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PostPosted: 24 Jul 2013 04:02
by Parsee Mizuhashi
’Most would have left by now!’ Parsee’s didn’t know whether to glare at Reimu or to brim with tears at the miko’s persistence, let alone her attempts to console her; nevertheless, the tension between them grew as Parsee argued with herself furiously, constantly ceding points to either side while remaining outwardly quiet and disturbingly serene, as least from her own perspective. In truth, she was pacing upon the threshold of the bridge, giving Reimu an occasional look, much as a child would a parent. It made her furious that Reimu would patronize her with such words, but that she was still in her presence was a small comfort.

Reimu Hakurei wrote:"Well, I doubt I can convince you otherwise. But the decision is yours, not mine to make. Seems to me like the only chains you've got are the ones you put on yourself. The bridge will be fine without you for a while. If it isn't, well, I'll help you build a new one. Simple as that."

“Don’t speak about it so casually!” Parsee’s voice affected an exasperated tone that was mixed with a rough growl of frustration, gripping the sides of her head with her bony hands. ’Stop, stop, stop…' The youkai’s fingers covered her ears, shaking her head from side to side while simultaneously clenching her eyes shut. ’Stop it!’ Parsee had reached the point where she could no longer stand the mental bickering, let alone tempt Reimu’s patience any further than she already had. With a huff of air from her lungs, the blonde-haired youkai took another step from her bridge.

Reimu Hakurei wrote:"You can be strong too, if you fight! No reason to just lay in the dirt. Big Sis Reimu will help you stomp 'em flat!"

“That’s easy for you to say. You don’t live in the dirt. You never have. You've never had to fight to survive, and just barely at that. You've never been constantly pushed around, bullied, and treated like the dirt.” Parsee crossed her arms across her chest, grumbling a few unintelligible words as the distance between her and the bridge grew at a considerably quicker pace than before. Reimu’s counseling had worked in a roundabout way, as Parsee was now quite eager to prove the young miko entirely wrong.

’It will be grand…’ Parsee thought to herself, a serpentine grin making itself plainly known on her face, ’To say ‘I told you so.’’

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PostPosted: 24 Jul 2013 20:48
by Reimu Hakurei
Reimu seemed completely oblivious to Parsee's final remarks, already flying off in the direction of Old Hell itself. The red-white zoomed in low and swerving this way and that, drunken flying making her look almost suicidal as she dive bombs various denizens of this curious underworld. Darting this way and that, she poked her nose into everyone's business, being an absolute terror. Fearlessly she led the way for Parsee, chatting with gods and demons as if they were just bothersome neighbors, rather than something to show respect or deference to. Finally, after an interminable length of time she would seem to settle on what she'd been searching for.

"Yes! This is exactly what I need. The right potency, the right fragrance. Getting drunk is an art you know, you shouldn't just settle for any old swill."

Reimu hesitated for a moment, as if debating internally about the wisdom of paying, before she would finally shell out. Tight-fisted Miko. She'd spin on her heels, quickly pouring a cup from the heavy jug. Fat droplets of highly potent sake spilled over the rim, unnoticed by Reimu as she unsteadily held it out for Parsee to take. There wasn't much in the way of argument, the girl would take it and like it.

"Liquid courage, I guess, is what some of the human villagers call it. I think it might make you change your mind about this whole endeavor once you've had some more!"

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PostPosted: 30 Jul 2013 05:41
by Parsee Mizuhashi
Parsee continued her internal monologue that was complemented by a fully mature, smug grin; she hadn't even noticed that Reimu had already taken flight in her quest to acquire more sake in the old city, which prompted yet another protest from the green-eyed girl.

"W-wait a minute! Wait for me!" Parsee would yell at the Red-white's distancing figure before zooming off to join her, grimacing as she took to the air. She hated flying; it felt...foreign to her, and wasn't much use in a cave anyway, so why should she bother? Others could fly much better than her anyhow, so there was no sense in embarrassing herself. Yet here she was, chasing after the miko. The hashihime didn't know which made her more uncomfortable at the given time, returning to the Old City or flying. Her thoughts had caused her to lose focus of the miko, and she stopped her train of thought mid-flight, looking for her companion.

Parsee balked at the raw nerve of the red and white clad girl as she flitted about the streets of the Ancient City half-drunk, erratically diving and weaving through the (minor) crowds of residents, talking to all manners of those that - even in Reimu's company - struck fear in Parsee. Even if she wasn't afraid of them, Parsee tried to make herself scarcely seen, drawing more attention to herself through her awkward attempts to camoflague her presence. This was only exacerbated by Reimu's wandering flight, as she did not seem to have a destination in mind unti she found precisely what she was looking for.

