Visionary Gensokyo - Rules *MUST READ - UPDATED 02/10/2013*

A place to try out characters other than the ones you currently have.

Visionary Gensokyo - Rules *MUST READ - UPDATED 02/10/2013*

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 22 Nov 2012 08:23

Visionary Gensokyo Rules

Changelog: December 22, 2012 - New rules are noted and go into effect on the given date. Minor clarifications overall; pay special attention to Rule 7.
February 10, 2013 - Addendum to Rule 6 for clarity; Removed January 1st new policy notifications.

1: Read the PoIR Forum Rules.
They are located here. Except where noted in this post, all of the same rules apply in Visionary Gensokyo, and players are expected to abide by the same standards.

2: Visionary Gensokyo is reserved to current members only.
Visionary Gensokyo is a subforum, just one piece of the whole PoIR. It is not the main focus, and it is not intended to overshadow PoIR. Players who join PoIR are assumed to have joined for PoIR, not a side feature intended to help increase player enthusiasm.

3: Applications must be submitted and approved before posting in Visionary Gensokyo.
Exceptions are made for characters a player currently controls in PoIR, as well as a player's first entry into a VG thread with a character they do not currently control in PoIR. Application form and procedure can be found here.

4: Characters are non-exclusive.
While there is an application process for Visionary Gensokyo, character approval does not lock that character out from further application. Applications exist solely to keep player's understanding of Zun canon and Touhou theme in check. It is possible to have 5 separate threads with 5 distinct Marisas in Visionary Gensokyo, each played by a different player.

5: Visionary Gensokyo is not a free for all, there are standards.
While there is no restriction on character choice, do remember the expectation of post quality and respect for other players. Don't make a thread with x character just because you can. Make sure you put forth time and effort into making quality posts; don't assume that VG's distinction as a subset of PoIR means that what you do doesn't matter, or that others don't care.

Before entering or making a thread, stop and ask yourself "Why do I want to play this character? What would they do short term, and what might they experience as a result in the long term?" It takes a lot of time and thought to develop any character.

6: Don't spend more time on VG than you do on PoIR *Addendum - February 10, 2013*
VG thread count per player is limited to 1 at a time for those in good activity standing with PoIR. Those not in good activity standing with PoIR must first clear their obligations to PoIR before they can continue participation in VG. This means that a player may not have any strikes on record should they wish to post in Visionary Gensokyo. Note that strikes which have been cleared are not "on record", only current ones count.

7: Visionary Gensokyo is very experimental and subject to change.
Do not take Visionary Gensokyo for granted; VG rules and policy may change at any time, but please note that it will not dictate any changes to PoIR's policy. It is up to moderators to evaluate and decide VG's worth and place in PoIR. Should VG ever become a hindrance to PoIR's growth, it will be removed from PoIR.

Be sure to re-read this sticky anytime there's an update. Updates will be noted in the topic with the date they are posted.
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