[PoST - Round 2] Mononobe no Futo vs. Rin Kaenbyou

Locations of interest: Ruined Western Mansion, Scarlet Devil Mansion
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The river that flows down the Youkai Mountain drains into this lake. The poor visibility over the lake and the surrounding forests makes it appear to be very large, although one can easily walk around it. It is inhabited by behemothic fish.

Located on a ridge near the lake is the Scarlet Devil Mansion. A grand building of European styling, with few windows, an extensive basement, and an interior warped and enlarged through magical means. The clock tower houses a turret clock that only tolls at night.

Also nearby is the former Prismriver mansion. Once the home of the aristocratic Prismriver family, it now lies ruined and forgotten save by the three poltergeist sisters that remain.

Re: [PoST - Round 2] Mononobe no Futo vs. Rin Kaenbyou

Postby Rin Kaenbyou » 17 Aug 2013 10:18

Orin stood astride the immortal’s vessel and was feeling quite pleased with herself, though she wasn’t about to be as foolish as to relent in her attack to spend time gloating, or Eight Hells forbid, monologuing. That would just open the door for disaster... well, more disaster and invite certain doom. She was satisfied flashing as smug grin as with a sweep of her arm, more vengeful souls descended upon the struggling silver haired girl. Orin paid no mind to the drift of the vessel and completely overlooked the subtle hand that guided the boat into the center of the taoist’s trap.

So it came as a complete surprise to her as the vessel took off, taking her with it like a bat cat out of hell. The heavy folds of her dress rippled and fluttered like a tempest tossed green flag as as she clung to the vessel with all of her might as it launched upon the earthen ramp. The water of the lake erupted in tremendous cataract from the brutal impact of the ship against its surface, scattered a plume of water in all directions.

Mononobe no Futo wrote:"Last Word... Inferno Reformation!"

Orin had just managed to scramble back to her feet when Futo declared what was to be the final spellcard of the match. The kasha’s eyes widened in terror as she saw the rising flames of the toaist’s final word wash over the onryou.The material forms of the dead distended into new swollen grotesqueries as raw power of the hermit’s spell pushed them beyond the critical point. Orin threw her left hand out in front of her, pointing her first two fingers at the mass of spirits. The ruffle at the cuff of her dress blackened and blew away in cinders as pale lilac flames snaked a path down her arm, across her chest and towards the splayed fingers of her right hand. The fell fire dissipated behind her in a veil of black flame that would corrode the souls of lesser creatures upon merely beholding it.

Large sheets of ash shed from her arms and her chest as the fabric of the dress charred and blew away, the heavy fabric falling apart like charred paper. The boiling water turned black with silt as the dead stirred in one mass shamble beneath the confluence of deathly energies, completely unbidden and unrestrained by the hellcat. The half-formed horrors, clambered about before continually collapsing and reforming, before finally breaking to pieces.

For a instant, it seemed her final gambit had paid off. The spirits absorbed the taoist’s purifying fire, and she absorbed the displaced curses of the dead, channeling their crippling weight away from her. She desperately bled her own necromantic energies through herself and away from the spirits..

Such... Resentment...Rage...Envy...Hatred...for the living...for the injustices and cruelties of a fickle world...an intolerable hatred with no end.

And below it all, like an endless black ocean was just... just unbroken despair.

She managed to maintain the balance for only a couple of seconds before the tide of foul energies overwhelmed the ramparts of her heart. "I.. I’m sorry Sis... I’m so sorry Okuu... looks like don' get to show ya that dream...my dream.” Her left hand wrenched into a claw with a tremor, and Orin cradled it with her right hand over her heart. ‘Perhaps it’s damn foolish to wish for a new Hell when an old one is workin’ out just fine.’

The flow of the crackling eldritch energies had stopped, but she still trembled violently. The spirits thrummed and gorged on more of the conflicting energy until one particularly bloated onryou erupted with a shrieking cry. It’s final cry of torment racked even the kasha’s nerves. The initial explosion cast the balance of straight to the bottom of hell and caused a rapid cascade of blooms of blue and white flame that melded into one blinding flash of white.

“How... beautiful...”

The kasha’s words were lost in roar of the final burst as the explosion enveloped her completely.

She was completely lost in a hell of endless white. She couldn’t fathom which way was up or which was down, and combined with nagging disruption of her balance, she wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. “We’ll this sure as Hell ain’t the Sanzu... be thankful for small miracles, Sis.” Finally the maddeningly empty white faded to dark red as familiar shapes came into focus. One of which was a particularly familiar shape: her much beloved cart. Despite the desolation it remained, half buried in the earth and standing like grim tower resting upon a mountain of smoldering ruins.

Her legs feebly struggled to find purchase on the blackened, baked mud of the Misty Lake as she started to crawl up the small incline towards it. She had just risen to her feet when an overwhelming tide of black began to swallow the world again. She staved it off and with one last stumbling step leaned her weight against inside of the upended vessel. With an exhausted sigh she slid down along the surface and came to an undignified landing upon her tail(s) end...

...only to suffer a greater indignity when the ground beneath her crumbled away sending her sprawling down the edge of the small mound of blackened earth. She lay there, with her arms spread out, her dress all but ruined, and her hair in an matted halo of red flame tarnished by mud and soot staring blankly at the ruined sky and the few onryou that remained. "Just perfect, Sis." She glared with annoyance at a few stray motes of dirt that landed right in the middle of her forehead. With the barest shift of her head her ruby eyes darted upwards to the looming shadow of her cart; It was now precariously teetering upon the edge of the eroded slope, creaking as it tumbled down towards. It was mixed fortunes for the kasha as even though the cart came crashing down on top of her, it had landed upside down around her, and wounded nothing more than the hellcat’s already battered pride.

