[Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Locations of interest: Ruined Western Mansion, Scarlet Devil Mansion
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The river that flows down the Youkai Mountain drains into this lake. The poor visibility over the lake and the surrounding forests makes it appear to be very large, although one can easily walk around it. It is inhabited by behemothic fish.

Located on a ridge near the lake is the Scarlet Devil Mansion. A grand building of European styling, with few windows, an extensive basement, and an interior warped and enlarged through magical means. The clock tower houses a turret clock that only tolls at night.

Also nearby is the former Prismriver mansion. Once the home of the aristocratic Prismriver family, it now lies ruined and forgotten save by the three poltergeist sisters that remain.

Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Youmu Konpaku » 22 Nov 2012 10:54

Right after the tall [s]shinigami[/s] maid follows a little [s]gardener[/s] princess. She carefully touches down next to Komachi, showing a soft flush of red on her face, accentuated by the lightly applied make-up applied earlier today.

Youmu stays at Komachi's side, as they walk towards the mansion together, her much shorter stature forcing the young half ghost into slightly hurried steps in order to keep up with the tall woman.

For this costume party she is wearing a long silk evening gown. The beautiful dress is form fitting with a flared skirt that falls down to her knees. It is a shimmering green in colour, trimmed with gold and white lace. The back is cut into a deep V that exposes the shoulder blades and spine of the wearer, right down to the waist. Her shoes are simple black lacquered ballet flats ad the silver haired girl's costume is completed by a small tiara placed in her short hair. For once, her two blades are missing from her person. She had tried, but found no way to properly wear them with the silken gown.

The young half ghost has only a few vague ideas how a princess is supposed to act and right now she is busy keeping up with the longer strides of her red haired [s]friend[/s] maid. Feeling self-conscious about her appearance, she keeps her gaze on the ground at first, but noticing the layer of dust and even the occasional small piece of debris on the floor makes the young girl raise her head and take a look around with a mildly confused expression on her face.

What is Sakuya-san doing? The place is a mess. Letting it go like this isn't like her at all. Did she fall sick with something?

The other decorations quickly make it clear though, even to the half baked and slightly clueless girl. The so called perfect maid was intentionally letting the place go, to add to the atmosphere. And is that the same red mist from the Scarlet Devil incident? She wasn't sure, but this mist is less thick than the description she had once been given had implied.

A strange fairy is greeting everyone at the entrance. Nothing remarkable at first glance from afar, although the style of dress is surprisingly simple for a fairy. They usually like to wear something much fancier. She hadn't seen that style of wings very often either, as fairy wings are usually more often a gossamer kind than a feathery one.

Approaching the Scarlet Devil mansion in the slightly hazy red mist, Youmu does not pay much further attention to the greeting fairy and examines the strange decorations instead. And the even stranger costumes of the other guests.

Soon enough though, the red and silver haired pair is standing in front of the mansion's entrance and Komachi announces their arrival with great poise, while at the same time Youmu realizes to her great surprise that it is not a fairy greeting them, but someone else entirely.

The young half ghost's astonishment lasts long enough to let Komachi finish her dramatic introduction, but then the flustered little girl immediately follows it up with a squeakily blurted out. "R-Remilia?!"
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Sunny Milk » 22 Nov 2012 22:13

This party sure was becoming a major event. Sunny was afraid the get-together would end up like many of the other events thrown by the Scarlets and fail to attract a crowd. Lo and behold, even though she was one of the first to arrive, many more came after her. She giggled as she passed Alice, having received the snarky reply she knew was coming. Sunny knew Alice loved her regardless of what the puppeteer said. How could you hate such a cute fairy? Although, upon hearing that Meiling would not be so easily swayed, she decided this was going to be her challenge for the night.


Hefting the first mug she downed it in one sitting; some of the liquid dribbling down her chin. With a triumphant sigh she placed the empty glass on the bar.

"Gimme another!", she called. "...and keep em coming!"

Noticing the growing number of participants, she gestured toward Aya, Momiji, Kogasa, Nue, Youmu and Komachi.

"Give them all a beer too!"
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Lyrica Prismriver » 23 Nov 2012 16:43

Lyrica would have chuckled at her sister's comment on her outfit, before heading further into the mansion.

