[Ask First] Market Day

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[Ask First] Market Day

Postby Fujiwara no Mokou » 30 Aug 2013 10:05

It had been over three hundred years since Mokou came to Gensokyo before she first set foot in the human village. She had finally done so only to help a friend, her first in a millennium, feeling extremely uncomfortable in a place she thoroughly did not belong. In the time since, her visits had slowly grew more frequent.

One sunny morning, the immortal made the journey from her hut in the bamboo forest to see what there might be to buy at the market. She was feeling bored, and had some money lying around that she should probably spend someday. She had been given the money by that person with the stuff, that one time, for some reason or other. Maybe she would find some small luxury to bring back with her, or a nice gift for Keine. If nothing else, she could get a nice meal that she wouldn't have to gather and cook herself.

The phoenix girl tried not to think too much about all the people swarming around her like Wriggle Nightbug's fireflies. So many villagers staring at her, judging her... fearing her? Their buzzing invading her thought, their frail mortal bodies pressing around like living danmaku.

And yet... it wasn't all glares or shy glances quickly averted. A mother passing by with a small baby in her arms smiled at her, and managed a little wave. It was so easy to forget that the younger men and women had been children, Keine's students, on the day of her fiery revelation. A little later, one of the were-hakutaku's current students shouted a greeting to "Aunt Forest Miko Lady" from across the street. Mokou smiled a little in spite of herself.

To them she wasn't such a spooky and threatening outsider, perhaps. Not that the immortal knew any better how to deal with friendly faces. Quite possibly less, as a matter of fact.

One thing Mokou did have a talent for was spotting others who didn't belong. The white-haired girl in the green dress was relagated as much to the fringes of the town's daily affairs as she was, and immediately identifiable as some kind of youkai. Vaguely familiar too, but she couldn't say from where. She drifted over, feeling like she would be more comfortable in the company of another outsider.

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