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[Invite Only] Training Day

PostPosted: 10 Jun 2013 21:46
by Eirin Yagokoro
"An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away."

The metal joint of Eirin's chair squealed in protest as she leaned back, the sound echoing in a clinic empty of patients. She would stretch next, stretching her arms out to their horizontal limits while simultaneously arching her back, letting out a small yawn as well. 'No patients, still. Perhaps the adage has a grain of truth to it?' Eirin's lips bowed into a faint smile. The medicinal components she had just combined require a time to react with one another to synthesize the final compound, and that gave Eirin time to ponder. She leaned back in her chair further, tilting her head back to look at the ceiling as she closed her eyes. It wouldn't be long now.

And it wasn't; the tell-tale crackling and popping that heralded the formation of this particular medicine filled her ears just as Eirin had become comfortable. She sat up, pouring the thickening mixture into its mold, covering it with a cloth afterwards. Eirin picked up the mold, carefully setting it upon the shelf that was situated far out-of-reach of any rabbit mischief. Now it would be time for her other appointment.

Eirin adjusted the hat upon her head as she made for the door that separated the Hourai Clinic from the rest of Eientei. Stepping over its threshhold, she was greeted by the familiar hallway of the Mansion of Infinity. She made her way to her assistant's room, knocking upon the frame of it loud enough that the rabbit would hear her had she been inside.

"Reisen? Come out. I require your assistance." Eirin always had an authoritative tone when talking to this particular rabbit, though it bore no trace of acrimony. "Meet me in the inner courtyard, please."

Though Gensokyo may be peaceful, there was danger in becoming complacent. Eirin had once hid the Full Moon with, in her mind, disastrous effects. It had come to combat then, and she knew that it would likely be resolved in the same manner as before if such an event happened. It was not something that she enjoyed in the slightest, but an eventuality that Eirin would have to prepare for. The doctor's thoughts made the walk from Udonge's room to the interior courtyard seem instantaneous, and she'd wait in the finely kept span until her assistant arrived.

(Reisen is welcome to join at any time.)

Re: [Invite Only] Training Day

PostPosted: 13 Jun 2013 17:34
by Reisen Udongein Inaba
"Ngh... oww." A quiet whine emerged from within the room where the moon rabbit was holed up in. For a good while now, Reisen was sat on the wooden floor, hands applying an ointment and wrapping a bandage around the left knee of her leg. What a pain that she'd been caught off guard today -- just as she thought that troublesome rabbit youkai couldn't trick her any more than she already had in the past, no sooner did Reisen find herself tripping and falling into one of the classic pitfalls outside, dug up by Tewi and her friends and ended up scraping her knee rather badly. It wasn't often that bad whenever she fell, so the hole must have been particularly deep, or perhaps she just landed badly. Either way, it hurt a lot, and the rabbit was forced to drag herself over to her room to take care of her injury. At least it wasn't so bad that she couldn't walk, but the scrape was as unsightly as it was painful -- Eirin was likely too busy at her clinic to offer assistance, and it wasn't like Tewi would have lent her a hand.

Reisen had some modest experience as a nurse, acting as Eirin's assistant for so long, so luckily she was done with the treatment relatively quickly and painlessly. The herbal ointment was already doing its job killing the pain, and the bandage was plastered firmly around her knee; after resting for a few minutes, the rabbit started walking around the room without much of a problem at all. She certainly was going to give Tewi a piece of her mind, though... just as soon as she found her and could keep her still long enough for a talking to without falling for another 'harmless' prank.

Those long, white ears suddenly perked up as the knock on the door caught their attention. She was quick to discover the identity of the knocker when that familiar, authoritative voice sounded itself through the closed door, demanding her to come out. "Ah, er..." Should she have? Well, naturally, that would have gone against her subservient behavior towards her master, but Reisen didn't much want the scrape to be seen. While she was still considering a response, Eirin seemed to have already gone -- light footsteps gradually becoming more distant. Regardless, the rabbit yelled. "I'll be right out!"

A solution came to her mind rather quickly. She took a pair of her long, black thigh-highs and, simple as, pulled them snugly over her legs, covering up the bandage which, in turn, covered up her bruise. There was still an odd-looking bump on her knee there, but it wasn't entirely too noticeable; not that she doubted Eirin would notice anyway. Perhaps this way it wouldn't have bothered her enough to make her ask, though. Sliding into a pair of shoes as well, Reisen made her way out of the door of her room, looking left and right, then headed to the inner courtyard at the mansion with only a bare limp in her step.

She had no clue what was required of her, but she found her master standing there, soon enough. Greeting her with a brief wave from a distance, the girl straightened her back once reaching satisfactory conversation distance, and stopped. "So, what did you need me for...?"

