[Open] Kinda Like a Moth to a Candle

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[Open] Kinda Like a Moth to a Candle

Postby Koakuma » 14 Sep 2013 06:24

Leaving the mansion was a rare treat for the devil with the long-hour work week. Oftentimes it meant a chance for her hobbies and her odd endeavours, but usually it was just free time that could be burned away on whatever fancy was drawing in her day. So of course there are odd times when she would merely window shop and try to be as unnoticeable as possible. Yet while it was often good fun to stay at the corner of people's eyes and pop away at the very last second, she was unable to shake her current follower.

That oddity was not human, of course. No human could keep up with her speed when it comes to quick dashes to avoid being seen. In fact, it was too tiny to be even a human child. And while it flopped about almost happily, the thing had no limbs. Yes, this thing was a tiny, limbless blob of blue-green goo that seemed to have a mind of its own. Its only eye just watched the little devil with a gaze that might leave a human irrationally terrified. There was no escaping it, Koakuma had found a most unusual stalker.

“I think I read about this before...” She says, poking at the blob with a stick, not even disrupting the oily film that seemed to hold the gelatinous mass together. The eye seems to look at the stick as it moves, shrouding any intent that may be hidden by the lack of expressions.

“Sui...you? Sura...mui? Nah, that's not it. It leaves a trail like a snail, so it's kinda like a shell-free mollusk. Wonder why it's following me though...?” The devil continues to speak aloud, as if expecting the blob to give an answer. It never does, but she still keeps talking as she prods the creature a little more. After a moment, it tries to wrap part of its form around the stick in a very weak game of tug of war. “Ahh...so it can make limbs out of its membrane... I wonder if things like this are normal in Gensokyo. I've never seen one before...”

And so that's how she was, merely poking away at the nameless, shapeless thing on the side of one random street in the Human Village. Sure, people could likely spot her easily when she was not messing with them, but her curiosity won out over her games for the time being. As strange as a subject that may be.
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