'Such effort put into this party,' Lyrica would muse to herself as she wanders the main hall of the mansion, watching everyone interact. She keeps her keyboard floating behind her, quietly adding a little bit of strange noise here and there, set in just such a particular way that would allow the sounds to seem to have no single point of origin. Might as well add to the party a little bit, no?

She would seek out her sister again, there not really being anyone else she knows well. Perhaps it would be a good time to approach her, or perhaps not. She certainly would seem to be enjoying the festivities, partaking in the occasional treat here and there, but mainly wandering idly about the party.

Upon finding her sister, she would ask "So, I take it the lady of the house would like us to perform a little something? I brought my 'special' keyboard for just such an occasion." Her 'special' keyboard would be the one she had gone on her little 'interesting sound quest' back in the Flower incident for. All those sounds would have been played with and manipulated in various ways to create any variety of strange, otherworldly noises. Some of which would be perfect for a performance on Halloween. It's a good keyboard. Her favourite one.
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Remilia Scarlet » 24 Nov 2012 04:07

It took a little while to get started, but it seemed Remilia's little social gathering was finally in full swing. Guest after guest passed her at the gate. Alice seemed content not to speak, but merely acknowledge her. That was fine, Remilia returned the polite gesture, nodding in passing as the doll maiden turned devil makes her way into the mansion. The two were quite the opposites this evening, angel and devil! But then, Alice wasn't normally an angel, was she?

Mima receives a less pleased look. Though she is unaware that it is the spirit's fault that Reimu would be unlikely to attend, it doesn't make her any less the bearer of bad news. "I see. How disappointing. Though I suppose I cannot say it is surprising." Reimu could be counted on to be diligent when it mattered and totally not so any other time. Looks like this party was one of the later occasions.

The next guest to make herself known is Yukari! And Remilia is about to point out the fact that she isn't wearing a costume. That is, of course, until she looks a bit closer at the girl in question. That wasn't Yukari. She's far too short. Remilia is uncertain how to address this guest. Was it the Yakumo woman playing a prank, making herself shorter just to throw her off? She doesn't know about Nue's little trick, so the disguised karakasa is given a rather neutral greeting. "Its nice to see you could make it. The main gathering is just down the hall. You cannot miss it."

The source of that disguise arrives next. Though there might be many who might find Nue's look morbid, disturbing, frightening, and perhaps grotesque, Remilia Scarlet is not one of them. She is not a creature easily frightened. "It seems you've rather got into the spirit of this, haven't you?" Despite the horrifying look she'd given herself, Nue is greeted as if she was just another guest. After all, it isn't as if she can blame the woman for coming up with a good costume, right? She doesn't address the chimera however, thought she obviously wouldn't be stopped from entering the mansion. It was a party, after all. Some scares might add to the authentic feeling she was going for.

The 'princess' and her loyal servant get a warmer greeting. Remilia is curious how the two came to know each other, but that sort of thing could wait for later, when she had time for small talk. "Welcome to the Scarlet Angel Mansion." the vampire says with an amused smile. "I am happy to have such esteemed guests with me this evening." It seems she has every intention of playing along. "Please head on in and help yourselves. You'll find the fare we've prepared this evening to be without equal." She gives Youmu an amused smile. "Was my costume a surprise to you? It is good to know my work did not go to waste." A slight pause. "Ah, but perhaps it is time I tend to my guests personally. If you care to bring your servant, Princess Youmu, I shall lead you to the festivities personally." Turning, and walking away slowly, the vampire heads towards the main party room. She'd said hello to her guests, but it was time she greet them fully.
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Alice Margatroid » 25 Nov 2012 12:24

Once she was properly settled in with snacks and a drink, albeit a weaker one than she had planned, Alice started looking around to see who she could talk to. The Prismrivers seemed busy, undoubtedly planning the evening's entertainment so she couldn't really talk to them, just like several other conversations had cropped up and the bar was off-limits thanks to that annoying fairy.

So instead of going to any of those places, the puppeteer looked to 'Yukari' and began moving closer. Whoever it was or whatever was going on, it seemed like there was interesting conversation to be had there. If not, she could always leave and talk to someone else, like their host or the maid. Maybe the newcomers in their rather impressively made costumes.

