The Rules and Guidelines of the Touhou: PoIR RP Forum. Please read everything in this section before you apply!
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The Rules and Guidelines of the Touhou: PoIR RP Forum. Please read everything in this section before you apply!


Postby Touhou RP » 14 Apr 2012 04:05

This is the FAQ to PoIR and a general overview of how things work around here! It's highly recommend that everyone take a look through this thread, as it contains information not in the Rules and Applications threads, and has links to where to find things in them.

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Postby Touhou RP » 14 Apr 2012 04:05

General Forum and Roleplaying Questions

What is this?
This is a Touhou roleplay forum. We pride ourselves on our focus around canon and loyalty to the lore set about by the game series.

Can I join?
Absolutely! To sign up for the forum, you must fill out an application, the details of which are provided here.

I'm new to roleplay and/or unfamiliar with this roleplay's format. How does it work and what should I know before signing up?
This is a quick primer on the basics. This FAQ can also provide some pointers.

Is this a canon or fanon roleplay?
This is canon. A guide on how we handle it is located here.

Why can't I register for the forums?
Registration for new accounts is not open; instead, you will receive an existing account if you apply for a character and are accepted. The most important part of the boards, the RP sections, are publicly viewable so that you can decide if you want to participate or not.

Why are original characters not allowed?
PoIR was established on the basis of canon, and we attribute our biggest successes to that. Original characters would undermine the spirit of canon. Don't get us wrong; a lot of us enjoy original characters for certain roleplays, but this is not the roleplay for them. If you really want more freedom in developing a character, we suggest taking up a character whose canon is more vague. The majority of PC-98 characters are great for this.

How do seasons work on the board?
Seasons follow real world seasonal patterns for Japan (which are in line with seasons in North America, for reference). Climate is an important part of Gensokyo and can be used as a basis for threads.

What about larger events?
While rare, moderators may plan forum-wide events for players to participate in. Additionally, players are more than welcome to start their own incidents. We do ask that players with incident plans approach a mod first so that we can ensure the idea is within theme.

My character is taken, why would I register?
Because characters are unique to the players controlling them, you may not be able to play your favorite character. You might consider applying for a different character anyways. Any character can be molded to become more than what they are in canon; obscure characters have even more room for this. We have veteran players who did not get their first choice, but found a new favorite after playing a second choice over time.

I've taken up a character that has been previously controlled. What should I do about the character's previous exploits?
You can choose to use whatever you wish from previous players as background for your threads, but we do not assume any such continuity otherwise. Information on how we handle continuity between threads can be found here

Notable Links
Application Template and Guidelines
Info for Roleplaying
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Postby Touhou RP » 14 Apr 2012 04:06


How do I apply?
The current application template can be found here. Fill out the application and e-mail it to poirrp@gmail.com; Further instructions and important information is also detailed in the linked "Application Template and Guidelines" thread, linked above.

What characters are open for application?
Our current running list can be found here. Note that it might sometimes be outdated. Ask when in doubt.

What does “Alternate” mean; why do some people control multiple characters?
Responsible players who control one character may apply for an “Alternate”. A player who takes on an alternate character must maintain activity across both their "Main" and "Alternate". As with a main, alternates require application for approval. Additionally, alternates can be applied for by new players as their first character. The intention of this policy is to allow for a more robust cast of characters across a small pool of players, while not discouraging new players from growing this pool due to fewer options.

I'm ready to start an application. What's a good place to start?
These are some application guidelines. Asking around on the IRC channel always helps. The Touhou wiki is important for research. It can also help to browse some of the journals (located here) and ongoing threads.

The games alone aren't giving me much on the character I want!
ZUNs provides further elaboration of Windows characters in some of his written works. Perfect Memento in Strict Sense covers Touhou 6 though Touhou 9, while Symposium of Post-mysticism covers Touhou 10 to Touhou 13. Because PC-98 characters only have their official profiles and in-game dialogue to work with, we are more lax with interpretation on them.

What do you look for in an application?
We tend to deny people who exceed the bounds of canon (see the Application Guidelines). After that, we look for grammar, writing style, and “general impression”.

