PLEASE NOTE! Pre-planned Player Entry into threads

Locations of interest: Hakugyokurou
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The realm of the dead, spirits, and things that do not change with time. Existing apart from the rest of Gensokyo, the barrier separating it from the land of the living manifests as a nigh impenetrable gate in the sky. In recent times, it has become possible to bypass.

Overlooking the Netherworld is the manor of Hakugyokurou, a Japanese style building surrounded by a veritable sea of gardens and landscaping. Many ghosts can be seen there, as the grounds are usually open for public viewings.

PLEASE NOTE! Pre-planned Player Entry into threads

Postby Yukari Yakumo » 04 Sep 2013 19:13

Dear PoIR players;

Please make a note to the mods in the last post of your thread if you are waiting for someone new to be joining your thread!

If the current participants all stop posting, we, the mods, can't tell whether the thread's been stalled, or if you are waiting on people to join in, and without any notice we'll assume that there's been a holdup, and start throwing out strikes like danmaku! So, please, make a note in your threads if someone's supposed to join in!

As always, don't forget to mention clearly when your characters leave a thread, too!

Have fun in Gensokyo!

Yukari Yakumo
PoIR Mod
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Yukari Yakumo
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