[AskFirst] Pilgrimage of 1000 Years ~ Better Late than Never

Locations: Moriya Shrine, Tengu Village, Kappa Village, Giant Toad's Pond, The Waterfall
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Youkai Mountain is easily the most massive mountain that can be found in Gensokyo. The mountain is so large that the beings inhabiting it seem to be largely segregated. At the base of the mountain live the peaceful Kappa, an semi-aquatic race with a fondness of engineering and architecture. Further up the mountain, one can find the airborne Tengu, who live in a village near the incredible waterfall. However, the most notable structure that can be found on the youkai mountain lies at the very top. Relatively new to Gensokyo, the Moriya Shrine simply appeared one day along with a sizeable lake. This shrine is home to the Goddesses of snake and frog, Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya. Suwako, the original goddess of the shrine, has recently been lying dormant while Kanako roams free, a result of Kanako subverting her in battle. The keeper of the shrine is a girl named Sanae Kotiya. Sanae serves a similar role to Reimu Hakurei, and in fact attempted to establish the Moriya Shrine as the dominant place of worship in Gensokyo before being stopped by Reimu and Marisa. Both the Kappa and Tengu, however, to seem to be starting to recognize the sovergnity of the Moriya Shrine.

Re: [AskFirst] Pilgrimage of 1000 Years ~ Better Late than N

Postby Shizuha Aki » 21 Sep 2013 03:06

Shizuha chuckled at Keine's thought. "If there is, then it'll probably remain undiscovered until they stick their noses into it. It's like those two are a giant spoon stirring the pot that is Gensokyo, and we get stirred and mixed together by them."

Then, to Mokou, she replied, "That is... an incredibly difficult question. One of my first memories as a goddess is the shock of finding out that humans and other youkai didn't embody nature in some way. And I don't want to do the whole 'like explaining color to a blind man' cliche." She sighed. "Look, you two most likely have magical powers of some kind, right? Just... imagine that instead of feeling at one with whatever your powers embody, being one with the trees, being able to hear their voices in the rustling of leaves."

She gave a rueful laugh. "That was a terrible explanation. That's probably why Keine's the teacher and I'm not."
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Re: [AskFirst] Pilgrimage of 1000 Years ~ Better Late than N

Postby Fujiwara no Mokou » 23 Sep 2013 19:04

Shizuha's insight seemed quite reasonable. Mokou herself had not met many people in Gensokyo before that night when Kaguya's troublesome assassins, Reimu and Marisa among them, came to attack her. Since then it seemed that her life had become crowded indeed--even though, by normal reckoning, she was still a rather solitary person.

After the goddess' explanation, Mokou reflexively looked down at her palm, spreading her fingers a little. "Fire," she said, as much to herself as Shizuha. "The power is as much a part of me as any part of my body, I suppose. It's hard to imagine something so peaceful as the voices of trees," she said with rueful little laugh. "It's not much company though. Is it lonely, at your shrine? It doesn't seem to see many visitors."

She thought only after she said the last part that she realized that the number of people coming to pray at the shrine, if it indeed were few, might be something of a soft spot. She regretted being so tactless in her wording, and a certain self-consciousness came over her that Keine would certainly notice, but others could easily mistake for no different than her usual blank expression. She said nothing about it, hoping her thoughtlessness would not be noticed, and worrying that calling attention to it would only make the situation more awkward. She could be so dumb sometimes, the immortal chastised herself. She wasn't a barbarian... anymore.

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