Re: [Invite Only] Training Day

PostPosted: 17 Jun 2013 02:31
by Eirin Yagokoro
There was scant evidence that the morning sun had begun its daily routine through the sky, as the thickness of the bamboo let only a fraction of the sunlight in. The end result was a perpetual feeling of the late afternoon dusk, and, despite all of this, the flowers of the inner courtyard still bloomed. Eirin had busied her time waiting for her assistant by tending to the herbacious curiosities, plucking a small bloom from a gardenia plant.

She heard the rabbit's approach before seeing her, smiling that enigmatic bend that was so characteristic of her. Even as Reisen drew nearer to her, Eirin paid only passing attention to her, waiting for the lunar rabbit to halt her advance, and then came the thorough examination. By the look of her face, Eirin would seem reserved, aloof even, as she scanned over Reisen; she would note the nigh-invisible limp and the camouflaged poultice, silently running over the list of possible causes. With her (near) daily analysis of the lunar rabbit complete, Eirin would proceed with the day's events.

"Life has become peaceful, hasn't it?" Eirin mused. It was more of a hypothetical question, though she predicted that Reisen would answer it. "However, this is not a time to become complacent." The doctor stood up straight, casting the gardenia flower into the grass as she did; the move seemed to complement her dramatic rise to her full height. Eirin traded in vague and clouded statements, but her genius recognized the value in crystal statements when necessary.

"Reisen. I request a spell card match between you and I." It was statement, an order, given in the commanding tone from earlier. There was no terminal inflection to suggest that Reisen had any option to decline. The Hourai pharmacist surmised that she would hesitate to accept; whether it was the fear of harming her teacher or that of conflict, she did not anticipate the rabbit's agreement.

Eirin grinned with an expression that could easily be read as sinister cunning; it would be the second trap that Reisen had walked into that day. This one, however, had yet to be sprung.

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PostPosted: 26 Jun 2013 06:48
by Reisen Udongein Inaba
Eientei wasn't a tall establishment, but it was a long one. No matter where one's starting point was, they would likely have to walk for a while at a regular pace to reach their destination. As this was the case for Reisen, who'd come out of her room after being called to the inner courtyard by her master, the rabbit had a few minutes to wonder what purpose she was summoned for while getting used to walking around with her injury. She wasn't particularly worried, though. All that Eirin ever seemed to want was to get her apprentice to run an errand outside Eientei, or help out with another experiment on the verge of breakthrough. Considering that, it was a little strange to meet specifically in the inner courtyard, but Reisen avoided casting suspicions; she'd have found out what the matter is as soon as she got there, one way or another.

Naturally, she was noticed far before she approached. Reisen didn't try to hide her footsteps, but she was still a little impressed when she finally laid eyes on her master -- that even through the dark thicket of bamboo and the lunar rabbit's tendency to go unnoticed, Eirin could already pinpoint her from a distance. 'That's why running never works.' Reisen passed an idle thought as she made another advance towards the red-and-blue figure. Once they were in conversation distance, the rabbit-eared one raised her arm with spread fingers as if to greet, opening her mouth to speak, but the woman before her was faster.

"Uh... it has, hasn't it--" It was a question, so Reisen thought she was supposed to answer it. Eirin kept talking, however, so her answer turned into something of a mumble mid-way, and her white ears drooped slightly over her head as if in embarrassment. She should have known idle conversation wasn't the point of this meeting. Staring up as her elegant master stood to her full height, noticeably taller than the meek rabbit, and tossed the plant she was holding into the ground of the thicket. She still wasn't entirely clear on what Eirin wanted from her, but the apprentice knew it was a serious matter without having to guess, so she did her best to straighten her back (as well as her ears) and listen intently, crimson eyes looking up at the Lunarian.

Of course, the command that filled her ears also filled her with a sense of nervousness. "A spellcard... match, master?" She repeated, as if in shock. If Eirin suspected that Reisen wouldn't be inclined to agree immediately, she was correct -- as usual. "Huh? ...But I wouldn't even be a challenge, would I?" She replied honestly. A few seconds after asking, she was smart enough to realize what the Lunarian wanted to do; maybe there was some sort of threat around the corner, or maybe she just didn't want her servant to relax too much before something could potentially happen. Whichever the case, it meant that Reisen had to try her hand at fighting once more. She and Eirin both understood that conflict wasn't her strongest point, but the master seemed insistent... smiling in a fashion that served to unnerve the rabbit just a little more.

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PostPosted: 29 Jun 2013 01:01
by Eirin Yagokoro
Even without an injured leg, Eirin already had caught her assistant on awkward footing, undoubtedly catching her by surprise with her weighty "suggestion," and her face would remain a steeled masque of composure as she closed the small distance between the two of them. The doctor's reasoning was two-fold; Eirin would first make minor adjustments of Reisen's clothing with firm hands that contained a subtle, vague tenderness to them, straightening the crumpled folds and edges which were, no doubt, a product of her earlier pratfall.

