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Re: Yin-Yang: Heaven and Hell [Ask First]

PostPosted: 07 Jul 2013 18:50
by Reimu Hakurei
The shrine maiden of paradise drew herself up, stretching a little with a curious look of indifference on her face. She'd turn suddenly, smiling at Tenshi and Utsuho with unexpected warmth. The maiden floated across the ground, doing a circuit 'round the Kasha Cat with a strangely playful expression. Her flight path was unwavering, and almost lazy looking. There was more than one cat at the shrine today, it seemed, and this one wanted to play with her food.

"Well, if you're done provoking my friend, kitten, you can join us. After all, I need someone impartial and cunning of wit to referee."

The maiden would spiral up and above the shrine, beckoning at the two girls whom she seemed oblivious to the malice betwixt. Did she really not care that they were on the ragged edge of violence, ready to leap on one another without the slightest provocation? It seemed not, she had other plans in mind. Without much fanfare she'd zip along the tree-tops, weaving in and out of sight before vanishing just over the farthest trees.

There was an open glade not far from the Hakurei shrine, along the edges of the forest. Fairies frolicked there and often attempted to prank Reimu. In fact, it was right next to the house of the Great Three Fairies. So, interestingly enough, they were all lined up to greet Reimu, like they'd been expecting her. They also wore curious outfits. Shrine maiden robes, all sized perfectly for them. Over a dozen or more fairies cheered as the maiden alighted among them, as if some great festival were about to begin!

Once everyone else had arrived, having finished their bickering, she'd spread her arms out in greeting.

"Now we get to see who is worthy of becoming an Incident Solver!"

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PostPosted: 13 Jul 2013 02:15
by Tenshi Hinanawi
After her boisterous display of vexation, Tenshi actually found herself feeling a bit better. Thinking about it, keystones and earthquakes were always great for relieving stress for the young celestial. Granted, she had to admit that Rin's reaction to the rock's impact also did well to lift her mood a bit.

While doing well not to crack a smile, Tenshi would find herself raising a brow at Rin as she went about serving her tea. After all, this was the same cat that had been doing so well to insult the celestial since she appeared. It was no surprise that Tenshi was a bit suspicious. "...Poison?" she questioned in her head, starting down at the cup of liquid. She wouldn't have put it past the kasha who reeked of death. Either way, Tenshi wasn't going to let a small thing like poison bother a celestial like her. Calmly, she lifted the cup to her lips. Then...

Rin Kaenbyou wrote:“You missed her! Just a little farther forward with the next one!!”

Rin's exclamation would cause Tenshi's hand to freeze for one instantaneous second, the cup less then a centimeter away from her lips before she calmly went about taking a sip of the tea. In that same instant, one might've noticed a irate twitch in Tenshi's expression had they looked close enough. From there, Tenshi found herself being forced to sit through Rin's boasting of Hell. By the time she finished, Tenshi looked to be at the limit of her patience.

Just as Tenshi was about to respond back to Rin with her own piece of mind, she'd find herself cut off by Reimu suddenly stepping in. She had no clue what was going through the floaty girl's head, but it was obvious that arguing was pointless at this point. Letting out another sighing breath, Tenshi placed the tea cup down on her keystone before letting her lips slip into a sly grin. "Well, I /so/ look forward to seeing just of these so called 'horrors' you speak of," Tenshi spoke in a mocking tone. Hopping off her seat, Tenshi would begin to take to the skies as she looked down at Rin and Utsuho. "Well, it not like I expect much from a bird brain like her!"

Payback for the mountain-dweller remark.

With that said, Tenshi would follow after Reimu to see just what all the hubbub was about. While she didn't really have any intent on becoming an incident solver, she couldn't hide the fact that she was curious what the girl had in store for their "training".

