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[Ask First] A Test of Courage!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2013 19:57
by Kyouko Kasodani
Night hanged heavy like a black fog over the cool, mountain misty gardens of the Myouren Temple, and what little starlight penetrated the damp clouds was refracted a hundred times, casting an eerie glow around the twinkling specks. Standing bundled in warm clothes for the cool mountain night and carrying a small lantern stood the spooked form of a little yamabiko, eyes darting constantly between shadows cast off from the various objects of the courtyard.

"M-Maybe this was a bad idea. It's not too late to call it off, right?" Kyouko murmured softly to herself, holding the lantern at arm's reach in front of her as her head looked around suspiciously at every small sound of the night. She had lived on youkai mountain previously and had plenty of misty nights before, but somehow the nature of her night-time vigil carried a chill from the top of her neck straight down to the tip of her little tail.

Thinking back, she couldn't remember whose suggestion it was that she and Mystia meet together late at night in the temple to venture into the graveyard as a show of bravery, but from the way her heavy heart was beating and her hair was standing on end, she could tell she was already starting to regret it. There was no way, of course, that she would dare to back down now, though! She was the gatekeeper for the Myouren Temple, what would happen if everyone thought she was a coward?

She gulped as she shivered a bit from the thick air of suspense in the air. "Mystia, where are you..?"

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PostPosted: 21 Jul 2013 11:18
by Mystia Lorelei
Why had she agreed to this? She wasn’t courageous in the slightest bit. She panicked over someone jumping out and yelling ‘boo’ when she was cooking or singing. She knew some people even tried to do it on purpose just to see what’d happen if she got scared enough. It was a royal pain in the butt sometimes too since some people would try, and succeed, multiple times in one day. Sure they were denied food for awhile at the stand but they deserved it! There’s no reason to scare her when she’s cooking or singing! She was doing those things for other people so… bah in any event she agreed to do this ‘test of courage’ thing mainly for Kyouko… yeah it was for her sake. She had to stick by her friend’s side when she needed it because she knew that if worse came to worse, that Kyouko would do the same thing for her. Come to think of it… who was it that asked her to do this? It was someone who visited the stand, but when they asked about coming to Myouren Temple to ‘test her’ she got curious. Especially when they said Kyouko would be there too. Maybe it was a musical courage test? Yeah… maybe!

The only problem about that was the location.. And the time.. And everything else about it. If it was about music then being around a temple when the two of them were playing music it wasn’t exactly appropriate for the area. When she spotted Kyouko she called out to her, waving both arms so as not to scare her as she approached,

“Kyouko! Sorry it took me so long to get here. it’s a little hard to navigate the paths at night. So um… who told you about this? I heard it was some kind of test but… I didn’t see who told me about it, or what they were testing us on.” Not wanting to stray to far from her friend, Mystia stuck by Kyouko’s side, maybe a little closer than she normally would, her wings fluttering a little behind her as she looked around, “So… what now?”

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PostPosted: 24 Jul 2013 08:06
by Sanae Kochiya
Deep within the shadows of the graveyard, far off from where the two youkai were currently standing, came a low, eerie chuckle. Through the veil of the night's darkness, a pair of wide, red eyes gazed upon the Mystia and Kyouko; still and unblinking eyes. Since the time Kyouko had first appeared, she had been watching the yamabiko... silently waiting...preparing...


Rumors had an interesting way of riding on the winds of Gensokyo. With the arrival of Summer came the talk of haunted tales from all around. Of course, considering the kind of place Gensokyo was, it was no surprise to think that over half of these tales were true. However, one location seemed to have created a good number of rumors since first known appearance in Gensokyo.

The Myouren Haunted Graveyard.
With tales of wandering spirits and brain dead jiangshi floating about, there was no denying that the land was indeed haunted. Because of the number of rumors circulating around that one area, it didn't take long for it to become a popular spot for things like Tests of Courage. For those who looked to prove their bravery or perhaps just looked to get a quick thrill, this was the place. The atmosphere, the ambiance, everything about this night was perfect for those looking to pray on lost souls...