The second was far more vague and convoluted. Her rabbit's slightest of limps and smallest of distortions in clothing had given the doctor reason to suspect that Udonge had treated her own wound - the faintest aroma of the medicinal herbs confirmed the initial diagnosis, and with the nigh-countless millenia she had spent producing medicines, identifying herbs by their scent alone had become a second-nature.

"I needn't repeat myself, least of all for you, Udonge." Eirin rebuked her assistant in a standard manner, her hands still working as she finishes her upkeep of the rabbit's appearance by adjusting the crescent moon brooch that accented the lapel of her blazer. "A spell-card match it is. I'll be using five cards; I expect you'll be matching them?" Eirin's hands freed themselves from Udonge's clothing before the Lunarian took a step back, secretly admiring her assistant.

"That's not something I can answer, Udonge." Once more, Eirin's attention shifted to the plants behind her, the long braid of silvery-gray hair swinging with her motion. The lunar rabbit was free to assume whatever she may wish regarding this gesture; in truth, it was to hide a frown that arched the doctor's lips. "Is this a refusal?" Eirin turned her head to peer back and over her shoulder at Reisen, hiding only the visible half of the frown.

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PostPosted: 06 Jul 2013 15:27
by Reisen Udongein Inaba
Reisen stared curiously; while the rabbit was mulling the options over, the taller figure opposite her stepped forward, closing the distance between them until they were inches away from each other. At that gesture, Reisen swallowed a lump of nervousness stuck in her throat, her master towering over her (although technically, those long rabbit ears made Reisen a little taller).

Not knowing what to expect, she was partly relieved, but also embarrassed when Eirin extended her arms and began to straighten the girl's clothes. Reisen herself hadn't realized that the garbs were probably crumpled and still a little dirty from her earlier tumble, mentally chiding herself for not making herself more presentable before going to meet the doctor. She'd focused all of her efforts on treating her wound, after all. Still, it was a little reassuring; though Reisen wouldn't have known much about it, there was certainly a motherly, tender feeling coming from the act of fixing the younger rabbit's appearance in such an unceremonious, yet caring manner. Besides a little squirm here and there, as well as avoiding her master's gaze, Reisen didn't respond to the gestures until the Lunarian was finished.

Her earlier words may had been intended as a suggestion, and Eirin's wording may had alluded to that, but it certainly felt very much like Reisen was being pressured into making the decision to accept. Whether or not the doctor gave off that feeling consciously or not wasn't as important -- to the rabbit, that imposing speech was enough to talk her into most anything. "I-I understand. Five cards, is it?" She replied, verifying. At this point, she managed to calm herself a little; she wasn't being punished for anything, to the extent of her knowledge, and it seemed that all Eirin wanted was a friendly, if serious match. Reisen had seen her master fight before, though... even in a practice round, she had to wonder whether even her full strength would be enough to keep up with.

Regardless, she steeled herself. Reisen had a certain trait -- her wavelength, specifically, which was odd and had been called 'non-harmonic' when compared to others. When the rabbit wasn't consciously stabilizing it, it was the direct result of strange interactions with the girl; sometimes, even when she spoke right next to someone, it would seem like she was talking from extremely far away. Sometimes, even when she was being looked at directly, one's gaze would continue through her or immediately avert somewhere else, as if they were urged to ignore her existence. This sort of quality was surprisingly convenient in a scenario of a fight; it was part of what made this particular moon rabbit so slippery. Up until that moment, when talking to Eirin, she was purposefully trying to make her wavelength seem normal, but there was no longer a need. There was no visible change in her appearance, but the Lunarian would notice at that point that Reisen's presence was becoming 'odd' -- she may have had to refocus her gaze, or even force herself to look to maintain their conversation.

"Well, I may not meet your expectations..." The girl stood straight. The match hadn't begun yet, but on the first cue, she was ready to spring into action. She was still plagued by uncertainty, as well as the hesitance to go against her master even when asked, but she imagined these were feelings that would disappear as soon as their little sparring round began. Out of her repertoire, Reisen had already decided on her deck of spellcards; all she did now was look expectantly at Eirin, who'd stepped back after fixing her apprentice's clothes and turned her head away, obscuring some of her expression. "...But I accept, master. We can begin when you give the word."

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PostPosted: 13 Jul 2013 09:33
by Eirin Yagokoro
"Yes, Five." Eirin's voice took a professional tone, though it annoyed her to repeat herself. She had spent the little hesitation that Reisen took to adjust her choices, stacking the deck as much in her favor as she felt she needed to. Had the doctor wanted to, she could easily best her apprentice on any given day, and might have stood on equal-or-greater footing to even the Princess (though Eirin would never make such an admission, even to herself), but today was different; the Lunarian had decided to give the rabbit a (less than) fair chance at improving her combat skills while applying a fresh polish to her own.

