back. For the safety of Mistress Reimu."

Ruukoto Battle Hud Activated
END: 20

Ruukoto activated her rocket boots and flew to Kogasa, smacking her hard in the head with her broom. Jumping back, she did a somersault and landed gracefully on her feet.

Launching Overdrive.
All systems now in overdrive.
System Overload. System Overload. System Overload. SystemOverload. SystemOverload. Systemoverload. Systemoverload.Systemoverload.Systemoverload.Systemoverloadsystemoverloadsystemoverloadsystemover

Robotic Universal Technique "Complete Smash"
Ruukoto channels energy from the data in her inner mind, sending large danmaku crashing into each other, creating huge explosions.
Damage: 2d30
Effect: Can only be used when Ruukoto's END is 50 or less.

Ruukoto's eyes flashed, and outside of her back flew many large bullets, thrusting toward Kogasa. They all collided into her at once, creating a giant explosion.

Rolling dice.

(Normal Attack) Ruukoto rolled 2 10-sided dice and got a total of 20
(Complete Smash) Ruukoto rolled 2 30-sided dice and got a total of 60
(Extra Damage) Ruukoto rolled 2 10-sided dice and got a total of 20

The dust settled, and Ruukoto fell on the ground, now back to normal.
"Ah-Ah! What have I done?!" Running toward the fallen Kogasa, she picked up the limp youkai in her hands.
"No, no, no!" This isn't good! I need to fix her....But what....What happened?....

The umbrella!" Running toward the closet, she grabbed the umbrella pieces and ran back to Kogasa.

"M-Miss.....Are you still alive?..." No response. She had to find some way to fix her....
Rice? No, rice wouldn't work this time.

Perhaps Lady Reimu could help, but where was she?.....

Picking up the umbrella and the youkai, Ruukoto set off to find her mistress, too worried about the youkai to even regard the half destroyed shrine.

((Ruukoto and Kogasa have left for "It's... sticky... Ughn... :<"))
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