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[Ask First] A quiet evening? I THINK NOT!

PostPosted: 16 Aug 2013 18:32
by Remilia Scarlet
Many of the people in Gensokyo saw the head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion as a monster, a terrifying creature who'd clawed her way from legends and come into their midst. While there were also no shortage of those who seemed to consider her home some sort of amusement park, her reputation kept the majority of people from venturing too closely to her home.

While there was some truth to this, those who actually knew Remilia well knew she was more concerned with appearances then anything else. This was a reputation she had worked hard to obtain, and just as hard to maintain. That fear let her live her life in peace while having a semblance of respect from the people of Gensokyo. While at times it might be a bit boring, it was better then the alternative. Uncontrolled chaos had no place in HER home. She had spent centuries building her power and wealth to the level it was at now, after all, she wasn't going to see that ruined or disrespected.

And yet no one who saw her as she was at the moment would find her to be something to fear. While surrounded in the walls of her mansion she had no reason to try and maintain her image. Everyone around her already respected her, as the mansion's mistress. She did not need to put on a front to maintain that respect. Each of the people in the mansion had their own reason for staying there, but Remilia was the one that made it all possible.

The vampire was in her private chambers at the moment. Despite what one might think, the room was not a dark, terrifying place. It was predominantly red in color, as befit the name of the one who lived there. Large crimson curtains normally cover the windows, but are left open this evening to let some air in. The center of the room is dominated by a red curtained canopy bed which is clearly far larger then the vampire needs. Next to this is a desk and it is there that the vampire is sitting now. She is entertaining herself with two things. A book and a plate of delicious cookies. There would be no other kind of cookie coming out of her kitchen. Nestled in her room with snacks and a book she looks less like a monster and more just like a normal kid. Just a kid with wings.

Re: [Ask First] A quiet evening? I THINK NOT!

PostPosted: 17 Aug 2013 16:54
by Patchouli Knowledge
Though Remilia was spending a quiet, peaceful moment in her own private chambers, the Scarlet Devil was not alone. There in the room with her was one of her closest companions in the mansion, the youkai magician with mastery over the elements of nature and a vast repository of learning. Her reputation was not as widespread or fearsome as that of Remilia's, but nevertheless, it defined her purpose within the household and complemented the formidable appearance that her good friend liked to maintain.

Normally, Patchouli might have been deeply absorbed in her research into magic or providing some kind of advice or insight for Remilia, but for tonight, that was not the case. With no one from outside the mansion bothering either of them at that moment, the magician herself was also in a relaxed state. Sitting on a corner of Remilia's desk, a slice of three-layer black forest chocolate cake right by her side, Patchouli was also reading a book of her own. Not one of her magical grimoires, but rather, a lengthy novel from nearly a century ago. She was already somewhere in the middle, with a bookmark's ribbon marking where she had started reading just then.

After finishing a chapter, Patchouli lowered her book and lifted her reading glasses up to her forehead. She picks up the plate which carried her slice of cake, then uses a fork to delicately place some of the cake in her mouth. After swallowing the morsel, the magician glances over to Remilia, her amethyst-colored eyes trying to see what the vampire was now doing. "What page are you now on?" she asks.

Re: [Ask First] A quiet evening? I THINK NOT!

PostPosted: 17 Aug 2013 19:31
by Koishi Komeiji
Again Koishi wandered the strange, endless hallways of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It was a place she rather liked to visit while on the surface. It had many confusing rooms and hallways and always an empty bed or floor to sleep on if night fell before she could get home. Always extra food that she could sneak off with if she hadn't eaten that day. It even contained a good bit of fun, the fairies always eager for the distraction she provided… Well some of them, anyway. The others were spooked by her and would fly into a panic, shooting danmaku everywhere. Then again, danmaku was a good pastime. It was merely the fact that fairies did not make good opponents.

But as much as she enjoyed the size and scope of the mansion, it was easy to get lost. This visit was no exception. She had climbed some stairs and walked in a loop, turning in a circle… She wanted to find the kitchen. She was hungry. That was why she had come here in the first place. She had not eaten for almost a day now and her stomach was starting to get very cross with her. She knew that if she could just get to the kitchen that the nice fairies there would give her some leftover cookies or cakes. The mansion always had those in abundance. Maybe she could bring some back home if there were enough.

She was getting nowhere fast though. It seemed almost as if both the kitchen and the staircase she had climbed had vanished… Or maybe she just got turned around again. Regardless, if she could find a window, maybe she could enter the front and try again. This wouldn't have been the first time the mansion's labyrinth like properties had made her restart.