Needless to say, the red-blue's trap had been sprung. Eirin would not give her young apprentice any audible cue as to precisely when she had begun her first barrage - there was no need to give the Lunar rabbit too much of an advantage - opting to prepare it just as she noticed the crisp edges of Reisen's blazer begin to crumple again. Any contender who was ignorant of the rabbit's true ability may not have noticed it so early, but Eirin was ever the wiser. She kept her conservative demeanor as she turned to face Reisen fully once again, allowing the benefit of a subtle nod before truly beginning the spell-match.

Reisen Udongein Inaba wrote:"Well, I may not meet your expectations..."

"Expectations?" Eirin was careless enough (perhaps) to allow the single thought to tumble from her lips as she considered the rabbit's statement. True, her apprentice did leave much to be desired at times, but overall she met the Doctor's (almost) excessive expectations a fair amount of the time. "That remains to be seen, Udonge. Concentrate on this match." Perhaps it was one of Eirin's shortcomings, but while Reisen was in her presence, she never seemed to find the right words to encourage the Rabbit without shaming her in her punishing lectures.

"Begin." A single word was all that Eirin would speak before filling the air with a medium-type, capsule-shaped bullet that bore the same blue-coloration as her dress. The bullets themselves would swell outwards from her as they approached their circular apex, forming a distinct woven pattern that served as an impromptu barricade between the Master and Apprentice. They would contract next, spinning outwards in a loose web that was to be complemented by a secondary barrage of a similar pattern but a starkly contrasted hue of red. Eirin kept a thin-smile throughout her initial assault, seizing the opportunity to adjust her positioning after she sent each volley spiraling outwards towards Reisen. The entire bombardment was not particularly challenging in mechanics or restrictive in grazing space, but provided a firm starting position for both combatants.

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PostPosted: 20 Jul 2013 00:27
by Reisen Udongein Inaba
Reisen entertained no hopes of coming out of this impromptu match on top -- in order to maintain some determination to do her best, she in turn had to set some kind of goal for herself. Quickly, she decided that even if she couldn't match her master, she was at least going to do something that would cause her to be impressed; anything that, by the end of the battle, would make the woman give her apprentice's efforts a word of appreciation. In that sense, at least, it would have been Reisen's victory, and since she craved nothing more than being acknowledged by those she held close, Reisen had already gathered all the motivation she required to fight.

She had time for a quick assessment, first of all. Things looked to be rather one-sided when one considered the difference of power between the two contenders; the scale was tipped quite heavily in Eirin's direction, of course, but Reisen knew first-hand that not all battles were won by a display of brute force. The stage was set in a location that was, in fact, very favorable for the rabbit; the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, where one can so easily lose their way. Indeed, not even the Brain of the Moon herself was completely familiar with the bewitching forest, and its maddening effect brought nothing but good news for the rabbit whose entire approach to battle relied on misdirection. Eirin doubtlessly knew much of the extent of Reisen's power, but all that meant was that the red-eyed girl could less afford to play around.

In the few seconds that she spent making an attempt to figure out where she stood, her master had already declared the sudden beginning of their match; no sooner than that did she wait to initiate her first barrage. The distance between them wasn't that great, so as soon as Reisen spotted the appearance of those bullets, she kicked off the grassy ground and covered several good meters backwards with a single hop, giving her enough space and distance to dodge the incoming light show. It wasn't particularly necessary, though. Eirin started off with an easy pattern -- from the rabbit's side, it didn't require much thought, but her quick reflexes were called into work as she tilted side to side, quick on her feet. It was too soon to employ her powers; as of right now, Eirin's assault wasn't focused directly on the rabbit, but instead hoped to fill a large enough area in order to catch the elusive Reisen stuck somewhere in the middle. Of course, once she could find an opening, she also began her own assault.

Slipping in between two bullets, Reisen outstretched her right arm in the direction of the Lunarian, her figure blurred by the red-blue lights. Index finger pointed forward and her thumb stuck upwards in that familiar position which meant she was going to fire; the tip of her index finger glowed a faint red before she retracted her arm, and proceeded to swing it in front of her in a horizontal arc. A red trail was left in the wake of the finger, which quickly materialized into a long, orderly row of bullets, which launched themselves forward in a wide, swift arc. Individually, the bullets were weak, but they pierced easily through the capsules fired by Eirin and continued on their way. Having turned the tide, if only for that moment, she created a few more of those bullet arcs in different angles, but her counterattack ended not there. At some point, a slip of paper had appeared in her left hand, which she quickly held in front of her, and flipped.

Visionary Wave - "Red-Eyed Hypnosis"

Reisen had taken the initiative and declared the first spell card of the match. The area's tint grew just a little bit redder, a hint that Eirin was likely to catch instantly -- the effect of the spell card was immediately visible as well. Several arcs of bullets were on their way to strike the red-blue doctor when they suddenly froze -- and disappeared. Of course, they hadn't actually turned invisible or gone away. It was merely that Eirin could no longer perceive them, their wavelength having been extended so far by Reisen that only she could see them directly. While they were invisible, they moved -- rearranged -- around, above, behind the woman, and then, with a snap of the rabbit's fingers, the effect was lifted. And now, in a completely new, confusing and seemingly random pattern, the red bullet arcs continued to fly towards Eirin from all directions, new ones being created by Reisen from afar, who was intent to keep her advantage.