Another laugh echoed through the graveyard. While a bit more audible then the first, the eerie voice would find itself being drowned out by the sound of the air shifting about the area. A chill wind swept past Mystia and Kyouko as if two cold, invisible arms had pressed lightly against their backs to push them forward. Of course, nothing would be there to meet them were they to look behind them. Whether or not they wanted to turn back now was no longer an option.
She wouldn't let them leave so easily.

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PostPosted: 26 Jul 2013 21:47
by Kyouko Kasodani
Upon hearing Mystia's voice and seeing her approach, arms waving, Kyouko relaxed a bit sighing heavily in relief. Alone, she was fragile and afraid, but together... well, maybe the same, but at least they had numbers. She stuck close by Mystia in order to reassure herself of this fact, taking deep, steady, determined breaths.

"Who told me..?" She tilted her head and thought deeply, trying to recall, but the memory escaped her. Was it her idea? Did she tell Mystia? Did she hear it from someone else? Something about the night reached into her mind and clouded the memory, stealing it from her, keeping it secret, keeping it locked away from her prying eyes... Or maybe she just forgot. "It's strange, I can't remember..." The first option seemed better for her reputation, so she chose it.

The yamabiko now occupied her mind with the question of "what now?" She hadn't really thought about what a test of courage might entail, so her eyes scanned over the graveyard. Finally, they rested on a particularly large headstone as the wind pushed at her back, making her jumped, startled, and look behind her with wide eyes. Blushing from embarrassment, she pointed at the tombstone. "Maybe we can just got over there... wait for five minutes... and then leave? I think that would be perfectly brave of us, right?" She instantly began to second-guess her suggestion of five minutes, but didn't dare to contradict herself and sound like a coward.

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PostPosted: 02 Aug 2013 01:16
by Mystia Lorelei
The graveyard really was eerie at night. Before she knew it, she was clinging to Kyouko's arm, trying to feel more 'courageous' by hugging onto Kyouko's arm but.. in reality she was doing everything she could to stop herself from shaking right now... and what was that sound she heard on the wind... she knew she could hear -something- those overly sensitive bird ears of hers had a purpose after all! ...and usually why the slightest sound out of the ordinary made her scramble for cover. The wind at their back made her stumble forward a little, still clinging onto Kyouko's arm as she felt a shiver run up her spine,

"Five minutes? Umm.. y-yeah.. that seems... reasonable. No one can say we didn't pass the test if we stand there that long. Yeah, lets do that... then we can go back to the temple and umm.. m-make tea. Yeah.." She would have suggested somewhere else, but considering how close Myouren temple was to the graveyard it would be the best place to run away to.. err... retreat to... wait that's not much better... bah whatever, it was a good exit from this. As they started for the headstone that Kyouko had pointed out, she kept as close as she could to her friend, her wings flapping a little she turned her head behind them. She heard it again... that laugh... but... but it was like it came from all around them... oohhh if this was some kind of faerie prank she was going to get them for this,

"Umm... d-did you hear that Kyouko?" During none of this time did it ever occur to her that she had no way of measuring time, as far as she was concerned, right now the five minutes was long over.

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PostPosted: 15 Aug 2013 05:31
by Sanae Kochiya
*Crunch*...*Crunch*...*Crunch*With each foot step came the grim noise of the rocky, lifeless soil pressing underneath the soles of their shoes. The air lacked the purity one would expect from a temple, and the thick sheet of darkness surrounding the area looked to swallow anything that could be thought of as living. Even the sounds of nature were cold and faint, the dead breeze causing the dead leaves on the dead trees to tremble lifelessly. Indeed, everything about this graveyard could be described in one word: Dead. Aside from Mystia and Kyouko of course...Their only indication of life within this ominous dead zone was the sound of their own hearts beating heavily within their chests'...
And the sound of footsteps...
*Crunch**Crunch**Crunch**Crunch**Crunch*While uneventful, something during the trek through the graveyard would putting. Two people, four legs...yet...were the sounds really of only two people? A good set of ears would pick up the odd anomaly, but the eyes would betray any signs of it being true. If there indeed was another set of feet, where were they coming from? What did they belong to? And why were they being followed? Watched? ...Hunted? Finally, after what might have seemed like an immeasurable number of steps, the two made it to the grave. At this point, the ghastly wind had died completely, leaving the area even more lifeless then before. Everything was still...silent...except...