Picking a random door she peeked inside, her gaze landing quickly on a large dish of cookies and cakes sitting on the edge of a desk. Disregarding the vampire and magician sitting nearby, Koishi walked in, picked up the plate of cookies and moved to the bed's side, plopping down on the soft covers with a dull sound. She would have liked that slice of cake, but she was always scolded for taking things out of people's hands. So, she was content to enjoy her ill-gotten treat, dropping her obfuscating cloak as she began to eat.

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PostPosted: 24 Aug 2013 01:24
by Remilia Scarlet
It wasn't that often that the vampire and the magician spent their evenings together like this. Remilia did not mind doing so with a book in her hands. While she did not surround herself with them as the magician did, Remilia had spent a lot of time with books, and a large portion of the non-magical books in the library made up her own personal collection. Of course the non-magical books in the library made up only a small portion of the library's contents, but even if one were to just count those particular books, they would still be unlikely to find anyplace else in Gensokyo with a larger collection. This might have something to do with the fact that few others cared enough to collect, but that fact also made it easier for Remilia to improve her own collection. Less competition!

The book she had selected for this evening was just one of the many she had yet to read. Even after all these years it was not difficult to find something new. She had been a little surprised when Patchouli had wished to read with her, as her friend only infrequently left the library, but it was a pleasant surprise. And so, the two had been spending the evening in near silence. It was not until the magician speaks that Remilia looks up.

"Hmm? I am on page 377. Funny, I didn't think I was going to get into it, but it is surprisingly well written. Perhaps you should take it when I am done. It is a story about a young noblewoman in London. The author did plenty of research, I recognize a lot of the references they are making."

Those cookies are not leftover cookies. No, they were prepared specifically for Remilia herself. Any that she did not wish to eat would go to the faeries, but not until she had her fill. Thus, the little intruder would certainly find them to be of a higher quality then she might be used to. However, it also comes with the catch of attracting attention from Remilia herself! Her little hand absently reaches for her plate, a plate that is not there any longer. Her hand touches the empty space which should be holding her cookies just as a sound comes from her bed.

The girl there is only vaguely familiar. Remilia has had little reason to interact with the underground youkai in the past. So she isn't sure what to expect from the intruder. She certainly doesn't look as if she were here to do any harm, though it is difficult to not think of her cookies being stolen as harm! "..You are, perhaps, not aware that you are in someone's private chambers?" Remilia doesn't stir from her seat just yet. Perhaps she'll be lucky and this intruder will actually be nice for a change.

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PostPosted: 24 Aug 2013 08:51
by Patchouli Knowledge
Patchouli nodded her head at Remilia's reply. She knew what was on page 377, she had read that book before. It was exactly as her friend had said, the first time she had read it, she didn't think she would be interested, but it slowly drew her in.

Before the magician could reply back to her friend's offer however, she suddenly became aware of a third presence in Remilia's bedroom. From Patchouli's perspective, she was a bit surprised. There was exactly one person in the Scarlet Devil Mansion who was capable of suddenly appearing like that, but when she turned to look, Patchouli soon discovered that it wasn't her friend's maidservant.

One eyebrow curiously raised while she set her platter of cake down, the Unmoving Great Library examined the visitor. She seemed well-dressed enough, as many in Gensokyo were, in a nice hat, yellow-orange blouse and green skirt. What stood out were the veins and closed third eye. "Ahh, I think I know who this is. Or at least what this is." she says to Remilia. "Not too long ago, someone like her visited my library and wanted to read some of my books, looked almost like her, but a bit older and with pink hair."

The wizard looked to the underground youkai again. "Do you by chance know what I'm thinking about right now? Perhaps you also know who I was referring to?" To test whether this newcomer could read minds like Satori, Patchouli then consciously began to think of something completely unrelated to the current situation, which was what she had for tea earlier that day. It was blackcurrant tea with gingersnap cookies.

Re: [Ask First] A quiet evening? I THINK NOT!

PostPosted: 24 Aug 2013 12:24
by Koishi Komeiji
They were good. And not just kind of good or pretty good. These cookies were good! Slightly soft with a bit of substance to them, they seemed to contain finely chopped oats with a bit of molasses and sweetened berry fragments. The bottoms were coated in dark, slightly bitter chocolate. Suddenly ravenous, Koishi popped two into her mouth at once, several crumbs falling onto her lap and the bedspread, while others still slipped off and rolled onto the floor. She was oblivious though, for the most part, reaching for a third as she chewed merrily.

"..You are, perhaps, not aware that you are in someone's private chambers?"

A voice! Koishi blinked and looked around, still chewing, eyes settling on Remilia as if seeing her for the first time. She tilted her head one way, then the other, swallowing as she looked down at the plate, and back up. "I got lost... I was looking for the stairs to go back down." A pause... A sudden bright smile spreading across her features. She hopped to her feet, holding the plate out to Remilia. "I found these cookies though! Take one! They're really good! They roll and slide and then crackle! The best I've ever tasted!"