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PostPosted: 27 Jul 2013 07:26
by Eirin Yagokoro
Eirin's composure never broke as she paid close attention to the task at hand. The fate of the match itself had been decided even before it had begun, but that was not the point of the exercise to begin with. The Moon doctor was not surprised (and not terribly impressed) by the final stages of her first volley of ordnance, nor how Reisen had chosen to handle it; the manner in which the rabbit did was terribly standard, but ultimately effective - though her apprentice's shots were ultimately predictable and easy enough to dodge. The smile Eirin wore could be easily mistaken for a sadist's - had Reisen not known any better - as she carefully avoided the hail of danmaku that approached her rapidly, making quick tactical calculations that would leave her in an advantageous position. This would quickly change as Reisen took the offensive, as evidenced by the presence of her first spellcard.

Reisen Udongein Inaba wrote:幻波「赤眼催眠」
Visionary Wave - "Red-Eyed Hypnosis"

Internally, Eirin mused; she had predicted the probability that Reisen would be the first to use a spellcard as slim-to-none. Normally, she was evasive in her combat, preferring to escape rather than confront the target. The Hourai Pharmacist's smile grew wider - it had been a pleasant surprise to see Reisen strike such an agressive stance. In response, her movements shifted towards the defensive, out of necessity, providing a brief moment for her to calculate the next move she would make. Eirin would retreat a fair distance, using the tactical movement to identify key gaps in the incoming barrage. It all seemed too easy until she recognized the scarlet tint that flashed from Reisen's figure; it was a dead giveaway that the rabbit was actively pulsing, shifting the payload of her spellcard into a more complex pattern by phasing out each of her bullets only to rearrange them into a new spread.

Reisen's assault would be rather impressive to any other bystanders - perhaps even the princess herself - but Eirin knew, very well at that, the upper and lower limits of her lapine apprentice, and had determined it was a suitable time to increase the difficulty of her training. The silver-haired Lunarian took planned steps forward into the thick of the curtain-fire, taking a step to the right or left when needed; she would wait until the next pulse of her rabbit's power, then making a miniscule step forward just as the bullets rematerialized in her view. They, in turn, would hiss by her, a few even grazing the fabric of her bi-color dress. The process would repeat with every wave that approached her, transforming into a single-party dance as Eirin quickly re-established her dominance by producing her own spellcard.

A cursory examination of the red-and-blue charm would have revealed nothing; it was (in fact) devoid of any writing or other distinguishing marks that would betray its purpose to those who were unfamiliar with the spellcard rules; these would come just as Eirin announced the name of her own spellcard - one that was drawn from her bevy of experience. Gold etchings appeared across both sides of the card, carving its name into the blank talisman just as Eirin's pronunciation was complete.


Faster than a blink of an eye, an arrangement of stationary blue spheres materialized in a rough geometric shape that seemed to have no pattern other than restricting Reisen's forward movements; a second would destroy any retreat she might consider, and a third would further constrict her lateral movements by arranging themselves in an orderly figure surrounding the Lunar Rabbit. It would be an easy pattern if it was simply that, but Eirin was quick to add a layer of complexity at the rate of an order of magnitude. A stream of large bullets complemented the restrictive pattern, flowing outwards in a wide, radiating curve. Layered atop of that salvo was a medium-type danmaku that took a shape similar to the luminiscent blue orbs that limited Reisen's; these would travel in the opposite direction as the larger bullets, traveling in a similar curve. It wouldn't quite be finished until the venerable doctor launched a tight cluster of the red capsule-type from before, advancing in the midst of the large and medium-type bullets. Many of the bullets would meet her apprentices, ending with explosive results on a minor scale. The density of Eirin's assault was enough to combat her apprentice's, especially with the constant refreshing of her blue barriers.

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PostPosted: 17 Aug 2013 15:51
by Reisen Udongein Inaba
It would have been foolish to believe that Eirin would be caught off guard by such simple misdirection in the first place. To most who weren't familiar with Reisen's abilities, even a relatively simple spellcard such as Red Eyes Hypnosis would have slipped them up immediately; the power to shoot bullets, then phase them into an almost different dimension only for them to rematerialize in a completely different spot. Thankfully, the lunar rabbit held no such expectations that the graceful Lunarian would be tripped up that soon, nor that easily. Despite allegedly not immediately knowing where the bullets were about to be materialized around her, she kept her cool, grazing past them with sharp reflexes. This impressed Reisen, but didn't surprise her -- and on the bright side, she was completely ready for a counterattack. Until it came, the rabbit was content in keeping up her hail of constantly shifting, misplaced danmaku, thinking that she could, perhaps, wear out her skilled opponent by applying pressure, careful not to drain her own spirit in the process. Besides, she had an advantage when it came to letting the battle go on as long as possible.