What do you mean by ”General impression”?
It means we want the impression that you not only know your character, but that you also have an individual interpretation which you can properly and consistently portray to other players. It's not hard to list a bunch of facts taken directly from the Touhou wiki; we don't want that. We want your take on the character. Get into the character's skin and convince us that you are that character. Canon still has greater priority, but this quality is what often separates a forgettable app from one that stands out.

How long are apps?
Not too long and not too short; it's honestly the best that we can answer. Different characters have different needs in terms of history, personality, etc. Do what you feel is right for the character. We do deny apps based on being too long or too short, but only for extreme cases (ie one paragraph or 10+ pages), or for being aimless (ie wordy for the sake of being wordy). Regardless, we're willing to take a look if an app stands out in a good way. If you need a reference, many apps are 3-5 pages, but it's not a rule of thumb.

I have an app, but I want to get it checked before I submit it. Can you guys help me?
Moderators cannot individually check apps or scour every single little detail, but they can answer general questions. Anyone else can help review your application in depth, and we do encourage this as long as your entire app isn't effectively written for you.

How many apps can I send in at a time?
One at a time.

I submitted an app. When can I expect a response?
Apps are posted for mods to see as they arrive in PoIR's inbox. Each mod then gives their vote at the earliest convenience, usually within a 1-2 days of the application being posted up. Worst case scenario is that they will be reviewed on the upcoming weekly Saturday meeting. If your app doesn't require any changes, and provided another applicant for the same character wasn't favored over yours, you will get an e-mail response from us saying that you have received the character along with further instructions on logging into the board. If your app is rejected, you will receive an e-mail explaining why.

My app wasn't approved. :( Can I reapply and how many times can I reapply?
We generally accept unlimited reapplications, both for the same character and for a different character. Many applicants do not get approved on the first try, including some of PoIR's best. However, if your reapplications consistently miss our standards by a large margin, or if you submit an excessive number of failed applications, we reserve the right to bar you from applying. This is rarely done, however, and you will be informed at any point when we will no longer read your applications.

Notable Links
Application Template and Guidelines
Character List
Character Journals
Touhou Wiki
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Postby Touhou RP » 14 Apr 2012 04:06

Activity and Threads

How does activity work?
Activity is laid out in detail here

What if I control multiple characters?
Strikes are shared between all characters you control. At the point your combined total of strikes is 3, you will lose a character of your choosing. If no preference is stated, your current alt is recast. If you had more than 3 strikes, 2 strikes are taken off your record as part of the recast and the rest remain on your remaining account. For those with a main and an alt, 5 strikes are required for the loss of both characters.

What if I stall multiple threads?
You get one strike for stalling 1-2 threads, and two strikes for stalling 3-4 threads. Anymore than that is grounds for immediate recast, unless proper reasoning is provided.

When do activity scans occur?
Every Saturday around 7pm EST.

Do I have to post on or near the holidays?
For most major holidays, no. Any holiday period exempt from scans will be announced, usually at least a week prior to the exemption start date. Sometimes we get behind and miss these things though. If in doubt, please ask us; never just assume you're free from posting obligation at any given time.

What qualifies as a stalled thread?
If an activity scan occurs and a thread has received no posts since the last activity scan, it is considered stalled.

How do you determine who is responsible for a stalled thread?
This is explained in detail here

How do I know how many strikes I have?
Every time you get a strike, you will receive a PM on the forums that lists the thread(s) you are receiving a strike for along with your total number of strikes. Any moderator can also provide this information upon request.

I think you guys gave me a strike by mistake, or that I feel was not deserved. What do I do?
There is a Stike Appeal form. Follow the directions given, and a moderator will look into it. Do not hesitate to send in this form if you have any reason to believe your strike was unjust. Processing these appeals doesn't long, and we are more than happy to set the record straight.

What is an axed thread? When do threads get axed?
An axed thread is moved from the regular subforums into the archives. Threads are axed on request or when a thread is stalled two times in a row. Axed threads are generally considered finished unless they are revived by a moderator.