Reimu Hakurei wrote:"Yes! This is exactly what I need. The right potency, the right fragrance. Getting drunk is an art you know, you shouldn't just settle for any old swill."

"Are you..." Parsee shook her head with a mixture of shame and embarrassment, an inner voice telling her not to complete her question. Parsee's eyes did a double-take at the listed price per bottle of the sake Reimu had selected, let alone per dish; there was no way she could afford such a brew, which only stoked her already burning envy - even more so as she watched the miko pay for it so easily. That Reimu would immediately offer the dish to her served as a bellows, fanning the flame into a five-alarm conflagration; Parsee would accept it, begrudgingly, her eyes twinkling with the characteristic green flame that seemed to personify her above all else - just an ember of the inferno in her mind.

Reimu Hakurei wrote:"Liquid courage, I guess, is what some of the human villagers call it. I think it might make you change your mind about this whole endeavor once you've had some more!"

"Liquid courage?" Parsee repeated the words as if they were a mantra, as if by calling it this, the alcohol might have been imbued with magical properties. "Human villagers have a drink that gives them courage?" A stupid question, but one that very neatly summarized her knowledge of the surface world. If that were truly the case, Parsee might have reason to visit the surface as she had no courage to speak of. The bridge youkai wrinkled her nose, a gesture that might have been cute had it been anyone other than Parsee herself; she was no connoisseur of sake, having to go by the reccomendations of the ever-truthful oni. Her thoughts turned to one in particular.

"...Not that it matters, as her dish always makes it taste as though it had aged a thousand years, and never a drop is spilled..." Parsee found that the words tumbled out of her mouth unbidden, staring down at the calmed surface of the sake dish. As (seemingly) always, the green-eyed girl was disgusted by her reflection in the liquid, feeling a bubble of resentment burst in her mind. The star of her sky was missing.

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PostPosted: 06 Aug 2013 16:45
by Reimu Hakurei
Reimu appeared to be ignoring Parsee anytime she complained (which was very nearly every single time she spoke), and addressing her as if they were two friends out for a lark. Because that was clearly what it was, after all! The shrine maiden always seemed to go out of her way to make friends, even if they were the most unlikely or inhospitable sort. Not even Parsee seemed to be spared this grand indignity. No wonder the younger Youkai hated her: She just reminded them of their inferiority and the more powerful ones gained a new playmate.

"Eh, nah, it's just rice wine. But they call it that because it makes you act foolish and forget about what will go horribly wrong when you try something stupid. And isn't that what's important? Getting over that initial fear, so you can just go for it!"

Not that Reimu knew much of anything about fear. Only what others told her about it, no doubt. She'd squint and peer at Parsee, the glazed expression of a drunkard pausing as she considers the almost poetic way Yuugi's sake was described. The shrine maiden was lucid even despite her confused appearance.

"We should go find her, if you can't get your mind off of her! I can really tell it's driving you crazy. I know what it's like to miss someone, though this seems kind of different."

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PostPosted: 10 Aug 2013 03:55
by Parsee Mizuhashi
Parsee considered the sake before her again before tipping the bowl on her lips, imbibing the alcohol for the first time since she had so graciously received it - graciously for her, at least. The taste was enough to make her nose wrinkle, giving a quiet sputter when she finished her draw. The dish was half-empty by now, and Parsee had still not found the golden star that was emblazoned upon the inside of the bowl.

Reimu Hakurei wrote:"Eh, nah, it's just rice wine. But they call it that because it makes you act foolish and forget about what will go horribly wrong when you try something stupid. And isn't that what's important? Getting over that initial fear, so you can just go for it!"

"No, no, no! What if you do something incredibly stupid! Like.. Like. Saying something you shouldn't! Or conf-" Parsee was quick to cut herself off, hoping that the drunken words would be lost among the roar of the jovial oni. In spite of her shameful blush, the bridge youkai finished the dish of sake, attempting to drown her previous words in the alcohol.

Reimu Hakurei wrote:"We should go find her, if you can't get your mind off of her! I can really tell it's driving you crazy. I know what it's like to miss someone, though this seems kind of different."

"Go find her!?" Parsee's eyes glinted to complement the shocked look she gave Reimu. "W-we can't do that... There's no telling where she is, and I'd only spoil whatever it is that she is doing. I mean, she couldn't make it to the bridge, so there's no need to go finding her." The youkai had become anxious to perform an expeditious retreat from this venue, given its near central location in the Ancient City.