Those of Lunarians were a league sharper than most humans', but senses were certainly fragile, unreliable things under certain circumstances. Eirin should also have known: the longer one was exposed to the gaze of the red-eyed rabbit, the harder it became to tell left from right - to tell the ground from the sky. Dizziness would assault the mind, and the eyes and ears would become unfocused, confused. For the Lunarian doctor, it was likely that these effects weren't felt in full magnitude quite yet, but even the seasoned doctor couldn't have possibly resisted the mind-bending effects forever. Knowing this, her only real chance of victory, explained the ever-subtle smile that crossed Reisen's lips when she noticed a few of those bullets graze by the red and blue fabric of Eirin's dress. It wasn't that she felt sadistic, but the odds, given long enough, would soon become in her favor -- and that was enough to give her a slowly swelling sense of confidence. Of course, she couldn't let it get to her head, and she couldn't afford to stop her onslaught just to see if her master was handling herself or not. That's why she didn't quite notice... not until it was a little too late, that Eirin had produced her own spellcard, and was already in the process of declaring its name.


Reisen squinted her eyes. As soon as those words echoed throughout the forest of bamboo, the trees and greenery subtly shook, and all at once, the rabbit's hail of bullets was canceled out entirely. She reacted quickly, but not quickly enough -- her path forward was blocked faster than she could dash in her master's direction, and by the time she looked sideways and behind her, those directions were already completely restricted by blue, pulsating spheres. Reisen was completely surrounded. She didn't even have to dodge anything quite yet, but Eirin was quick to keep her on her toes, already bringing the pace of the match up a notch. Not one, not two, but three layers of bullets accompanied her in the cage she was placed in, overwhelming her before the stream had even reached her. Trained not to lose her cool, however, Reisen's eyes scanned forward, looking for the tiniest holes in the curtain fire before it reached her - and just barely squeezing through the swaying capsules, using her nimble body movements, once they made it to her.

The explosive properties of the bullets tripped her up, however. Though she did quite a good job of dodging through the light show, even considering the limited space she was trapped in, an errant capsule struck the ground beneath Reisen's feet, during one of her carefully calculated steps. The burst didn't hit her directly, but she did lose balance for that one moment, flinching. No stroke of luck saved her from being hit by the immediate capsule that was headed her way. "No-- ngahh!" Her chest took a direct hit, the front of her blazer burning as she reeled back, hissing through clenched teeth - the force of the impact causing her to slide back a few inches. Reisen did her best to brush the pain aside, however, as even though she got hit once, the rain of bullets just kept coming. She returned to a more careful dodging pace before too long, but unless she did something to shut it down, another accident will inevitably make her slip up again.

Then I'll just have to erase those bullets, won't I?

Reisen's eyes, quite literally, lit up in an blinding red light, but this time, there was no immediate effect. If one could look past the red glow emitting from her eyes, they could see that her pupils were extremely focused. She had another trick up her sleeve that could potentially rid her of the threat temporarily, and for this, she didn't even have to use up another spellcard. With her body, the lunar rabbit leaned forward, arms outstretched to either side. Straight ahead of her were several of Eirin's capsules, on a swaying collision course with her face, but the girl didn't move an inch, only seeming to glare forward... through the hail of bullets.

The split second before the sphere hurtling towards her was about to strike her again, it simply dissipated into air. It didn't meet a stronger bullet in its path, nor was seemingly blockd by anything else, as if simply staring at it caused it to disappear. However, in the form of a quick-moving, widening cone, this effect continued to apply to all of the danmaku in the path of Reisen's gaze. The charge-up time for this move was dangerous and risky to just be standing still, but the rabbit had found a gap large enough for her to use one of her innate abilities: Eyesight Cleaning. An invisible cone-shaped beam allowed her to easily clear out the curtain fire, especially considering the lack of density in Eirin's bullets, despite there being so many of them. She'd even cleared a path through the cage of blue capsules locking her in a circle, but that hole was going to be quick to cover up -- before that happened, Reisen was already prepared to fire through it.

Rather than shooting more bullets in return, the rabbit's eyes flared up again. In the short span of time as the blue spheres rushed to rearrange themselves, Reisen managed to discharge another form of beam from her eyes -- this one was very visible, a red, burning line emitting from her wide-opened eyes, and also unlike the previous beam that was only meant to give her some breathing space, it was of the destructive sort -- of course, aimed directly at where her master was standing. As it was fired, several smaller beams disconnected from the main one and spread out, allowing for some more covering space, in the likely case that the Lunarian managed to dodged in time.