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PostPosted: 20 Jul 2013 11:11
by Rin Kaenbyou
Orin couldn’t stop the smile that eased its way across her lips, devoid of any malice or mischievous amusement. One could tell from the genuine delight that shone in her wide eyes and the way that her ears tilted. She had almost forgotten just how broad the hellraven’s wingspan was. It wasn’t as if it was a rare occurrence for her to see Okuu with her wings spread, but the hellcat was generally tending to her own duties, and didn’t pay it much mind. She watched in awe as Okuu rose to her full height, a great red jewel burning amidst a sky of the glistening black feathers, the expanse of her wings eclipsing the blue of the sky.

There was no mistaking that look, the fire that burned away in the hellraven’s eyes. All three of them. Or the way the ground began to lightly tremble, or that the air about them was slowly rising to a more comfortable temperature. The slight whine of the control rod could mean only one thing. The chance to challenge the heavens, or at the very least the ‘exalted’ eldest daughter of the heavens has stoked the flames of Utsuho’s pride. The cat knew there was little she could do to dissuade Okuu from chasing after Reimu’s offer, even if Orin had wanted to.

But she didn’t.

In fact she was deliberately encouraging her friend further. The small stab of fear Orin felt was overwhelmed by her own curiosity with this strange turn of events. The Hakurei maiden is recruiting youkai to be “officially sanctioned” youkai exterminatorshunters “Incident Solvers.” Regardless of how Reimu may try and phrase it, “solving incidents” invariably involved stalking any nearby youkai and exterminating enough of them until you find the youkai that had caused the incident in the first place. Well, at least the hunting part of the duty sounded interesting. “Chasin’ corpses is fun an’ all, sis... but it doesn’t hurt to chase down somethin’ a little more lively now an’ again to keep the senses sharp. An’ of course you’d be great at it Sis, there’s not a soul, livin’or dead’ as can match the divine flame, or your speed.”

"Well, if you're done provoking my friend, kitten, you can join us. After all, I need someone impartial and cunning of wit to referee."

Kitten. Kitten. Chen was a kitten. Orin wasn't. Mostly. She was perfectly willing to forgo her pride and indulge her master, but that was the sole exception. The shrine maiden’s condescending dismissal elicited Orin’s lips to curl into an impudent little smirk to mask her annoyance. Despite her attempt, It was obvious from the shift of her posture and the curl of her tails, even the silence that followed that the word had stung. But she was willing to play along for the time being. 'The clever cat never shows her claws, Sis, unless she's damn ready to use 'em.' It was hard for her to discern whether Reimu’s apparent disinterest in the brewing tempest between Utsuho and Tenshi stemmed from confidence or a nihilistic apathy.“Impartial referee, sis? Nyaahaaha, as you wish.”

"Well, I /so/ look forward to seeing just of these so called 'horrors' you speak of,"

It was exactly at that moment that the kasha’s sense caught up to her firebrand temper, the full realization of her words falling upon her like a stack of keystones. She watched in silence as the celestial took off after Reimu. In her haste to defend her home, she had labeled her master, her dearest friend, all of her sisters and herself horrors. Orin was right, from a certain point of view, but it still hurt. She turned to Okuu, her brow furrowing as the knot of emotions started to tighten and robbed her of her previous, spiteful eloquence. “Nyaaah.. Sis... I didn’ mean anything bad by it, y’know, just tryin’ to put the fear of Hell into her...” Orin tried to manage a reassuring grin, but it felt half-hearted. “Let’s go see what the red-white has up those ridiculous sleeves of hers. We’ll prove to the both of ‘em that your the best bird for the job.” Orin turned towards the glade, pausing to look back over her shoulder, before shifting into a sylph of black and red fur, dashing through the brush to meet up with the others.

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PostPosted: 24 Jul 2013 01:29
by Utsuho Reiuji
Utsuho always enjoyed having Orin by her side. The kasha had a certain way of always making her feel better, regardless of the situation; and now in particular she was happy to have her by her side. And she walked with a slight spring in her step to follow the shrine maiden, a pleased "Unyu" emanating from her lips.

