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Re: [Open to Chireiden, Others Ask] Glorious Star

Postby Rin Kaenbyou » 10 Aug 2013 11:19

The delicate intricacies of proper tea etiquette were lost to the kasha, but she managed string together enough of what she had seen to attend to her mistress’s needs and provide a cordial if somewhat informal reception to their guest. There was often little cause to stand on ceremony at Chireiden and Orin knew that, unlike other masters, the satori maiden was less concerned about pompous and ostentatious displays. All the trivial rituals and posturing were of little importance when one is sitting before the penetrating third eye of the elder Komeiji sister at the threshold of one of the eight Greater Hells.

Well, a Former Hell... but not that Orin would ever admit it. And despite the foolishness of it all, Orin was determined to prove to Meiling that she, her master, and her sisters were just as sophisticated as the surfacers. It took one impertinent, fledgling raven to lay waste to the kasha’s efforts. Orin contended against the two hungry hellravens to maintain at least the semblance of decorum, but her efforts were to little avail as Fuu devoured a sizable piece of the cake. She divvied out a portion for Satori and Meiling, before offering a tempting plate of several pastries to Okuu.

Moving to attend to her master and guest, the kasha righted the Meiling’s cup on its saucer and filled it with the fragrant tea before doing the same for Satori. A quick count of the cup proved that there were enough to serve the entire company. The amber liquid shifted but did not spill as the kasha pushed it towards the other redhead before placing down a small plate laden a small pile of cubed sugar and a few slices of lemon. There was also a tiny pitcher of cold cream, a particular rarity at the edge of hell itself. She leaned over as she placed the plate and pitcher down, the pendant smoldering like an ember from a fire. Every one of the Orin’s motions drew attention to the stone. But while she dismissed the ravens’ covetous fixations on the trinket, she scrutinized Meiling with an intense focus hidden behind cryptic smile.

‘What could be so important that she wants this so badly... I mean, it’s pretty an’ all Sis, but it isn’t like it is anything terribly profound. I wonder what she’d give to have it.’

It started off low, like the muted rumble of an incoming tide. The jewel called to Meiling. The closer it was, the more that it seemed to thrum with a quickening beat that drummed out all other noise. The brilliant flash of the gem pulsed in time to the dull noise that only Meiling could hear. It was within the gate guardian’s reach. all she had to do was reach out and take it for her own... there wouldn’t be anyone who would deny that it was hers. It should be hers... It was meant to be hers... its beauty was wasted on a dull animal and its wisdom was squandered falling on the kasha’s deaf ears.

“She came all this way, it would be a shame if she were to leave...” Orin put her hand to her cheek, smirking. “dissatisfied.”
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Re: [Open to Chireiden, Others Ask] Glorious Star

Postby Hong Meiling » 17 Aug 2013 03:02

“The name’s Komeiji Satori, the one who asked permission to venture to the Library recently.”

That was right. Hong Meiling could remember a decent number of visitors had arrived on the same day. "My apologies. I am usually not so flustered that I would forget a name." It was kind of embarrassing, but it was too late to worry. The food was arriving, but Meiling remained in her seat as the ravens seemed to eye the food cart eagerly. The smaller run rushed over and began going wild with the food. It convinced the gate guard that this one was indeed younger.

However, it was the hellcat, not the birds, that still had the focus of the Chinese girl. Even more so than her mistress, for it was the cat who was proudly showing off that necklace. That giant gemstone. The entire reason for this trip. The way she moved seemed to emphasize the fact that SHE had it. If only Meiling had arrived earlier...No, there was no point in talking what ifs. She needed to focus on the now.

The kasha was handing her a saucer. It seemed she had expected this reaction from the ravens and had prepared. Meiling gave her a smile, in spite of the anxiety gripping her inside. "Thank you~" Meiling took a sip. A little too bitter for me, but it is better than I would have expected. It helped relax her nerves. Only a little. But enough. She ran her hand through her red hair, trying to think of what to say to convince Satori of the importance while the ravens engaged in their antics. She couldn't get a good read on this one. There was something about her that was unsettling. Meiling tried to make sure to make eye contact whenever appropriate.

”I see. Unfortunately the same pendant now belongs to another. I trust that you have some kind of counter offer for the item?”

"C-Counter offer...?"

“She came all this way, it would be a shame if she were to leave...dissatisfied."

"Mm..." Meiling took another sip of her tea. She knew what she wanted. She wanted that necklace. She had hoped it wouldn't become so difficult, but how could she have prepared a counter offer? She didn't even know that it would be sold this morning! The gate guard took a deep breath. She would tell them some more of the truth, hoping that it would be enough to satisfy them. Down here, so far away from the Scarlet Devil Mansion, she felt at a disadvantage.

"I have reason to believe that the pendant you have in your possession is of dragon lineage. I have a strong interest in anything related to dragons. It's...It's important to me. I don't have much to offer, but if I have anything that you would be interested in...make your request."
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Re: [Open to Chireiden, Others Ask] Glorious Star

Postby Satori Komeiji » 03 Sep 2013 16:26

Satori took her focus from the gate-guard for a moment to place her eyes at the beverage and a piece of the cake her pet has brought to her attention. She never expected the kasha to follow the (in her own opinion, quite stifling) customs of ‘polite society’, they live in what once constitute as Hell for the Yama’s sakes, so Orin’s polite and cordial demeanor comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise even if Satori herself implied that’s the preferred course of action. Perhaps she’ll have to trust her pets more in the context of social situations.

Well…perhaps not Fuu, but she’s still young by Hell Ravens’ standards. In contrast Okuu has been behaving admirably reserved at this situation. The older raven’s self-control’s developing for sure, which is good for her stress level in general.

Satori observes Meiling sipping the beverage that Orin served her while sipping the same with hers. It’s bitter with a slight hint of sweetness, just like the way she likes it. She appreciates the kasha’s gesture, but evidently it’s not quite the gate-guard’s taste.

”Is it too bitter for you? We also have a lot of seasonings available to add more of a taste.” Of course, for Meiling there’s no telling what these seasonings even are, but there should be a few possibilities.

Listening to Meiling’s rhetoric about what the necklace really is have been quite entertaining, even for Satori. It has been a long time for the elder Komeiji that she has seen one of the dragons, and to have something that might have belonged to them within arm’s reach isn’t quite everyday occurrence that’s for sure. While Satori has no reason to withhold the item from Meiling, she won’t tell the kasha to just hand it over to Meiling without fuss. In her perspective the item is Orin’s, and she won’t do anything to change that fact unless the kasha agreed to whatever deal’s going to happen.

”How important is it?” Satori said it matter-of-factly, ”Say, perhaps enough for you to leave your current allegiance? She paused for a moment to let those words sink in before continuing, ”Regardless, I don’t think the final decision would require my word in the end.”

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