And so Kogasa found herself approached by a coven of tiny witches, several of whom were carrying food of some kind, preceding their devilish mistress and of course the heat and smell she brought. "Good evening." The fake youkai of gaps was met with a small, cold smile as the devil helped herself to a dumpling from one of the plates carried by the dolls. "So is this some kind of metacostume? Being dressed up as someone dressed as you or did you just not care about the directions of the host to wear costumes?"
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Rin Kaenbyou » 27 Nov 2012 10:20

Without so much as an acknowledgement or offering Remilia a polite “by your leave” the kasha had headed into the main hall of the mansion. It had never occurred to her that dressing as a foreign sun goddess to attend a vampire’s gala might make her hostess a bit cross. She stopped to look back and up into the scarlet mists one last time, searching for any sign of the Okuu. There was neither hide nor feather of the large hellraven... and it wasn’t like she was particularly hard to miss. The purring lilt to her voice faded into a quiet sigh and her coal-black cat-ears flattening a bit. “Ah, I ‘spose she might be a bit. I’m sure she’ll catch up if she likes, y’know” speaking to no-one in particular.

Orin turned away from the procession of guests, breaking away from the sudden rush to watch all of the other guests in silence, a grin stretching at the corners of her face. While she was no stranger to rather luxurious accommodations, she was a mite overwhelmed taking in the pageantry of it all, with youkai dressed for the revelry, the noise, and the delectable aromas of trays of delicious looking food, the small stab of panic was fleeting, soon replaced by a sense of euphoria. She watched the guests parade by, the grim sight of the chimaera striking a chord with her. Not so much Nue herself, but the sight of bones, skulls, all bound up in what looked like a mess o’ wailing souls reminded her of home. Over the tempting aromas of the endless arrays of delicacies, she noticed one, very familiar, comforting smell: the pungent scent of sulfur.

She made her way by the other guests, her movements causing the sleeves and skirt of the kalasiris to billow as she lithely clipped along to find the source of the dash of brimstone. Maybe Okuu had beat her here. She wasn’t in that much of a hurry to skip thieving a pair of the large lemon shrimp as Sakuya passed close by. She was a brilliant dance of red and gold as she quasi-pirouetted to snag the shrimp while continuing forward without breaking her stride, flashing a roguish, partially apologetic grin at the cat maid. Not strictly the most refined display of etiquette, but right and proper by Ol’ Hell standards. ‘Catch as cat can’-- or something close to that, the exact phrasing eluded her.

Catching up to the origin of the scent, she pursed her lips, folding her arms across her chest in exasperation, delicately holding the large shrimp by the tail. It wasn’t whom she was expecting to find, but still, she greeted the dollmaker with the same broad smile she had when she’d first met her in the human market. The kasha had also unfolded her arms and was holding them in a feline manner with her right hand with the palm down, bent forward at the wrist, still clutching the shrimp while she brushed her long, unbound fiery mane of hair back over her shoulder with her left hand. “Ah, Alice, I almost didn’t recognize ya sis. Ya look like some damn fool Hell’er spat out from Makai what with all the red an’ the horns an’ the tail an’ all.” the kasha added a gesture with her right hand to emphasis her point, brandishing the shrimp in an unintentional flourish. “I love the outfit though, you look lovely in those heels. And with Lady Yakumo too, ain’t this red letter day. You seem shorter than I remember ya, though.” The hellcat could only hope that her cheer and all too charming smile would help to gloss over her all too painfully accurate assessment of the seven-coloured puppeteer.

Orin tilted her had to the side, a flash of confusion in her ruby eyes, her black velvety ears pivoting to the sides. Something about Ol’ Lady Yakumo didn’t seem right though...even barring the height difference, there was something else that was missing, something nagging at Rin... she didn’t smell right. That was it. She didn’t smell like the dog slave she had, or the kitten either. Orin's broad smile eased into more mischievous, cryptic grin and her eyes narrowed slightly. “How is everythin’ with ya, Miss Yakumo, how’s the kitten doin’?”
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 28 Nov 2012 20:36

For the first time in...possibly ever, everything was going according to Kogasa's plans. Right from the moment the gapkasa entered the building, people she had never seen before were greeting her, and many others were turning heads as she passed by. Truly this must be a positive sign of Kogasa's new-found brilliance; even so, the karakasa wouldn't soon be abandoning the shade of her umbrella.