A soft sigh of annoyance faded to a mewling noise, echoing from within the confines of the overturned barrow.
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Re: [PoST - Round 2] Mononobe no Futo vs. Rin Kaenbyou

Postby Mononobe no Futo » 31 Aug 2013 20:32

If Orin had to suffer knowing that the measure she took to prevent her onryou from bursting would hurt herself, Futo's plight was more that she had no idea of what was going to happen; all she knew was that she was unleashing an attack that would at least take that infernal cat along with her. How terrifying it was for her to finally realize that her fire did not only cause them to physically explode, but unleash their evil qi toward their hearts and minds as well! It did not help at all that the last thing she saw was Orin looking overwhelmed and genuinely distressed - to see that brash and insolent kasha now reduced to this was sign enough that something big was going to happen to both of them.

And, as it turns out, it's an explosion of fire and infernal energy. If she can hear what Orin has said, Futo will agree - it does look beautiful, and as she's completely engulfed by the heat, she almost feels at peace with everything.

Not that it's any less painful, though. Being thrown away with such great force against the ground, she almost wishes that the explosion was a little more severe so that she can no longer feel anything from it. As it is, however, her entire body - from muscles and bones and skin and whatever delicate bits inside her that could feel it - is filled with such excruciating sensations that for a while, she can only whimper piteously as she lies face down against the mud, her burnt and tattered hair and robes are looking just as ragged as her opponent's, appearing as if they are just splayed haphazardly over her prone body.

Several moments pass.

After waiting for the pain and heat to move on into a dull but annoying persistent form of themselves, Futo finally cranes her head and lifts her mud-stained face to look at a mewling, upside-down wheelbarrow - and slowly drags herself toward it; from the way she moves, it's more fitting to say that she stumbles rather than crawls her way forward.

Falling by the barrow's side, she weakly lifts a hand and taps against the side of the cart. "Hey," she croaks, "Do tell, is the combat finally concluded?"

She glances around, looking at the blackened ground all over them and the mist that is slowly coalescing back on top of the lake, as if all those fire had meant nothing. Perhaps it's because of the magic of the place, but Futo's not very concerned about the wonders of nature at the moment.

"...I feel most cold," she says again. "Do we possess any such thing that we still may burn...?"
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Re: [PoST - Round 2] Mononobe no Futo vs. Rin Kaenbyou

Postby Rin Kaenbyou » 14 Sep 2013 10:18

The ferocity of the hellish tempest was quickly spent, extinguishing itself in a dazzling cataclysm that shook the earth with it final roar. There was little left of the storm of fire than cooling cinders as the banks of fog slid back down upon surface of the Misty Lake. The cooling veils of mist fell like the closing curtain upon the stage as the drama of life, death, and the hellish thereafter drew to a close. In scarcely a few moments time, the mist obscured the cruel scars of the scorched earth and the cinders of the blackened flora, shrouding the area in its chilling embrace. WIth the passage of time, the immutable preternatural forces that sustained the lake would erase any evidence of Orin’s struggle against Futo.

"Do tell, is the combat finally concluded?"

Orin had been enjoying the quiet solitude of the inside of her cart. Well, relative silence. There were still the distant whisperings of the few remaining onryou, their grating voices sounding like dulcet bells compared to the ringing in the kasha’s ears. All four of them, and her feline ears still ached from the water. Even the the slightest noise caused her to clench her razor-tipped claws, flexing them in annoyance that was almost murderous. Each fall of Futo’s knuckles upon the edge of the barrow boomed like a cannon shot, fraying the hellcat’s patience further. She bit her bottom lip, her eyes narrowing to slits. She didn’t feel like moving out from under the dark comfort of her cart.

Despite the biting soreness in her arms and thousands of promises of pain to come they made, Orin pushed the cart upward and off to the side, easing her self up and resting her weight upon her one hand. She used her free hand to brush the matted clumps of her bangs from her eyes. The hellcat was a sore sight, looking completely lopsided with one of her plaits completely undone, and the other in a tangled mess of her blazing red hair, black baked mud, and cinders.

“I think it’s done an’ buried sis. Less ya havin’ a burnin’ desire to go set the forest over there ablaze.” Orin motioned with her head in the direction away from the lake. “Nyahahaaa... ya get it, ‘cause of all the hell we raised here... It was a real horror show sis.. but don’ pay that joke any mind. It wasn’t that funny anyways.” The thought of burning down the forest gave the kasha pause. “ I can’t say that’d I mind any other day, but at the moment I could do for not freezin’ to death on the edge of lake misery here.” The burnt scraps of her dress were an ill guard against the chill that had creeped back into the air.

"...I feel most cold," she says again. "Do we possess any such thing that we still may burn...?"

“Well, there’s nothin' that burns like a whoreson dead body. But as ya can see sis, there aren’t many left around. That is unless ya are volunteering.”
Orin’s wide eyes beamed with a playful malice as she broke a painful smile at the bedraggled shikaisen. The air seemed to chill a few degrees an instant later as Orin guessed Futo’s intention to use her beloved cart for firewood. Her smile darkened into a scowl, her tails thrashing in annoyance. “You wouldn’t dare. Don' even entertain the notion. Why my cart... why not your boat, there’s plenty more tinder to burn there. Ya wouldn’t even need to use half of it to get a decent sized fire goin’” The kasha threw herself in front of her cart, her arms spread protectively across it and her ears flattening back.
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