"I think I'll do just fine." She grinned as she moved, her footfalls landing with a loud thud despite the lightness and energy of her step. "there's no way that blue-hair will be able to beat me, I bet all she can do is throw stones."
She tried, but Utsuho had never been terribly good at being witty.

Picking up her pace, Utsuho caught up to Reimu, leaning forward to try and catch her eye, wings raised up above her to inadvertently bask her in the hell raven's shadow.

"Hey, hey, Reimu" she pestered, leaning over to her "What's the test gonna be, huh?" Her eyes were bright with eager curiosity.
"Will it be flying races? Or blowing up fairies, or...ooh! Danmaku sparring? Those sound fun, is that what we're doing? Is it fun?"
She continued to prod and pester her all along the path. What's the point of surprises if you couldn't learn the surprise? Holding out was just being unfair.

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PostPosted: 24 Jul 2013 21:10
by Reimu Hakurei
The shrine maiden would spin in place, a curious grin on her features. If she was apathetic, it would just be par for the course, wouldn't it? But what she was really up to...none could say! The shrine maiden seemed almost random in her decision making, but clearly there was some actual point to all this. She'd look Okuu and Tenshi over closely before seeming to make some unspoken decision.

"I see I see...hrm, well. The first thing to know about being an incident solver is how to deal with fairy's. Go on. Laugh. I know you don't think I'm serious, but it's the first and most important part of dealing with an incident! Usually you won't have any clue as to what's going on until you find the largest concentration of disposable Youkai. The best way to handle them is to practice your grazing. I'm sure you two are used to just unleashing torrents of fire, but there's more to this than just firepower!"

She stressed the last point, probably for Utsuho's benefit. The maiden would gesture with her ofuda in the direction of the fairy's, who seemed to understand it to be a prearranged signal. Suddenly the sky was filled with blistering bullets, crashing all around Reimu's smiling features.

"Well, let's get started then, right?!"

Sure, one fairy wasn't anything to worry about. Five? Eh. Ten? Eh eh. Fourty? Well now. It was getting a little interesting at this point, as some three dozen fairy's of the forest, dressed up like shrine maidens, were sending a wall of brightly coloured danmaku straight in at both Tenshi and Utsuho. Very little warning (or accuracy) was given, and suddenly Reimu would interrupt by shouting:

"RIGHT! Now it's time for you two to start! Don't forget to exterminate each other also! It's on the test!"

Was she insane? (Was there any doubt left at this point anyways?)

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PostPosted: 23 Aug 2013 04:37
by Tenshi Hinanawi
It was odd. What was? Everything in Gensokyo of course. But, to narrow things down more, Tenshi felt that the shrine maiden was the main focus point of oddities within Gensokyo at this current point and time. While the celestial was sure there were probably even weirder things happening all around her, they of course didn't matter all that much since she herself wasn't a part of them. As for why the peach girl thought things to be odd, well, it wasn't something she could put her finger on. Perhaps it was the way Reimu looked both her and the bird girl over. Maybe it was the countless number of fairies cosplaying as shrine maidens. Whatever the case, Tenshi couldn't shake off the feeling that things would only get weirder were she to stick around...

It seemed Tenshi made the right choice in coming here.

Ignoring all the weirdness for the fact that it'd probably be entertaining, Tenshi idly listened to the Hakurei miko as she went about explaining the oh so important requirements to being an incident solver. She wasn't too sure just how serious Reimu was being about all this, and stating that step 1 involved fairies didn't help clear any doubts. The celestial stared at Reimu with a questionable look as she continued her explanation, her expression slowly softening to something between surprise and understanding. Someway or another, the shrine maiden had done well to make her point seem valid and reasonable. "It...makes sense I guess..." Tenshi responded, not sounding all too convinced, but convinced enough for the time being.

Suddenly, bullets. Everywhere.