Kogasa is first greeted some strange bird fairy hybrid thing. What exactly was it? The tsukumogami had never seen nor heard of anything like it, which isn't too surprising considering the western design. Whoever this mysterious glowy bird was, she was rather polite. Kogasa does her best to seem familiar with the door greeter, simply returning a friendly smile before taking her leave into the main room. She figures it's probably best to speak as little as possible, not really remembering or knowing how Yukari normally spoke. Besides, wasn't Yukari a mysterious entity? Answering with smiles, nods, and other gestures should be in character enough.

Of course, impersonating someone as high profile as Yukari wouldn't allow her to keep silent for long. Sure enough, before she can even pass by the bar, she's approached by....miniature Marisa's? Before Kogapsa can make sense of how that witch got split and shrunk, another figure approaches. A very red and smelly figure. Some sort of devil, the notgapbrella could figure at least that much.

"So is this some kind of metacostume? Being dressed up as someone dressed as you or did you just not care about the directions of the host to wear costumes?"

Kogasa answers by shaking her head. It's not clear if this is a no to the metacostume, or a no to not following directions. The karagap would left it at that, dodging the question, but then an even stranger creature approaches... A cat of come kind? Kogasa is even more at a loss than she was with the fairy bird to name who this was supposed to be. An interesting outfit, to say the least. She had never met the hellcat before, which made identification even trickier. Were those ears part of the costume or real?

“I love the outfit though, you look lovely in those heels. And with Lady Yakumo too, ain’t this red letter day. You seem shorter than I remember ya, though.”

Well, there was nothing the nottrollbrella could do about height, even if she did remember how tall the gap is. Despite this revelation, no one has hesitated to address her as Yukari. Kogasa really must have had some latent seamstress talent to pull this off, and her ever-inflating ego finally enables her the courage to speak.

The accent she picks a bit forced and overcompensating, trying hard to sound 'proper'. Kogasa doesn't sound much like Yukari, but she doesn't sound much like her usual self either.

“How is everythin’ with ya, Miss Yakumo, how’s the kitten doin’?”

"She fares quite well, and yourself?"

Yukari has a cat? Who knew? Kogasa vaguely remembers a kitsune from that one encounter, but any cat was news to her. The tsukumogapi will have to choose her words carefully if she plans to keep the charade up for long. Come to think of it, there wasn't a soul in the house that she recognized so far. This is going to be tricky, but if she's fooled everyone thus far, the karakasa incognito is sure she can manage.

"And to answer your question," Kogasa turns back to the devil doll lady with a mischievous smirk and a wink, "It's a surprise."
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Suika Ibuki » 29 Nov 2012 07:22

A faint rumble, as if of hundreds of feet marching in step over the land, slowly approached the mansion, growing louder as it came, its source obscured by a cloud of dust like an approaching army might kick up. The bridge shuddered as whatever was making the noise crossed the lake, the scarlet mist still obscuring whatever was making the noise.

Slowly the first rank of diminutive figures came into view, followed by the next, and the next, gradually taking form as they emerged from the mist, approaching the mansion's entrance. First to come fully into view, in the center of the front rank, was the leader, several times the size of the others.

At first, Suika's silhouette seemed to have an extra set of horns, but as she came into focus, the extra set revealed itself as an implausibly large crescent mounted to the front of a samurai helmet, wider than even her actual horns. Her right eye was covered by a black eyepatch, and over her samurai armor she wore a long blue coat bearing the crest of Sengoku-era Japan's Date Clan.

From each of her hips hung a trio of katanas, their sheaths held at equal angles apart, criss-crossing near the hilt, her sake gourd tucked discreetly behind one of the twin sets. It seemed the little oni had learned her outside-world history from sources of... questionable accuracy.

Flanking her, and following behind, some still filing across the bridge as their leader reached the mansion's door, were an army of mini-suikas, at least a hundred of them, each dressed in a more normal samurai outfit, each bearing a sashimono on her back with the same Date crest as the leader.

The real Suika greeted the mansion's mistress as she and her army passed by. "Hiya Remilia! Love the atmosphere! Real spooky! Yer costume's super cute, too, 'specially those lil' white wings! Hope ya don't mind me 'n my army makin' the place a bit louder."

She started straight for the bar without waiting for a response. "Hey there everybody! Suika's here, so now it's a real party! Hehehee, everybody's got such great costumes!"
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Alice Margatroid » 29 Nov 2012 20:15

Now that was unusual. Yukari was rather known for making fun of people and could certainly keep up with her wit, so why didn't she say anything? Picking out a dumpling from her plate, Alice chewed on it as she thought just what the answer would be. She'd check for illusions, but doing blatantly obvious magic like that would be rather rude and angering Yukari wasn't something particularly high on her agenda and even if it wasn't, it could still be seen as a hostile action against Remilia's guests.