"You just think you know everything." Parsee retorted with a snarky voice, laying the dish back down upon a nearby table.

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PostPosted: 15 Aug 2013 02:25
by Yuugi Hoshiguma
There's a raucous laugh coming out of the city and rolling towards the bridge, and anyone who'd spent more than 5 minutes in the Ancient City would know the owner of the voice! Yuugi Hoshiguma, the So-Called Unexplainable Phenomenon, was strolling towards the bridge at an unhurried pace, with a wide grin on her face, clearly in high spirits. As she approached, a quick glance would lead most to assume she's either been fighting, drinking, or partying, prior to coming out to the bridge, and with the oni, who can tell the difference!

"Hoi! Parsee! I thought yeh said meet yeh at the tavern! Thought some of the oni might've kidnapped a stray bridge princess before I got there, so I had some words with'm! Didn't realize they'd be so clever as to hide yeh at yer bridge, though!" Her face slightly red with amusement, before her eyes alighted atop the miko next to her friend, "And the Hakurei girl! I should'a known that the other oni wouldn'na have dared kidnap a friend without yer help!" She chortles, "Although I thank yah for at least providing drinks to yer victim. It's a courteous thing, after all!"

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PostPosted: 17 Aug 2013 17:30
by Reimu Hakurei
Reimu smiled with a wicked avarice at Parsee's comment. The appearance of Yuugi had been a startling one for everyone nearby, but Reimu looked as unflappable as ever. She gestured with one of her long sleeves in the Oni's direction, her voice lilting a little and almost having a saccharine tone to it as she spoke. Most everyone else in the vicinity got real nervous when the Oni arrived, to be sure. Unless it was a party (and sometimes even then) weaker Youkai tended to get the raw end of the deal when Oni showed up. Reimu almost seemed to ignore Parsee entirely, turning to address the tower giantess:

"Why Yuugi, such a pleasant surprise. Parsee and I were just talking about you. I'm sure she's absolutely delighted to have your company this evening, as it's been a rather dreary day. Nothing like a alcoholic maniac to make life more interesting!"

She patted Parsee on the head. Perhaps a little too hard.

"Kidnap her? Of course. She was looking so positively glum that I was doing her a favor. Getting her drunk was step one. Step two was luring her off the bridge...and step three is...right about now!"

With that, the Red-White Miko shot off like a bullet, abandoning Parsee. Right there with Yuugi. In the middle of public. With nowhere to hide. Even some of the other Youkai looked aghast, half-expecting Parsee to simply melt into a puddle of embarrassment on the spot, considering her face right about now.

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PostPosted: 22 Aug 2013 04:20
by Parsee Mizuhashi
That laugh. That laugh haunted her just as the spirits that swirled about her bridge did. It was a jovial sound that she would neither make nor elicit; an ephemeral tone that escaped her register, yet the ringing of it sounded so genuine in this instance. It wasn't until she saw the ripples of the oni's footsteps reverberating in what little sake that remained in her dish that she looked up from the awful liquid.

Parsee Mizuhashi froze at that very instant.

She recognized that voice; hell, anyone who ventured even close to the Ancient City would be able to distinguish it, even with a crowd of youkai. Parsee's green eyes flashed upwards as she looked towards Reimu, her mouth agape as the miko began addressing the oni with the usual neutral attitude - almost as if Yuugi was a common human visiting the Hakurei Shrine. A small flame grew in the mind of the blonde haired youkai. 'Speaking so casually to such a great power...' The thought stoked the ever burning hearth.

Parsee winced as Reimu slapped her upon the head. Once was enough; twice was two too many. Three times was plain insulting to the fuming hashihime. Such patronizing actions only added kindling to the fire, and the revelation of Reimu's overall plan was the analogue of dumping nitroglycerine onto a blaze. Parsee had been played as the broken fiddle she was; her mood quickly soured, fermenting into a volcanic rage.

"Yuugi, you are drunk, aren't you? Been drinking all morning? You were supposed to come to the Bridge, not get drunk and just by some unexplained phenomenon meet me in the middle of town!" Any embarrassment that the green-eyed girl felt had faded into a twisted superiority as she lashed Yuugi with her sharp tongue. "It's not like I had plans or anything." Try as she might, Parsee could not bring herself to insult the oni - it seemed as though the hashihime's presence was insult enough.