A thread that I was participated in was axed! How do I revive it?
Ask any moderator and they'll gladly do it.

A thread that I was participating in was axed, but was later revived without my knowledge and I got a strike for it! What do I do?
Technically, you should keep track of threads that you are in, regardless of axing or posting order anomalies. However, we understand that miscommunication happens. Hence, if you write out an activity appeal, we'll probably erase the strike, provided that the circumstances are explained. Don't do this too often, though.

I'm having an activity related problem with another player. What do I do?
If it's activity related, use this and PM a moderator.

Notable Links:
Activity Scan Procedure
Strike Appeal Form
Player Report (Activity) Form
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Postby Touhou RP » 14 Apr 2012 04:06


What do I do if I want to switch my Main and my Alternate?
Ask a mod. We generally allow it provided you aren't excessively switching or doing so to prevent a newcomer from taking a character.

What is this Journals thing?
Journals serve two purposes. They represent an organized reference guide that details your character's exploits for yourself and future players. They can also be a tool to help develop your in-character persona without requiring a thread, via internal monologues or idle thoughts. Journals are optional and do not count towards activity, but we strongly encourage their use.

I can't keep up with activity due to some reason and I need a break. What do I do?
Follow this guide and post in the Time Off Forum. Note that hiatus time is limited. Please follow the template listed in the first link, because it makes handling activity easier.

How many hiatuses am I allowed to take?
All players start of with four scans worth of hiatus. This means that for each scan run while a player is on hiatus, they lose one hiatus period. In return, they are exempt from receiving strikes for whatever reason. This time resets to 4 every 3 months, and unused time does not roll over.

Due to an emergency, I was unable to file for a needed hiatus. What do I do?
We do allow players to request emergency hiatus time in cases of unforeseen events. This hiatus time is reserved for things like deaths in the family or serious injury to the player, and will not count towards the player's normal hiatus count. Players are required to talk to the mods and explain their situation in the unfortunate case that the need for this time arises. Please note that a player may be denied use of this hiatus time if mods feel it is being abused.

Where can I chat with all the other players?
We have our own IRC channel, the #touhou channel on the Darkmyst network (//irc.darkmyst.org). Refer to this page for our IRC rules or if you need any help pertaining to IRC.

I'm having a problem with another player. What do I do?
If it's activity related, use this and PM a moderator. For any other issue, contact a moderator on IRC or the forum and we'll be happy to hear you out.

If I get in trouble for a non-activity related offense, what happens?
The guidelines are here. IRC offenses are treated differently and do not stack (see the IRC page for details).

I need to drop from the forum for some reason. What do I do?
PM a mod or post in the Departures Terminal forum, and we'll take things from there. Sorry to see you go. :(

Lets say that I lose control of a character. What happens if I want to reclaim that character?
Provided the character in question is currently available for application, you may regain that character with certain conditions. See How to Reapply in the Application Template and Guidelines page for details.

Note: Players who are recast multiple times can be permanently denied the right to rejoin the forum.

Okay, so what if I drop, but then I want to rejoin the forum with a character that I did not control before?
You must write an application for that character, as if you were applying to PoIR for the first time.

Who are the moderators?
Currently the forum moderators are Fujiwara no Mokou, Ichirin Kumoi, Kogasa Tatara, Patchouli Knowledge, and Yukari Yakumo. In addition, Komachi Onozuka acts as extra security on the IRC. Rin Satsuki acts as our site software admin, who is in charge of site maintenance and making sure the forum doesn't break. The site administrator and owner is Amber AKA MokouBee (not to be confused with the current player of Mokou), who can be contacted through the shared moderator account, Touhou RP.

What are the best ways to contact the moderators?
All moderators check their individual forum PMs regularly. In addition, all moderators can be contacted through e-mail at poirrp@gmail.com. Finally, if you can connect to IRC, we operate a separate channel to field PoIR related questions (#poirhelp on Darkmyst, which is at irc://irc.darkmyst.org) and any single moderator can be PMed through IRC as well.

Notable Links:
Guide to Time Off
Time Off Forum
IRC Policy and Help.
Forum Punishment System
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