"You're quiet today. Chen got your tongue?" The devilish puppeteer, gave 'Yukari' a small teasing smile, trying to provoke a reaction from her. Before she could say much more, Orin arrived to greet the pair, gaining a somewhat warmer, if also somewhat proud smile. "It was a good opportunity to show off my skill at tailoring, as well as some simple illusions to make the costume complete. Of course I'd make it look the best it could." No need to mention that she'd had to rely on a bit of magic to help out with the heels since it was the first time she wore anything like them. She took a sip from the beer Meiling had provided her with, showing no outwards signs of disliking the lack of alcohol flavor in it. "And this seemed like an excellent opportunity to poke a bit of fun at outside world superstitions at my childhood home. You seem to be from the land of the pharaohs today, yourself."

Kogasa's reaction to the next question brought her back to the mystery of the Yukari who was there. It seemed so unlike the youkai of gaps, but of course that was just the kind of thing that rather infuriating woman might do just to catch people off guard. That final comment about it being a secret and that smile seemed like it could be her after all. Although, why hadn't Remilia complained about the lack of costume then?
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Hong Meiling » 01 Dec 2012 16:12

Meiling was not especially amused by Sunny's demanding nature, as it implied a significant lack of respect not only for herself but also for her Mistress by extension. Still, she was capable of smothering her desire to punish the fairy's rudeness by getting her beers faster than she could possibly drink them. With any luck, it would be more than she could stand and she might sleep the rest of the night away. Fairy's certainly weren't known for their sterling constitution.

"Yes, 'meimei', I'll get to them. Don't worry yourself, you're spilling your beer all over the place!"

A bit of forced familiarity and cheerfulness, though she did hope that Sunny didn't overdo it too much. She had no real wish for her to come to harm, but it was hard to forget all the trouble she'd given Meiling either. It was about that point she noticed Suika barging inside the mansion, which made the gate guardian look especially pale. I'm not going to have a single thing left for any of the guests if she has her way...

Not that Meiling could refuse the Oni, so she resigned herself to her duty and would start pouring the best quality sake she could find. Hardly an expert in liquors, she had to settle for whatever looked expensive and potent. She also selected the largest glasses, as the Western styled mansion didn't have an abundance of sake dishes. Most of those were saved for special events, and the maids hadn't been instructed to bring them out just yet. She'd have the remaining amount of Sunny's beers prepared and was quickly filling as much as she could for Suika's impending binge. The heady smell of alcohol was starting to make her head swim a bit, and she'd not even had a single drink this evening.
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Sakuya Izayoi » 02 Dec 2012 03:00

Making her rounds, the maid kept a tray balanced in one hand She nodded to each guest in turn, offering them the tray's contents… She paused, blinking as she saw a camera flash out of the corner of her eye, turning just in time to see the tengu zip away toward the bar. She shook her head, reaching up to adjust the ears. She would have to take a moment to look at herself properly in the mirror soon to pin the band properly.

The maid wasn't really surprised few were interested in the shrimp and scallops she was carrying. Cooking was one of the few things she reserved a bit of her pride for, but the patrons had pretty much all flocked to the tables regardless. Food or sweets, she had prepared it all regardless.

Turning to make another round, the maid paused as she heard a voice she knew well.

"Nice tanuki costume, maid."

Sakuya took a breath before turning to face the vampire. "Hello Kurumi." She said pleasantly. "I'm afraid you are mistaken. I am a cat-maid. Not a tanuki."

Out of the corner of her eye, Sakuya spotted what looked like Yukari walk into the mansion, groaning inwardly. She was not in costume! Then again… There was something off about her. The maid didn't dare turn away from Kurumi to check, but Yukari's presence wasn't playing with the mansion's altered space like it usually did. She also glanced Nue walk in after Yukari dressed quite frighteningly.

Giving Kurumi a small bow, Sakuya offered vampire-turned-queen the tray's contents. "Would you care for any refreshments? We have a variety of food and drink to cater to your taste. If you would like something a little more vampire specific, you need only ask and I will bring it."