"AND you!" Parsee wheeled around to give Reimu an equal share, only to realize that she had since vanished, leaving nothing but dust in her wake. By chance, the gift had pressed against her arm while she turned. The kiseru she had hastily stuffed into her half-sleeve helped to lessen her frustration, but only by a microscopic amount. The bridge youkai huffed, crossing her arms with an angered pout.

"So. You think I'm still going to drink with you, huh?" Parsee remarked in an acrid tone, keeping her back to the thunderous oni.

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PostPosted: 25 Aug 2013 16:38
by Yuugi Hoshiguma
Yuugi had kinda expected that Parsee would be upset about her being late. When the hashihime had said to meet her for drinks, she hadn't considered that she'd meant at the bridge. She'd wait respectfully at the edge of the bridge, and just speak using her indoor voice, since that seems to work for making herself heard over pretty good distances anyhow!

"Now, Parsee, ya know I don't get drunk -that- easy! And when I was lookin' for ya, I got invited to have a drink or two, and it'd be terrible rude to turn down, so..." She'd trail off a little, surprised by the fire Parsee's showing, and judging by the glint in her eye, resisting the usual oni temptation to meet a challenge of any sort and smash it aside.

"Parsee, I know yer prob'ly a lil' mad right now, and I can understand why. And I shouldn' expect ya to wanna drink with me now, since the booze is all gone. Damn, that was a good brew, too. I can smell it from here." While she'd certainly had better and worse than that particular label, Yuugi was also aware that a little complimenting never went amiss when you upset someone. Compliments or beatings, depending how much ya like them.

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PostPosted: 31 Aug 2013 08:24
by Parsee Mizuhashi
Parsee sighed in exasperation, accentuating this by throwing her hands up in an expression of the same emotion. Despite all her efforts and reminders, some of which were more thoughtful than others, the day's plans had still been ruined. Well, semi-ruined. The hashihime stood there as Yuugi addressed her, turning around to face the towering oni with a genuine pout and crossed arms. That voice she talked to her in. It made her envious - whether it was the sheer volume or the tone that Yuugi applied would not be known. Perhaps it was both, or even neither or the two. What could be said for certain is that it fueled her annoyance by stoking the long heated coals of envy that constantly burned in her mind.

"Y-You bet I'm mad! Going for drinks and not inviting me! R-rude. An-and then...that Shrine Maiden drank all the gift I had for you..." Parsee stammered; she knew the risks of challenging an Oni in any sort of battle (especially a shouting match), and had the personal experience to substantiate these fears. Tears welled at the corners of her eyes, causing her to rub at them with her puffy sleeves. "Y-You...I went and got it for you. E-Even left my bridge and woke up early." The skin of the bridge youkai's chin quivered as she tried everything in her power to keep the dam from bursting.

"...Wh-why do you do this to me, Y-Yuugi?" Parsee sniffled, having now fallen from rage into an ambivalent mixture of inward and outward rage as she considered the possibilities from earlier today of not having followed the miko. She was nothing but trouble, that one, and she will always be regarded as such. "A-Am I..." The words stuck in her throat as they had before as the fear of the oni's honesty paralyzed her.

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PostPosted: 04 Sep 2013 01:20
by Yuugi Hoshiguma
Yuugi seemed taken aback by the accusation that she had gone for drinks and not invited Parsee along, seeing as the bridge princess was the one who'd invited her, afterall! As Parsee ranted and raged at her, the oni stood there, silent and sturdy, not showing the slightest hint of movement or intent to interrupt Parsee. She knew the girl needed to vent, and she knew that as much as it might satisfy a part of her to step up and backhand Parsee right up to the surface, it was a bad play to make.

After letting Parsee wind herself down, Yuugi's shift her stance slightly, taking a half step onto the bridge, still respectfully keeping her foot just off of it until she recieved some indication that Parsee was okay with her approach, and replied somewhat more quietly, albiet with that same forceful voice she always had, "Parsee, ya know that I'm not a liar, and ya know I'd never intentionally turn down the chance to drink with a friend. Besides, seems to me ya let the miko do at least as much drinkin' as ya mighta expected me to do!" She'd chortle at that, having a grudging respect for the Hakurei girl's sheer lack of fear towards beings that would crush her without batting an eye. "I caught some've what Hakurei told ya, though. She's right. Sometimes ya just gotta hurl all concerns behind ya, and soar howlin' to the moon, and don't let no miko, oni, or goddess tell ya otherwise. Hells, girl, it was a shock to me when I heard ya were out buying drinks for us. So, why don't we head out, get another couple drinks, and ave some fun?" She'd suggest, and waited to see if Parsee would carpe diem, as they say.