Tenshi wouldn't even had time to voice her surprise at the sudden shift of events as she went about using most of her quick mental responses to sift through the waves of danmaku falling from the sky. The other remaining bit of brain power was being used to figure out just how she could deal with all this. Here's what she came up with:

A. Cheat and use a keystone wall to block the bullets.
B. Cheat and use her sword to cut the bullets.
C. Cheat and just tank the bullets. They're only fairies.
D. All the above. Still cheating though.

Despite Reimu specifically stating that this was "graze training", Tenshi's celestial mindset didn't really think to bother with such troublesome rules. Then again, this was a competition. Last thing she wanted was for the hell bird to end up winning this test by default just cause Tenshi decided to be a bit..."creative". Still, was there really any point to all of this...?

Reimu Hakurei wrote:Don't forget to exterminate each other also!

Well, that was good enough for Tenshi.

With as little warning as the fairies had given previously, Tenshi would go about summoning one of her keystones in front of her, it's flat surface directed towards her while it's pointed end had been aimed towards a certain raven. In a fluid yet powerful motion, the young girl went about spin kicking the rock directly at Utsuho, the soles of her boot striking true at the rock's smooth side. With enough force to possibly level the earth, the keystone would be sent spiraling at the hell raven like a large drill shot out of a gun. As much as Tenshi wanted to do more to follow up with her initial attack, she had to remember that she was trying not to get hit by this lunatic level bullet rain.

Well, it's not as if there was any rush to pass this test, right?

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PostPosted: 31 Aug 2013 10:00
by Rin Kaenbyou
"RIGHT! Now it's time for you two to start! Don't forget to exterminate each other also! It's on the test!"

The hellcat could scarce believe her feline ears, the shrine maiden just expected her to remain idly by while some self-aggrandizing peach pit makes an attempt to "exterminate" her closest friend. Peaches aren't even that delectable! 'Not only was she supposed to watch, but to impartially judge. The hairs on her tails bristled as they thrashed in displeasure at the thought of it. Well, she could judge impartially. She judged she’d have to tip the scales; there was no partial way about it.

Amongst the many things your average fairy was known for, accuracy was not one of them. But what the miniature miko lacked in precision, they made up in enthusiasm as they filled the sky with dazzling arrays of danmaku. Perhaps a bit too much enthusiasm as several of bursts of shimmering bullets tumbled towards the kasha. She sprung away from the path of the bullets, landing in a crouching position as she shifted from a blazing black shadow of a two-tailed cat to her youkai form.

“Test? More like a test of patience, sis.”

The hellcat watched with a keen interest as the gathering of fairies began their patterns and gathered a dozen of her own ethereal attendants to her. The “zombie” fairies looked as thin as rice paper in the light of day, and the deathly pallor of their skin shone like a fleeting mist under the halos of blue flame that crowned their heads. Their diaphanous gowns of funerary white shimmered like spun glass under the light of the sun. Of course calling them “zombies” was a gravely misleading. Not that Orin could be bothered to correct anyone on the matter, for she was all too pleased to mislead guide the foolhardy to a agonizing comfortable grave in the furnaces. Hell, the little sprites weren’t even properly cursed or possessed.

Then again, no-one is perfect.

Besides zombie fairies just sounded proper. And terrifying. And it was a lot more practical than calling them “Fairies who, despite appearing cursed and/or possessed for all intents and purposes, are not actually cursed or possessed, but are merely influenced by the nature of the (Former) Hell of Blazing Fires and are considerate enough to keep up appearances.” That said, they are actually quite sociable if one can get past their deathly shyness.

Orin’s pale fairies danced amongst the red and white clad ones, intensifying the erratic patterns of bullets with their own blistering salvos. The density of bullets in the volley directed at Tenshi practically doubled as the the patterns of the miko fairies and zombie fairies overlapped in waves of scintillating beauty. It was a fleeting beauty, as one of the red and white clad fairies happened to stray into the line of fire of her pale cousins. The miniature miko winked out of existence with a gasp of surprise that sounded suspiciously like a faint “pi-chuuun."