She glanced Youmu and Komachi as she finished the offer. Both of them looked great. She made a mental note to tease the Shinigami a bit later…

And that's when it happened. The low rumbling of footfalls, slowly increasing in volume until, with a crash, the grand hall's doors were flung open and in marched Suika with her army of tiny duplicates.

"Excuse me Kurumi." The maid said all too quickly, setting the tray down on the nearest table and vanishing.

A half dozen bottles of the mansion's best sake appeared on the table behind Meiling before Sakuya appeared in front of the little pandemonium, bowing deeply. "Hello Miss Suika… I hate to ask such a thing of you but could you perhaps dismiss your… err… army? I'm afraid the mansion doesn't have enough food or drink to serve them all. I'm sorry."
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Kurumi » 07 Dec 2012 01:31

"A 'cat maid'?" Kurumi replies, seeming rather impressed by the maid's composure. Before she could continue being a nuisance, Sakuya pushes the tray of goodies into her hands and the blonde actually seems pretty pleased with this, "Ah, excellent! This is what I call service!"

Ok, it was actually set on the table, but Kurumi took it as a sign that it was hers to take. And so she does.

She's then distracted by the fanfare of Komachi and Youmu- and Kurumi can't help but feel a bit annoyed by the entrance. Oh sure, it was impressive, but it was a little -too- impressive in her opinion, and she had to go and straighten this out -yesterday-.

"Actually -I- had a servant as well; eight of them, actually.. But they had fallen ill today, at the same time, so I had no choice but to come on my own," she blurts after Remilia greets the two. "Greetings, I am Kurumi, Vampire Queen of Everything! If you would like, and I am sure you would, I would be more than happy to be your mother for the evening. Quite a generous offter don't you think?"

Finally she raises an apple slice from the platter she was carrying and takes a bite. "Mnn, sublime!"
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Flandre Scarlet » 09 Dec 2012 01:29

"A queen eh? You don't look like royalty to me. You don’t even have a crown!"
A voice pipes up almost out of nowhere, before a small figure emerged from under the table, brushing aside the tablecloth. Flandre had decided to join in on the festivities. After all, why would she miss out on fun and festivities? All Hallow’s Eve was that one day of the year where monsters can walk freely amongst humans, to mix and mingle amongst mortals as equals. Although she technically can't leave the mansion, but that certainly did not mean she couldn't try and pretend to! Tonight, the youngest Scarlet was dressed up most strangely this evening. A newsboy cap placed over her head obscured their features and she was wearing a shirt and a vest, with a pair of trousers too.

By all accounts, she might have looked almost indistinguishable from a regular human boy, a foreign one at that. It did not help the fact that she took off her prosthetic wings to help her blend further into her disguise. To make things even more confusing, somewhere in the main hall was a girl in a sheet ghost costume, with Flandre’s signature jeweled wings poking out of the fabric…and apparently she’s been crashing and stumbling into just about everything.
"Plus letting all eight of your servants get sick? That sounds like you're not that much of a ruler, not being able to take care of your servant and all that” she added critically, before giving Remilia a greeting with a slight tip of her hat and a slight wink.

All Hallow’s Eve was also a time of mischief after all.
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Youmu Konpaku » 09 Dec 2012 20:46

It is a party of people even more strangely dressed than usual. Fortunately the little half ghost is able to recognize most of them. Remilia's warm greeting helps put the bashful little [s]gardener[/s] princess at ease a little bit and she gives the currently angelic vampire a polite bow and a timid, but grateful smile.

"T-thank you for the welcome, Remilia-sama." It takes the young half ghost a moment to realize that the esteemed guest is apparently supposed to be her and she hastily tries to make a proper response. "Ah .. A-and I'm happy to visit such an esteemed social gathering." Youmu begins to blush a little when the Scarlet 'Angel' makes a remark about the surprised reaction upon seeing her in costume. "Ah .. yes, your costume was a surprise, Remilia-sama. I did not expect you to dress up as a fairy." Even if it was a strangely plain looking dress. Youmu only knew fairies to prefer much fancier clothes, although there are a few exceptions.