*Crunch*...*Crunch*...*Crunch*It would instantly become obvious to both Mystia and Kyouko. Neither of them were moving, but sound was still there; the sound of footsteps. The sound looked to neither get closer or farther, remaining constant for a good minute. Were they even footsteps? Many things were known to make such a dreadful noise, not too many of them being all too pleasant.

.....Then, silence. No wind. No steps. Nothing. One had to question if no sound was any better then having sounds, as unsettling as they may be. Of course, anyone familiar with the horror genre knew better. Silence only gave indication that something was about to happen. What exactly? Well, they'd surely find out soon.
When it was too late of course.
Kyouko would feel it first. A touch on her leg. A cold, strange feeling sliding quickly across her ankle. The touch quickly shifted over to Mystia, brushing against the tip of her shoe and the outer part of her leg. Were either to attempt to look at the ground, it would most likely be hard to tell what it was that touched them thanks to the night's darkness. However, upon looking carefully enough, they would see it. It's eerie white glow. It's small, slim, limbless body. It's three piercing, red eyes that stared back up at them.


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PostPosted: 16 Aug 2013 22:01
by Kyouko Kasodani
in the perfect stillness of the night, every small break of silence sounded so much louder, so much more pronounced as if amplified ten times, beating against Kyouko's sensitive eardrums and making each new step a bit more unsure, a bit less stable than the last. She gulped and winced as she neared the tombstone, immensely regretting her decision to come.

"J-just five m-minutes..." she whispered breathlessly to reassure herself. In her head, she already started counting, using their slow, crunching footsteps for a rhythm. One... two... three... four five?... Something stuck out as she focused on the footsteps and her worried breathing reached a little more deeply into her lungs to find air. She listened again, looking around and continuing her count. Six... seven eight?... nine... ten.... eleven... twelve thirteen?!

She let out a little squeak of fear and covered her mouth, looking about all around her. She definitely heard more footsteps and just hers and Mystia's. Frantically, her eyes vainly darted about, seeing more gravestones and mountain mist, but no others. "M-M-M-Mystia, did you hear something just now?"

The yamabiko shrieked with surprise, jumping back and panting as she felt something push into her! err, actually, it was the other way around. She had turned herself around in her search and bumped into the gravestone they were headed towards. With a heavy sigh to try to settle herself, she leaned her head down and covered her face with her hands, trembling slightly with her ears held back with shame. "J-just got a little... spooked."

After a moment or two, she took another deep breath and closed her eyes tightly, rubbing them before opening them again... immediately staring back into the face of a three-red-eyed monster ghost thing born of her darkest nightmares. She screamed and took Mystia's hand and ran for her life in no particular direction, just trying to escape. "I think five minutes is up right about now!!!"

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PostPosted: 30 Aug 2013 08:47
by Mystia Lorelei
This was getting to be almost to much to bear. She could hear the footsteps in the distance, they were coming from one side... maybe it was the other. Ahh the area wasn't good for acoustics, it was to open, to exposed there could be more than one thing that was crunching around in the.... wait what was crunching... leaves? no it was summer! There couldn't be leaves... was it... bones? No.. no.. it can't be bones, it CAN'T, end of story! Maybe it was best to not think about what was crunching...

She kept a tight hold on Kyouko's arm, normally she'd be able to hear any and everything just fine but all she could hear right now was her heart pounding in her ears. She couldn't even count at this point, she couldn't tell if time was even passing or what was going on at all... until everything went still. She held her breath hen the stillness set in, looking around, trying to adjust her eyes to the darkness, maybe if she could at least SEE what was making noise then she'd feel a little better, maybe it was Rumia? Yeah maybe she was playing a prank on them... ooohh she'd get it later if it was Rumia...