"Do you by chance know what I'm thinking about right now? Perhaps you also know who I was referring to?"

Her expectant, jittery state was cut short as she was addressed once more, the little youkai's expression becoming once again inquisitive as she looked up, blinking at the purple clad magician. "I can't read minds anymore." She reached up with one hand, gently touching her third eye. "It's broken. Now I can do other things. Sis can read minds though. Do you know her? She's really nice and a lot of fun. I hope we can go on a picnic soon. Above ground this time. The real sun is much better than the fake ones we have. It's much bigger and warmer and brighter!"

It seemed she had completely forgotten about the plate of cookies she was holding, making wide gestures with her arms and causing the confections to slide around. None of them had fallen, however, but with the way she was behaving it was just a matter of time.

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PostPosted: 05 Sep 2013 06:08
by Remilia Scarlet
Remilia, to her credit, manages to come across as completely unconcerned. Not everyone who has found their way into her house has in search of monetary gain or glory. Some were simply curious. Occasionally some might even be lonely. Those were treated a little better then the rude visitors that frequently called upon her. And while this girl had snatched her cookies away, if that was all she did it would be something forgivable. It was annoying, to say the least. Those were HER cookies! But she was not going to start a war in her own bedchambers over a few sweets. If it came down it, Sakuya would just make more and probably be happy to do so.

Remilia opens a drawer on her desk, removing a small thin piece of black leather which she uses to mark the place in her book before standing. She keeps her arms folded behind her, approaching the underground youkai with a calm expression on her face. This girl seems quite innocent, perhaps even simple minded. That didn't mean she couldn't be a danger. It wouldn't take a lot of power to damage some of the delicate things in her room. She was already getting crumbs on her bed, though obviously that would be easier to clean then a shattered desk.

"It is considered polite to ask before entering someone's home, more so before entering their room." Though she was no bigger then the other girl, Remilia still lectured her as one would a child. "And you did not find those cookies, they were on my desk. I was rather enjoying them." Though she is lecturing the girl, she is also listening. Her eye was broken? And if it wasn't, she would be able to read minds? That is important information to know, particularly the part about how her sister did not have that limitation. That would be useful to know if and when she met her face to face. "I am afraid I don't know your sister, though. How about you, Patchouli? You seem to know something. Is she related to the one you told me about before, perhaps?" Remilia had not gone underground any more then Patchouli herself did, but the sorceress at least had taken part in that little excursion in some manner.

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PostPosted: 13 Sep 2013 14:13
by Patchouli Knowledge
Patchouli patiently waited for Koishi's response to her query, making sure to keep the mental image of blackcurrant tea and gingersnap cookies somewhere in her conscious thoughts even while she listened to the underground youkai praising the cookies that Remilia was eating.

When the mansion librarian was finally replied to, she calmly nods her head at Koishi in return. "Hm, I see..." She murmurs those words to herself, then addressed both Remilia and Koishi in a more audible, conversational tone of voice. "Let us assume for a moment that the one I know is in fact the sister of our visitor here. The sister's name is Satori, Satori Komeiji. She can read minds, presumably because of the third eye she possesses."

"As I mentioned earlier, Satori came to visit me and was interested in reading part of my collection in the library. Namely about psychology." Patchouli nodded approvingly as she went on, "She was quite dignified in her bearing and very polite, if a bit straightforward in her manner. I rather enjoyed her visit."

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PostPosted: 24 Sep 2013 21:31
by Koishi Komeiji
There was a short silence, Koishi leaping up and crossing the room in several strides, holding the plate of cookies out toward Remila, the dish of confections now hovering several inches in front of Remilia's nose. Needless to say, the little youkai was now very much invading the vampire's peronal space.

"I enjoy them too! They're so good! Here!" Almost as quickly she set the plate down in Remilia's lap. "I never had to ask to come in before. I like coming here! Every week! The fairies are fun and nice and the maid was nervous around me for awhile and got all black and sticky but now she's more gentle. If I ask nicely she gives me some extra food because I haven't eaten yet today! And I didn't know this was your room! I smelled something good and I followed my nose!"

Certainly a chatterbox, this one. At first it seemed that she had completely ignored the magician's comments but several seconds later she turned quickly toward Patchouli, eyes alight. "Wah! You do know sis! She is a very nice person and the best sister ever! Sometimes the nice maid has extra sweets she lets me take home so we can eat them together. She does so much for me I wish I could do more for her..." To Remilia again. "Do you have any ideas of things I could bring home miss? You seem like you would be full of good ideas!"