It didn’t take long for the beautiful concerto of light and color to quickly erupt into dissonant bursts of danmaku scattering in every direction. The fairies had begun to focus more on fighting each other than the two rookie incident solvers, though the chaotic nature of the incoming bullets and the decay of any discernible patterns might make it far more challenging.

“Nyaaaaa--- what are ya doin’?!

A resounding clap could be heard over the rising din of the squabbling fairies as a certain red headed kasha buried her forehead in her palm in frustration.

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PostPosted: 07 Sep 2013 02:27
by Utsuho Reiuji
That was a lot of fairies. Utsuho almost became dizzy trying to count them all. She was used to seeing Orin's zombie fairies, and the familiar sight of a small legion of them forming up counter to their miko counterparts brought a nice feeling of home to this strange overland.

"Sounds like fun-WAH!"

That good feeling promptly went away when the firefight started up in earnest. A blazing miasma of danmaku filling the air caused her to squawk incoherently for a moment, caught completely off-guard by the blaze of sound and color. Utsuho wasn't a complicated combatant, her patterns were basic, and her plan was simple, despite the shrine maiden's advisory words: Victory through superior firepower. A couple of awkward dodges and a few hits occurred before she could get her proper footing. She was by far the bulkiest of the combatants, Orin and Tenshi being similarly slim, but the hell raven's height and striking silhouette also made her a big honking target. Grazing was all well and good if you could manage it, which she could, with some degree of success. But she knew where her strengths were. Know what else can't graze well? A freight train.

Before she could start gaining that momentum though, a dark spot in the color storm flew towards her, another pointy boulder by the celestial, and it was approaching fast enough to make the hell raven little more than a twinkle in the sky.

Let it never be said you can't quick-draw a three-foot long arm cannon. Mere feet away from her, the spiraling keystone was reduced to a cloud of microscopic radioactive dust. The smoke cleared in a sweep of great black wings as she took off from the ground, control rod glowing bright and letting off a low mechanical humming sound. The sound of the danmaku storm being drowned out for a moment by the a steady alarm tone. not blaring claxons, but a rapid crescendo siren echoing through the forest. Radiation levels were up, bar your doors, close your windows, the nuke was active.

She flew forward rapidly, weaving and rolling past the bullets that still dared head her way, far more agile in the air than on the ground, before flipping over into a standing position long enough to fire off a line of bullets, each the size of a small tree in front of her. Most of the fairies in the line of fire never stood a chance, not fast enough to evade bullets that size. After that, Utsuho leveled her cannon and fired a particularly big shot, three times as tall ash she was, right for Tenshi.
"Let's see you graze that one, celestial!"

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PostPosted: 12 Sep 2013 00:00
by Reimu Hakurei
At least everything so far had been a success. Even despite all of Rin's complaining, Reimu seemed quite content with the havoc that was being wrought. Nice to see it being inflicted on others for a change, rather than herself. And she congratulated herself on the genius of her idea. Not something you usually expected, and it'd been very expensive, but totally worth it.

Thirty fairies dressed like shrine maidens can't be wrong, after all.

"Or was it forty?"

Reimu's sleeved limbs cast up into the air, billowing in the late summer breeze as she watched the intense battle. No worse than anything she'd been through, but considering the one on one duels most of these Youkai were involved in, it was probably quite new for them. Orin was pretty incensed thus far, which probably was cheering Reimu up immensely. She quirked a brow when Rin introduced her little "friends" into the mess, which made the light show even more insane than it was before. The shrine maiden just sighed, but there was a playful sort of expression, hidden by a terse smile.

"Ara ara, now you've gone and done it. We'll be here till sundown, especially with how much fun they're having."

Was Reimu talking about the Celestial and the Raven or the fairies?

"I would think you'd be excited for her, having a chance to stretch her wings. Its not like she gets to leave Hell often, and Tenshi needs the exercise anyways. They're both kind of like little kids at times, and I can't think of a better way for them to learn."

