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Locations: Marisa Kirisame's House, Alice Margatroid's House, Kourindou, The Hakurei Shrine, Gate to Makai
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The Forest of Magic is a place brimming with energy and power. The dense trees and deep magic that permeates the forest makes it almost suffocating, but also seems to attract a number of youkai. The forest isn't travelled by many, and only the strange or the magical choose it as their home. The forest is home to two magical beings, the human magician Marisa Kirisame and the youkai puppeteer Alice Margatroid. Marisa's house seems to double as a shop, an Anything-Goes type of store, but whether or not she does any actual business is something of a mystery. Kourindou, owned by Rinnosuke, is another shop on the edge of the Forest of Magic near the human village, and is frequently visited by humans and youkai alike. The Hakurei Shrine, cared for by the shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei, also resides in a thinner area of the forest, near the great Hakurei border.

Re: Consulting an Expert [Ask First]

Postby Alice Margatroid » 20 Sep 2013 17:24

"So planets have to serve a purpose rather than just existing? What a remarkably anthropocentric view, especially for someone who isn't even human. And, yes, planets can be made of gas too. Quite a few are. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus to be exact." Raising an eyebrow, Alice sipped from her tea, waiting to see how the spider reacted.

"Oh, I'm sure there was a fight somewhere. It just wasn't as central as the heart sacrificing business to these people. Though of course they probably had to fight quite a bit to get the hearts, but just against other humans, not giant snakes of questionable existence. If it really was out there, the sun would either have been eaten or the snake would have ended up around here to try and find an existence with less eating of stars. Or maybe it'd just end up fighting that birdbrain."

And the dogu kept being interesting. Had a colony of ghost ants taken up life in it or something? Rather than worry overly much about catching all of them, she instead focused her attention on extracting the one she had caught to try to have a closer look. Whatever this was, it was certainly different from what she was used to.
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