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PostPosted: 24 Aug 2013 09:15
by Eirin Yagokoro
The outcome of this match seemed set from the beginning, at least, in the erudite's eyes; she would have been disappointed had the rabbit apprentice lasted only a single card, and a delicate frown replaced the growing smile as she watched Reisen's movements be disrupted enough for one of her projectiles to strike true. Once again, the doctor turned her back upon the apprentice, shaking her head in growing displeasure. 'It's only a matter of time before she slips once more, and that will finish it. She will require further training...' Eirin gripped the bridge of her nose between her thumb and finger, giving it a gentle squeeze.

The Hourai pharmacist awaited the sound of a surrender, her barrage continuing despite her waning attention. Showing such restraint was not a normal act for her by any measure, and the overestimation of her position worked in Reisen's favor tremendously. The rabbit's gambit worked, flawlessly, as her eyes bored a corridor through the thick of the bullets. The hole in her offense had caught the periphery of Eirin's vision, prompting her to look over her shoulder. 'A tracer?' It was not in the truest sense of the word, but still quite applicable in this sense; it prepared the way for a secondary strike from the Lunar Rabbit - one that was meant as a full offensive measure.

The fiery beam caught her offguard by every means, forcing her to adapt to the situation in less than a blink of an eye. Eirin pushed off the ground in a powerful bounding step, managing to clear her body from the main beam's path, although that put her in direct contact with an auxiliary beam. The red strand shot across the outside of her thigh, burning through the fabric of her skirt as it scorched the skin underneath, eliciting a muffled grunt from the doctor. "Grrh.." Overconfidence? Hardly. Eirin wagered it was more a flaw with underestimation as to just how dedicated Reisen would be to this friendly battle; it was not a notion she would entertain any further.

"It seems you've supplemented your previous arsenal, Reisen. Good." Eirin suspended the effects of her first spellcard, crushing the paper slip in her hand, discarding the ashes of it before resuming a readied stance. There was an extended moment of peace in the battle, one that the pharmacist used wisely. Extending her right hand upwards, her fingers closed down on what appeared to be thin air, yet she grasped a clearly material object; an ancient, unornamented bow coalesced in her grasp, completed by a quiver slung over her hip. Seizing the initiative, Eirin drew a pair of arrows from the quiver, and, in a continuous, fluid motion, nocked them both upon the bow string, letting them loose from the instrument of war shortly afterwards.

The arrows soared through the air, traveling wide left and right of Reisen, burying themselves into the earth behind the lunar rabbit. She may have missed from an outsider's perspective, but such a trajectory was entirely intentional - as would be shortly seen by both contenders. It was a technique that Eirin employed only a handful of times previous - one that even Reisen had likely never seen. The arrows themselves begin to emit bullets at a distressingly fast rate with each buried shaft spitting out an expanding wave of red-blue danmaku in a radial pattern. The teacher would not give her student any leeway this time, attaching another pair of arrows to the taut string, setting them to jut out in front of her. There seemed to be no end to the number of arrows in Eirin's quiver as the doctor drew yet another single arrow, drawing the antique weapon to its fullest.

With the four initial arrows discharging a constant stream of bullets, Eirin had the time to take a more direct approach to ending this match; she would take the time necessary to aim her drawn arrow at Reisen, carefully choosing when to release the nocked arrow while quickly drawing the next in a motion that came from millenia of study and practice. The Houraijin would not allow any breathing room for her rabbit as arrow after arrow sailed through the air for its intended target while she darted about the battlefield, firing from any number of angles to only increase the difficulty of grazing them.

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by Reisen Udongein Inaba
So she'd succeeded, after all. Her counterattack was a long shot, and a dangerous one -- the time it took to ready both types of beams to fire almost seamlessly one after another took nearly too much time, resulting in another bullet being perhaps an inch away from striking her. Her brow showed the faintest of sweaty gleams; the trick she performed was very nearly a risk she couldn't afford to gamble on, and certainly wasn't going to again -- especially now that Eirin was ready to pick up the pace. Still, it was a small victory for rabbit kind. For one, her impressive bullet-cleaning abilities, followed up with that violently hot beam resulted in an almost clean hit to be inflicted on the Lunarian. Reisen wasn't proud of hurting her master, but for that single, brief moment, she'd actually outplayed the wise doctor.

But as much as she wanted to, she couldn't let it go to her head just yet. She'd already been taught the downfalls of overconfidence.

Eirin Yagokoro wrote:"It seems you've supplemented your previous arsenal, Reisen. Good."

The moon rabbit was allowed a moment of reprieve once she heard these words -- just like what happened when her tracing beam erased the bullets in her path, as soon as Eirin crushed the active spell card, the swaying danmaku dissipated all at once, leaving Reisen in a state between relief and anxiety for what was to come. "I'm... far from done yet, master." She boldly stated. Perhaps she didn't speak those words with a full heart, but she needed to seem tough, if only for her master to appreciate her efforts. It was all that Reisen really wanted, anyway -- oiling up her battle instincts was just a plus.

