[Open] Border of Waterfall Reverie

Locations: Moriya Shrine, Tengu Village, Kappa Village, Giant Toad's Pond, The Waterfall
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Youkai Mountain is easily the most massive mountain that can be found in Gensokyo. The mountain is so large that the beings inhabiting it seem to be largely segregated. At the base of the mountain live the peaceful Kappa, an semi-aquatic race with a fondness of engineering and architecture. Further up the mountain, one can find the airborne Tengu, who live in a village near the incredible waterfall. However, the most notable structure that can be found on the youkai mountain lies at the very top. Relatively new to Gensokyo, the Moriya Shrine simply appeared one day along with a sizeable lake. This shrine is home to the Goddesses of snake and frog, Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya. Suwako, the original goddess of the shrine, has recently been lying dormant while Kanako roams free, a result of Kanako subverting her in battle. The keeper of the shrine is a girl named Sanae Kotiya. Sanae serves a similar role to Reimu Hakurei, and in fact attempted to establish the Moriya Shrine as the dominant place of worship in Gensokyo before being stopped by Reimu and Marisa. Both the Kappa and Tengu, however, to seem to be starting to recognize the sovergnity of the Moriya Shrine.

Re: [Open] Border of Waterfall Reverie

Postby Youmu Konpaku » 29 Aug 2013 03:13

Youmu can only nod at Momiji's remark and add in a quiet voice. "Uh .. yes. Aya just .. umm .. does a act a lot without waiting on others."

The sudden attention on her blades makes the young sword user blush a little and she gives the white wolf tengu a timid nod in return. "Umm .. yes. I do use swords." This is not her home nor an incident to resolve and so the diligent gardener is a bit embarrassed, but the interest quickly makes her perk up a bit and her blue eyes light up a little. "Umm .. I'm not fully human though and inherited these from my grandfather. I did learn how to fight spellcard battles with them." The offer of a spar is quite exciting actually and the half ghost quickyl accepts with a mixture of slightly shy eagerness. "Umm .. I w-would like to spar with you sometime, Inubashiri-san." I hope she is nice.

The silver haired sword user watches Aya's makeshift tea preparations with a bit of curiosity. It's not ceremonial at all and looks hasty. So very different from how she had been taught to prepare tea. Hopefully it tastes good. There is quite a bit Aya seems to have forgotten, but Youmu is too timid to speak up. Uh .. will there be any wagashi? Where will we put our cups? No whisking and no powder but whole leaves? What kind of tea is this? A bit of confusion shows on her face for a moment, but it quickly gives way to some embarrassment.

"Umm .. yes. I have trained really hard to make my blade strikes very fast. With nothing much to train on I kind of combined my sword technique with the way I take care of the cherry tree orchards in Hakugyokurou. I don't usually cut people during a spellcard battle, but .. umm .. a real spar might be different, because I haven't had one for a long time now." .. just make sure to not hold something in your hands that I have to cut at all costs. Like a camera with .. unbidden pictures. With that thought the little girl gives a quick glance to the side at Aya.
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Re: [Open] Border of Waterfall Reverie

Postby Momiji Inubashiri » 14 Sep 2013 19:07

“Oh? You’re not fully human? Then what are you?” Momiji inquired, her curiosity raised by the young girl’s words. “Well, whenever you want to spar, come by the mountain and wait around nearby until you can flag down a patrol – tell them you want to speak with Sergeant Momiji Inubashiri and they should come get me – or at least take me a message. There is the chance they might attack you, though… Don’t feel too bad about thrashing them if they do – as long as you’re not charging up the mountain and making yourself out as being obviously an intruder, protocol dictates that we are to attempt to negotiate before attacking.”

Taking note of Aya’s words, the guardswoman listened to the young girl’s elaboration before replying, “That’s an interesting thing to do. You must have developed a very steady hand doing so. It sounds like it’ll be a pleasure to fight you, especially if you’re as fast as Aya says. Not many can match the speed of the tengu, so it’ll be nice to not have to slow myself down for once. You’ve got me excited for this duel, Youmu.” As she let out a relaxed sigh, a rare smile crept onto Momiji’s face.

Finding herself a bit thirsty, the white wolf looked over her shoulder and called, “How’s the tea coming, Aya?”
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