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PostPosted: 07 Sep 2013 07:43
by Parsee Mizuhashi
Parsee stood, sniveling and whimpering quietly as Yuugi rebuffed her entirely; it was no secret that the blonde hashihime was ruled by her tempest-tossed emotions, moreso now that she was partially inebriated; she made no motions to restrict Yuugi's advance on her bridge, pawing at her eyes with the tear-stained gauntlets. Any semblance of anger with the Oni had since run out, flaring in that one bright flame that too quickly expended its fuel. Her skinny knees buckled under the crushing emotional weight, caving in shortly afterwards as she fell onto them, sitting in a modified seiza posture.

"Cast aside concerns? I envy those who can live for the day, or another." Parsee would remark, an all-too-familiar tone of self-loathing coating her words. "I'm not strong like that. I couldn't even stop that miko from swindling me into letting her drink what I bought for you, Yuugi." Desperation cut into her voice. "... I guess I can understand why you would accept an offer. I don't blame you, really."

Another offer tantalized the fuming ashes of hope that she hadn't smothered; Parsee looked up, her tear-swollen eyes widening as far as they could in surprise. Even though she had, in her mind, wasted such a special brew upon that Miko, Yuugi wasn't upset? It was enough to breath life into that dying speck, but she shielded it protectively, not willing to allow it to face the harsh wind just yet.

"I...I..." Parsee stammered, her face affecting a reddish hue that was half-caused by the alcohol still coursing in her veins, "...I spent all that I could on that bottle..."

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PostPosted: 10 Sep 2013 22:48
by Yuugi Hoshiguma
Yuugi'd scowl as her friend would start to collapse back into that ever-lurking singularity of self loathing, and would come towards her, taking a knee nearby, "Parsee, ya know I love ya like a sister, and I'd never hurt ya unless ya picked a fight, with me. She'd wrap an arm around the hashihime, "B'sides, today wasn't gonna be about that bottle there. It was just an excuse for me to get away from the city and spend a few hours with a close friend.[/size]

Yuugi'd sigh, and try to help Parsee to her feet, rather gently for an oni her size, and make her stand straight, Now! What do you think we should do with the rest of the day. Or night. Or whatever time it is up on the surface! Just because the miko was being her usual crude self doesn't mean we need to consider the day spoiled! She'd declare with a laugh, giving Parsee a swat on the back, and trying to rekindle her spirits!

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PostPosted: 14 Sep 2013 03:45
by Parsee Mizuhashi
In that moment, the oni's arm did more for the green-eyed girl than her words (or anyone's words for that matter) would have accomplished in a thousand years; It was the same effect of a warm blanket on a cold night, or the refreshing breeze over a sweaty brow. With a sniffle, Parsee would look up at Yuugi, looking as a child who had been crying over her favorite toy having been broken yet still retained the hope that it could be -- no -- would be repaired. When coupled with the words the oni spoke, the tiny speck grew just a touch bigger.

Parsee nodded silently, her voice catching in her throat every time she attempted to speak; perhaps it was better for her not to say anything; she might could ruin whatever happenings could occur if she did. Yuugi lifted her quite gently (even for an Oni), and she took standing once more. Her legs were still a little shaky as they worked to support the rest of her gaunt figure, but she remained standing all the same, even managing a weak smile as her back arched from Yuugi's affectionate pat.

"First..." One word escaped her lips, the rest of the sounds being mixtures of quiet sniffles and softer breaths. She'd take a step or two towards the railing as she withdrew the fancy kiseru from her sleeve, eyeing it with a mix of regret and annoyance. Plucking it from where it , the blonde-haired girl drew it back in her right hand, quickly propelling the damnedable thing of the edge of her bridge and into the blue waters that ran beneath the bridge, waiting to hear the impact of the pipe in the water.

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PostPosted: 24 Sep 2013 00:06
by Yuugi Hoshiguma
While she might not be showing it outwardly, Yuugi was mentally holding her breath, knowing just how fickle the hashihime can be emotionally, and as she felt the girl standing, and start to collect herself once more, she just watched, a faint smile breaking into a broad grin as Parsee picked up the miko's kiseru, and then hurled it over the bridge, before giving a riotously pleased laugh.

"Hah! That's the spirit, Paru! And if that annoying red-white comes looking for it, tell her to go soak her head too, eh?" Yuugi would suggest, chortling.

After taking a second to compose herself once more, the oni'd turn to face Parsee, and give her shoulder a squeeze, "So, vengeance on the Hakurei girl was first. What's second, Paru?"