Reisen watched the bow closely as its string was drawn, two arrows at the ready. It seemed Eirin was yet retaining enough of her perception to fire the difficult-to-handle weapon, although the rabbit's lunatic eyes were active for a while now. No surprise, given her dexterity and experience. As the arrows fired, Reisen already noticed that they were not aimed directly at her, so she didn't bother moving from her current spot. However, as they both struck the ground behind her, she knew her little resting time was over. The thick sprays of bullets began to expand from the buried arrows, and she noticed her merciless teacher also aiming the weapon at her with another arrow already tucked into the string. Her eyes lit again, at that point. Now she was aiming directly at the rabbit, but Reisen stayed oddly calm and focused ahead, even while the swaying patterns of danmaku closed in on her. Her calmness, though, was unnatural.

And, as Eirin must have realized when the very first arrow pierced the rabbit's chest, there was a reason. Mainly, that Reisen was no longer there. Previously, the lunar doctor wasn't aiming directly at her apprentice, choosing to simply overwhelm her with bullets, but now, Reisen could use the fact that she was fishing for a direct hit to her own advantage. Namely, with a moment of concentration, she could make herself appear somewhere that she was not -- and thus effectively only have to worry about dodging the onslaught of danmaku, just like before.

Once the first arrow had pierced the illusion, the lavender-haired rabbit appeared somewhere above her original spot, having apparently gone invisible for a very short time while her illusory clone was active. "Like I said--" Even her voice seemed a little disembodied, as if it could have come from anywhere. Eirin could see Reisen directly floating above ground at this point, but who was to say she hadn't already cloned herself again? "...I'm not done yet!" Attempting to escape Eirin's sharp eyes, the rabbit began weaving through the crowd of bullets with some difficulty, her red eyes flashing every so often to maintain the effect of her mind-bending. As she did so, she managed to fire off a couple of thin ocular beams, unlike the larger one she'd unleashed before. Being concentrated, however, they managed to pierce thin lines through the capsules threatening to overwhelm Reisen, aimed at the Lunarian's general direction.

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by Eirin Yagokoro
There was no telling what the good Doctor was thinking as she watched her rabbit prance about in the field, able to dodge her high-beginning level danmaku with trained ease. For what it was worth, Eirin was semi-satisfied with the duel so far; Reisen had put up much more of a defense than she had expected, especially considering her prior injury. The rabbit's power had begun to blur the doctor's vision, manifesting as a clouded halo that slowly encroached upon the center of her vision, corrupting it with skewed lines and obvious flaws. It forced her to reach deep within hre mind, tapping the disciplined training that the Lunarian had thought she might keep hidden for eternity.

Eirin took a deep breath, narrowing her eyes to reduce the optical distortion as much as she could while tracking her arrows. She recoiled mentally as the wooden sliver appeared to strike true, letting a thin, bemused smirk cross her face as she realized it was an after-image. The idea was not to injure Reisen (at least, not any further than she already was), but to force her to improvise and grow. 'Perhaps it was time to increase the difficulty to a median level.' Eirin thought to herself, continually loosing arrows at what she might surmise as a most probable location based upon her previous movements.

It came as no surprise when Reisen returned fire, though the beams were thin and easy to graze as they seemed to be more defensive in nature, often piercing multiple capsules before approaching the towering sage. Eirin took to dodging them with practiced ease, never taking her eyes off her target (or the illusions of her target), but ultimately increasing the difficulty of her shots. The bow she used so effectively began shimmering with an effulgent azure light - a light that very soon embellished and further transformed the ancient weapon and its ammunition; she now launched radiant missiles that shined with the same ethereal blue color that her bow radiated with.

Reisen Udongein Inaba wrote:"I'm... far from done yet, master. ... Like I said -- ...I'm not done yet!"

"I would certainly hope not, Reisen. I would be disappointed if that were the case." Eirin did not see it necessary to taunt or goad the rabbit in any manner, choosing to state that her expectations were higher than her current performance. "The duel has only begun. Four of my cards remain, and an equal number of yours. Even still, let me see how you handle this." Her voice was not strained in the least, resounding with the same commanding tone she used with her apprentice. A smirk adorned her lips once again, seizing a group of four luminiscent arrows inbetween the gaps of her fingers. They soon met the nigh-invisible bow string, launching forth from their rest with a higher velocity than their predecessors. The projectiles themselves began their flight well enough, though soon affected a wave-motion flightpath, curving through the air before hooking sharply in odd directions.

"You cannot keep running, Reisen. Especially not with that injury." Eirin closed her eyes as the arrows traveled the short distance between her and Reisen, resting them for the next barrage she'd fire after the first. The difficulty in tracking the rabbit had increased a slight amount from having to rest her eyes inbetween volleys, but the reward of stalling further optic degradation was worth the temporal adjustments she had to make. It set the silver-haired Lunarian to strategizing as to what the next incremental step in difficulty would be. It was too soon, in the mind of the Lunar Sage, to exploit such a large weakness, and much too soon to overwhelm her apprentice with the full fraction of her power that she allowed herself to use.