[Open] Resupplying and Reconnecting

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Re: [Open] Resupplying and Reconnecting

Postby Mystia Lorelei » 09 Sep 2013 00:33

Mystia couldn't stop herself from grinning now. Sure she kind of expected Kyouko to cling onto her side since it was obvious that she was afraid to be in the human village by herself but then again she never did see Kyouko with many humans before so she couldn't have been anywhere near as familiar with them as she was. Though now having Rika so close to her as well over the thought that there might be some dangerous youkai hiding out in the human village well it was... it was cute. Not like Rumia was anyone really to be feared but humans will be humans. It was also rather interesting that Rika didn't seem to know what she needed from the market, maybe it was connected to that thing she was forgetting about but.. hmmm... more to think about really,

"Ahh, I actually have a lot to shop for so I can get the stand opened up again! All of my spices got stale, I'm out of soy sauce, I'll need some fresh traps to catch lamprey with... Ahh its not a bad thing though. I'm really looking forward to getting everything opened up again." She couldn't help smirking at Rumia as she came out of the alley, "Did you forget where you fell asleep again~ or were you just hoping to find some scraps that someone dropped during the daytime for a free meal?" It was hard to know just how to think around Rumia now... the performance she did during her contest kinda stuck with her so the only thing she could really think to show right now was the teasing nature that they normally had with each other so often before. Shooting at the little drone that Rika had? Well who knows if that was the right call or not but.. it was nice to see that for the most part her attitude hadn't changed much in her absence,

"You could come along with us if you'd like. I'll most likely be stopping to get something to eat while I'm here today." If Kyouko really was nervous, then stopping for food may help too. Getting to know one of the more friendly humans she's met might help her relax a little.
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Re: [Open] Resupplying and Reconnecting

Postby Kyouko Kasodani » 14 Sep 2013 15:31

The yamabiko sighed with relief as Mystia listed off what she needed. Since they were both after foodstuffs it was likely that they'd need to visit the same shops and save a bit of time. "I just need some basic things, myself. Rice, soy sauce, miso, tofu, that kind of thing. She tilted her head and blushes as she imgined herself having to carry all that back up to the temple and her lack of foresight. "...And maybe something to carry it all in, like a little wagon."

The idea of everyone eating together made Kyouko feel a it more relaxed, yet nervous at the same time? It was a complicated situation. She would be able to get to know Rika and Rumia better, but humans didn't tend to like youkai eating, right? At least, that's what Kyouko had heard before. Maybe these humans in the village would be more used to it.

Kyouko cast an apprehensive smile towards Rumia. She seemed like she was in a really bad mood and the little yamabiko was trying desperately to not draw much attention--even her ears lay flat on her head as if to (poorly) disguise them into her hair. The bullet fired at the drone did little to quell these feelings and she took a deep breath, bowing as she introduced herself. "Hello! I'm Kyouko! Pleased to meet you!"
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