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Re: What's Behind a Mask? [Open]

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2013 16:53
by Hata no Kokoro
"...Oh," was all Kokoro had to say on Alice's insightful commentary on her dolls. In truth, it fascinated Kokoro, but at the same time she felt another emotion here...fear, wasn't it? She feared this dollmaker. Binding souls couldn't be something good people did, right? Souls didn't just come from nowhere, did they? Granted, she didn't know much about anything at all, but it just seemed that way to her. She even idly wondered if her masks could ever be imbued with a soul like that and go off on their own.

Probably not, they were an extension of her, not their own separate beings; to make them separate, they'd have to be able to manipulate her in some way as well. "So...there's a mansion with a real devil in it?" she tilted her head a little as she thought it through. "Is the devil mean?" she questioned. A bit of a silly thing to ask, but she didn't know any devils, nor any stories about them; this devil might be nice. Or at least, she might not go around chopping people's heads off just because she could. That was what evil devils did, wasn't it? Kokoro felt...hesitation; she couldn't really rely on her own thoughts too much because she was just so very inexperienced in just about everything.

That was when some talk about the element stuff continued, coming from Patchouli. She hadn't been paying too much attention before, lost in her thoughts as she was, but she definitely was now. "...What are you two talking about? I'm not on fire." she stated bluntly, in response to Patchouli's last sentence.

Re: What's Behind a Mask? [Open]

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2013 12:17
by Alice Margatroid
(I'm really sorry about being slow to respond here. I had somehow got it into my head that Patchouli went after Kokoro, not before, so I didn't realize it was my turn.)

Alice's gaze lingered on Kokoro for a few seconds as the menreiki simply responded to the tale of her greatest success and her daughters with a simple "oh" rather than the curiosity that had marked the discussion before. However, she didn't want to ignore the rest of the conversation and keep Patchouli out of it. It was just a bit odd, really.

"Right, though it's just a nickname. At least, I've never heard about Remilia taking a job for the yama torturing wicked spirits in hell to prepare them for reincarnation. She's not particularly mean either, she frequently holds parties for the people of Gensokyo and by all indications treats her servants well." The puppeteer shrugged, still smiling more warmly than was usual for her.

"That's not quite it. It's about elemental correspondences. Apart from actual fire, the element of fire also represents happiness, new beginnings, impatience, the sun and a number of other things. So sensing fire from you doesn't mean thinking you're actually burning."