[Open] Landing

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[Open] Landing

Postby Shizuha Aki » 04 Apr 2013 21:40

[Shizuha Aki - Nanoha Takamachi]

At an abandoned shrine somewhere in Japan, a young woman's footsteps fall heavily. Nanoha Takamachi, clad in her Barrier Jacket and carrying her mage staff, advances cautiously. There must be something here to explain the high magical levels. she thought as she swept around.

Master, I have detected an area of distorted space. her staff chimed at her.

"Good work, Raising Heart." Nanoha replied, then turned to face it. She started casting a spell that would probe the space's physical properties, but with the magical influx, the barrier became visible, like a soap bubble bounding a new world, except most soap bubbles don't also sound like a train derailing as they ripple towards you.

Master! Nanoha heard Raising Heart cry, and then there was nothing.


There are a number of things you don't want to hear as you're waking up. "Dibs on her stuff" is one of them. That brought Nanoha from dark unconsciousness to full alertness, and when she felt something tug on Raising Heart, she scrambled up and looked around.

There were about a dozen children there, except they all had wings. They fluttered backwards as their erstwhile robbery victim showed she was still alert. Sounder minds would have backed off, but these were fairies. Their apparent leader said, "You were supposed to stay knocked out!"

Nanoha's first instinct was to talk. "I'm sorry, but I-"

Cutting her off, the leader said to the other fairies, "If she's knocked out again, we can try to take her stuff again! Get her!" Then, to Nanoha's surprise, the kids started shooting magical shots at her.

Fortunately, Raising Heart was on the ball, and with a command of Protection, a dome of energy appeared to block the shots.

Nanoha then said to her staff, "We'll scare them off. Divine Shooter, Minimum Power." A dozen balls of pink light appeared, then each one shot toward one of her fairy tormentors. The impacts caused the fairies to pop-pop-pop like kettle corn, and within moments, Nanoha was alone in the clearing.

All targets destroyed. Raising Heart reported with something like satisfaction.

Nanoha was distraught at first. "But- I didn't mean to kill them!" However, upon second thought, it didn't seem like death to her, as they just vanished with a burst of magic. "Were they some kind of summon or something?"

However, her most immediate threat was now gone, so she could spare time to think about larger matters. "Where am I?" she asked herself, and the soft nighttime breeze was the only response.
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