The shrine maiden of paradise slipped a slender object from her sleeves. A finely made pipe, a kiseru that likely came either from the Outside world or had a long pedigree in Gensokyo before the border had been erected. Either way, it was odd to see an impoverished girl like her in possession of something so fine. She crooked a brow, leaning over behind Rin inexplicably for a moment.

"I don't suppose your tails catch fire on purpose do they? I could use a light."

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PostPosted: 21 Sep 2013 11:17
by Tenshi Hinanawi
Tenshi couldn't help but raise her brows at Utsuho's reaction time and speed to her attack. "And here I figured she'd be pretty slow. In more ways then one." For heaven's sake, the girl looked to have cinder block for a leg. Then again, one saw stranger things in Gensokyo. In anycase, this wasn't anything too much-

(bulletbulletbullet), too much for the celestial too handle. For now she would just turn up the-


..the fire power. This way she was sure that not even that hell bird would be able to-


"...." Tenshi's brow would give an irrate twitch as she found herself being forced to graze a lot more then she had needed to in the beginning. Sure, this was to be expected in danmaku battles, but now it was starting to get ridiculous! When the hell did fairies gain so much fire power?! Taking her eyes off the black bird for a moment, the peach hatted celestial moved her gaze over to the source of the annoyance.


First shrine maidens, now...the undead? "...Something smells rotten, and it's not those play dead fairies." While she wouldn't have put it past Reimu to think up such a random change in scheme, it was quite obvious that Tenshi was the only one being targeted by the zombie fairies. Despite not knowing the shrine maiden too personally, she didn't seem like the type to choose sides like that. I mean, sure, Tenshi may have destroyed her shrine once or twice, but that was all water under the bridge...Definitely.

Just as this Tenshi was beginning to have her doubts, the sound of Rin's voice would cause the celestial's gaze to fix on the meddlesome black cat. "...Of course." Exasperation seethed out her voice as the obvious answer revealed itself, Tenshi letting out a small sigh before addressing the twin tailed girl. "Oi, cat! (graze) Guh..stop interfering! Just because you feel your friend can't (graze) handle things on her own (graze) doesn't mean that you-("Let's see you graze that one, celestial!")...the heck is that?"


With all the numerous distractions about her, Tenshi found herself completely overlooking both the hell raven and her huge glowing orb of radiation. As a result, the entire sky would tremble as the attack made a direct hit on the celestial, lighting up the sky in a bright, heated explosion. It wouldn't take too long for things to die down, revealing nothing but a large cloud of smoke.

And within it a celestial in tattered clothing.

"...." Tenshi calmly remained still within the thick sheet of darkened mist, both arms crossed in front of her in an act of defense. "Well now...Seems like you actually did well to damage me. That actually hurt quite a bit." Still obscured by the thick cloud of smoke, Tenshi let her left arm fall to her side while leaving the other arm stretched out to the right.

Within that hand was a spell card.

Temperament [High-Spirited Sword]

Suddenly, the smoke would burst away as Tenshi's went about gathering all the nearby temperament into her sword. The sky would let tremble as the Sword of Hisou looked to explode in length, it's fiery features stretching out like a pillar of flames. "However!" Tenshi exclaimed, readying the massive blade to be swung, "That means nothing if you can't do it on your own!!"

With a nice, horizontal swing, Tenshi dragged her scarlet sword of temperament through the air, looking to aim where all the fairies stood. In one fell swoop, the sky was painted pure crimson...

...No, not with blood. Red bullets and large orbs all across the sky! Having had enough of the fairies annoying interference, Tenshi would attempt to get rid of them all with one good spell card slashing! Depending on where Reimu and Rin were positioned, they might have ended up caught in the crossfire if too close. Were that the case...well, Tenshi would just put it off as an unavoidable "accident".

Of course, the celestial wasn't finished with just one swing. After hopefully getting rid of the fairies, her attention would quickly switch over to Utsuho, raising the sword high above her head before pulling it downward with a powerful arching swing.