[Open] The odd sports of the outside world

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[Open] The odd sports of the outside world

Postby Mystia Lorelei » 26 Jan 2013 12:16

[Mystia Lorelei - Tokiko]

Normally if Tokiko found anything from the outside world it wasn't ever anything significant. If it was shiny or anything that even seemed worth keeping faeries or greedy youkai would always take it before she even got a chance to get her hands on it. That or she'd get tricked or beaten up so that they could have whatever it was that she found. Of course it didn't stop her from her from continuing to try, after all who knew what would come through the border. It could be some spectacular book or another of those magazines that showed off some exotic location that she enjoyed seeing, even though she'd never get to physically see them at all.

Tonight though... she wasn't sure which God was smiling upon her this time or if she was just plain lucky but she found something that really was just incredible. The bag itself was made of leather and had a red stripe that ran up the side of it and had a strap that made it easy for her to keep up on her shoulder while she made her way back to her dilapidated little home that she was 'living' in. The bag wasn't the reason that she thought she was lucky though. The contents itself were all shiny and there was in excess of ten different things inside of the bag. Maybe all the faeries were sleeping this time when things crossed over? Well whatever all that mattered right now was that this 'thing' was hers and she wasn't going to give it up.

She found too that in addition to the clubs that were in the bag, there was a number of zippered up pockets that contained all sorts of different things.. small white balls (that weren't edible, hey they looked like they might be a snack or something..), little white spikes that.. well she couldn't figure out what they were for, but the last pocket that she opened had a small hand held book that explained what this was.

The game was called 'golf' and after reading the first couple of chapters she at least understood what the spikes were to be used for and how to hold the club while hitting the ball. It seemed.. interesting the say the least. She had read about sports before and knew that most of them would be to hard for her to really play since they required a good bit of physical stamina in order to play. This 'sport' though.. was more about control and precision rather than continuing physical prowess... so this might actually be something she could do! She continued to read, making sure she understood everything before she actually decided to give anything a try. Granted she wouldn't have this 'hole' that they spoke of but at the very least she could find a nice, calm field and at least try hitting the balls a few times... maybe she could work on a 'course' later after she figured out some more things.. and pestered Rinnosuke to see if he had any more books on the game.

The sun was shining that day and the wind was light (Which was good apparently) when she went out to a field that didn't have very high grass and got herself set up to try a few actual swings. Sure she had tried swinging the clubs while in her home, but it was hard to do a full swing without hitting something. Now that she was outside though she did several swings next to the ball (like the book suggested) and feeling very confident she set herself up at the tee. Taking a deep breath before she swung the club up behind her head, a wide grin on her face as she brought it back down... and missed completely. She growled a little to herself, making herself focus a little more and putting the ball back on the tee before she set up again and went back for the swing. Focusing all the strength as she swung again, this time though she heard a satisfying 'plink' as she hit the ball dead center and watched in awe as the little white ball shot up into the air. Tokiko felt so proud of herself now as she watched the ball fly off, keeping it in full view until it finally fell back to the ground, bouncing a few times and rolling almost ten more yards before finally coming to a complete stop.

Not wanting her clubs to be stolen, she clung the bag over her shoulder and trotted off happily to where the ball had landed. She didn't know or have a method to determine how far she had hit it but she really didn't care.. she HIT the darn thing! Straight too! That was the important part. Now since she didn't have to many balls so she had to be careful with those too.. but she was pretty sure that faeries wouldn't steal those since they didn't look as interesting as the clubs but with faeries it was hard to tell... Well at least she didn't see many in the field today... maybe still sleeping? Perfect, she could keep practicing. She spent most of the morning going back and forth between different spots hitting the small white balls. Some going straight, some... only traveling a few yards since she only nicked the top of it.. some veering wildly off to the sides.. but she had to admit, this sport was really fun even if she didn't have the full 'course' just yet.
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