She kept following along with Kyouko, jumping visibly when she shrieked, clinging even tighter to her arm and letting out a nervous laugh at her explanation of being just a little spooked. For her it was a massive understatement now. She just wanted to go, forget staying for any amount of time, yeah she should just suggest that,

"K-Kyouko, why don't we just go?" Then she felt something touch her leg... but she was far less subtle than Kyouko was. Once she felt the touch to her leg, her blood ran cold and she didn't care about being brave, courageous, ANYTHING anymore. all that mattered now was that she was getting out of there and she didn't care if the whole mountain knew how terrified she was, at the very least she didn't put any magic into it. She was in a full state of panic anyhow so doing anything except running as fast as she could away from whatever it was that touched her and in her panic she didn't even see the eyes that were staring up at them. She wasn't about to abandon Kyouko though, she held tight onto her hand as they both ran just trying to make sure they didn't trip over a tombstone or worse, fall into anything...

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PostPosted: 10 Sep 2013 23:51
by Sanae Kochiya
In no time at all, the silence within the cemetery had been broken. Sounds of rushing wind would fill the ears of the two youkai, mixing in with the sounds of their hectic breathing, their hastened footsteps, and their terror filled screams. Despite their best efforts to escape, there was none to be found. Each step forward was a step further into the darkness. Slowly, without knowing, they were being consumed, sinking within the shadows till it became hard to breath. There was no exit...There wAs no eScape... THerE wAS nOwHErE tO rUN...


For as long as she could remember, Sanae had been a fan of the horror genre. While things like ghosts and unexplained terrors would scare some people back in the outside world, they only did well to excite the green-haired shrine maiden. Therefore, when it came to things like haunted houses and tests of courage, Sanae was always one to go all out to get a good scream out of people!

And who better to hear scream then Gensokyo's top two vocal youkai?

Thankfully for Sanae, she had a friend at the Myouren Temple who would let her use the graveyard for her silly schemes. After talking and pleading with Ichirin Kumoi into letting her do this, Sanae was well on her way into getting things prepared.

"...Hm? Why am I doing all this...?"

Such a question from the nun was understandable. Those outside of the mind of Sanae probably wouldn't understand her fascination with these kind of things. Heck, even Sanae was too sure of it herself. She ponders to herself for a brief moment before honestly replying to the nun's query.

"I want to hear it..."

She smiles brightly.

"The sound of a youkai's scream..."


They couldn't escape it; the soft, intrusive noise that echoed throughout the entire graveyard. It continued to chase them no matter which direction they went. Impending terror only became more and more apparent with each passing and eternal second, sounds of ___ filling their ears like white noise. Any sort of creeping feeling would only intensify as the sound grew louder- It was multiplying. More and more sounds of ____ continued to emerge from the darkness. Then, it started to appear.


Small, crimson dots, appearing one after another. However, as soon as they'd focus on it, there would be nothing there. Only through the corner of their eyes could they catch any glimpse of it. Was it an illusion? Was it really there? There would be no time to think about it as the fear continued to surround the two of them. More and more flashes of red continued to shine through the darkness, slowly creeping to the center of their vision, till finally...

____ grabbed her.

From the surrounding darkness, something would find itself reaching out and grabbing on the leg of Kyouko. Unlike with the prior brush against the leg, whatever was touching her would not let go. It squeezed around the yamabiko's ankle with a fierce grip, making sure to prevent her from moving another step.


A ghostly, pale white hand, wrapped onto the yamabiko's leg. Looking down, one would begin to see where the hand connected to the stretched out limb. It wouldn't take long to notice the head by the arm, it's long, unkempt hair spread across the ground like some undead monstrosity.


The hand pulled itself towards the yamabiko, slowly revealing ___ from the void of obscurity. With it's head hung down towards the earth and it's hair blanketing it's entire head, one could not make out it's facial features with a glance. The top of it's clothing was torn and tattered, only adding to the creature's dilapidated visage. It pulled...and pulled...crawling across the ground to pull itself to safety. However, upon looking past the girl and deeper into the darkness, one would realize that there was no hope for her...