The little half ghost bows deeply in response to the invitation inside, not really having much of an idea how a western princess should behave. If the word curtsy were mentioned to her, she would likely ask a recipe. "T-this is a very generous offer. We will gladly partake in the unequalled fare you offer." Glad for the slight pause, the flustered 'princess' tries to gather her bearings again. "H-hai, t-then we should not detain you from your guests any longer." Being addressed as a princess makes the young girl blush some more with embarrassment, she shyly gives Komachi a short questioning glance and sees the shinigami immensely amused by the entire situation. The small half ghost quickly agrees to the offer of the angelic appearing hostess. "We will of course follow your lead then, Remilia-sama, s-since you are so kind to do so personally."

The silver haired half ghost follows the costumed vampire's lead towards the main party room, looking bashfully left and right. Seeing all the dust makes her wince a little, but it is an essential part of the decoration.

With the spooky atmosphere already putting the half ghost a little on edge, the army of Suikas passing them by in a rush towards the bar causes her to squeak in surprise. Which of course is the moment someone approaches them and it takes her a moment to realize that the newcomer wearing all black is addressing her instead of Remilia. The silver haired 'princess' in shining green stares at the platter carrying 'queen' in frilly black for a few moments in surprise, before she blurts out her reply. "A-all of your servants have fallen ill at the same time?! That is v-very ill luck. I h-hope they will get better soon."

The offer of gaining a mother for the evening is not something she was expecting at all. "T-the Vampire Queen of Everything? You would be happy t-to be my mother for the evening?" Cerulean Blue eyes widen a little in response. This evening is so strange. Nothing is normal. Everything is happening so fast. Why is the Vampire Queen of Everything carrying a tray? "T-that is a very generous offer, K-Kurumi-sama. I don't know how to- GYAH!"

The little princess is clearly startled by the sudden emergence of a .. newspaper boy? Youmu blinks in surprise and it takes her a few more moments to recover, before she can finally form a reply. "W-why were you underneath the table?" For some reason, that seems to be a more pressing issue to the young half ghost, than actually finding out who that suddenly appearing person is.
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Re: [Halloween Party] All Hallow's Eve

Postby Komachi Onozuka » 18 Dec 2012 03:20

One of Komachi's most important goals for this evening was to help Youmu overcome some of her social awkwardness. As such, when given the chance to help her in the first encounter of the evening, Remilia, The 'maid' decided to let her princess do the talking. Even when Youmu looked to her for help, all she did was try her hardest to hide her amusement at the situation, and return a smile. She let the smaller girl take the lead, as they passed through the door. Giving the hostess a polite nod on her way in.

They followed Remilia to the hall. Komachi found herself very interested in the décor that had been chosen for the evening. Unlike most of the patrons, the shinigami was well aware of the history of the event. Once the festival of the dead, now just a simple excuse for a party. Of course it was a good one, in her opinion. Death is too often feared, it's nice that they would find a reason to celebrate it.

She leaned down next to Youmu and whispered, “She's not a fairy. It's called an 'Angel'. I'll explain more about it later.”

She took note of the staff and other guests. Quite a few faces the recognized. Meiling was at the bar serving drinks. She still owed her an appolgy for what happened last winter. Sunny was obviously giving her a bit of trouble as well. That fairy would be another person she hadn't seen in a while. Many of the costumes were quite good, some more interesting than others. Aya as Charon, and Alice as a demon caught her eye. She made a note to speak to them later, and maybe explain a few more things about their costumes. Alice being well read, probably had a deep understanding of her's, but Aya likely chose more randomly.

There there was Yukar... No, It wasn't her. Sometimes her shinigami eyes were very useful. This was one of those moments. It was without doubt the best 'Yukari' costume she could have seen, but Komachi thought it best to let Kogasa Tatara have her fun.

It took longer than she had expected for one of the Oni to arrive. It wasn't much a stretch to apply a Halloween festival to the oni, in a similar way as the shinigami. Though she expected it was more for the free alcohol than any relation of the party. Still, it had been quite some time she'd had a drink with one of them. This would likely be a good chance for some fun.

The ferryman placed a reassuring hand on her friends shoulder to calm her from the army's arrival. And it seemed to be just in time for them to be approached by not one, but two of the party's other patrons. And as with most vampires, Kurumi had no shortage of bluster. Something which the third vampire among them, Flandre, saw fit to shoot down.

“Now, now ladies. This is hardly the time to be trying to show each other up. This is a party, and we're here to enjoy ourselves after all.” She gently tightened her grip on Youmu's shoulders, “And we thank you for the offer Miss Kurumi, but M'lady already has an escort for the evening.”
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