Her entire lower half was obscured by the mouth of a large, white snake.

Blood slowly spilled from the girl's side as the snake looked to have a firm hold on her body. She continued to pull...and pull...and pull and pull and pull at Kyouko's leg, but nothing she did would pull her free. Finally, as if realizing the that her struggling was nothing but futile effort, she stopped. Using whatever bit of remaining strength she had left, the girl slowly lifted her head from the ground. Her hair parted from her face as she stared up at both youkai with lifeless, black eyes; her lips slowly moving to utter her last words...


With those final words, Kyouko and Mystia would hear the sounds of something behind them. Were they to look, the would notice a large, ghostly white snake, towering above them as it stared down at them with it's glowing, red eyes. Without so much as a second to react, the snake's mouth would split open above the two before finally descending down upon them...

...And devouring them.


Of course, they weren't really eaten. After all, it was highly unlikely that an illusion could eat a person. After it was all said and done, Sanae would have released Kyouko's leg, curious as to how the two had taken the scare.

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PostPosted: 17 Sep 2013 23:58
by Kyouko Kasodani
"Wh-what is that?!" Kyouko cried as the sound filled her ears. Somehow it sounded as if it was coming from everywhere at once. Were they surrounded? She cried out in terror again and ran faster. "It's all around us!!" It all seemed like a bad dream, like a nightmare made real. Thoughh she was running, it was like she wasn't gaining any forward progress. Whatever she was hearing was right behind her. It was right beside her. It was right in front of her.

That's when she saw the eyes. Her scream caught in her throat as she skidded suddenly to a halt and fell over, scrambling back up and gluing herself to Mystia before charging forward in some random direction again, hoping to escape. "What are they?! What are you?! What do you want?! Leave us alone!!!" She screamed and ran hard until her eyes grew wide and her grip on Mystia slipped and she fell to the ground with a heavy THUD, robbing her of the air in her lungs.

The yamabiko quickly turned around and looked to the pale white hand. She screamed wildly and tugged her leg to try to get it free unsuccessfully. "MYSTIA!!!" She didn't pay attention to what the monster was saying, her wide, dilated eyes stayed fixed upon it as she struggled and yanked her leg to get away to no avail.

She suddenly stopped struggling.
The blood in her veins turned to ice and her breathing caught in her chest.
She was paralyzed. Terror-stricken and in shock.

She looked behind her and saw the harbinger of her demise, poised and ready to strike. Her mouth opened as she tried to scream, but her throat closed, refusing to oblige, and cowered limply as the "snake" devoured her.

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PostPosted: 21 Sep 2013 08:18
by Mystia Lorelei
It didn't matter what Kyouko said, the only thing she was able to 'say' in response to any of her questions or anything she said was to panic even more than she already was, squealing and whining at the sound that seemed to be everywhere now, chasing after them as they ran. It seemed like no matter where they went though, it was always right on their heels, just waiting until they cornered themselves so it could strike.

The sight of the eyes in the darkness only compounded her fear of the situation, giving absolutely no resistance when Kyouko fell, falling along with her and clinging just as tightly to her in return, scrambling back up to her feet and staying as close as she could to her friend as they ran to wherever... she didn't care where as long as it was away from whatever that was. The next time they fell was no different than the first, Mystia's mind was so focused on fleeing that anything outside of 'just run' didn't register properly, so she was rather easily tripped up when Kyouko fell, but this time she couldn't get back up. Seeing the hand on Kyouko's leg made her blood run cold and her entire body froze as she stared in terror at what was happening. This wasn't a test of courage any longer, for her it was just a nightmare or some kind of punishment for some wrong doing she'd committed in the past.

The penultimate part of this was seeing the snake that loomed behind the half figure of the girl that held onto Kyouko. She tried to scream again, but only a pathetic whimper of defeat came out as she stared wide eyed at the creature that was set to devour them both with little problem. The only action she could physically manage was to squeeze even tighter onto Kyouko as she saw the monster start to come down at them, to paralyzed with fear to even try and look away as she saw the enormous maw close around them.