(Open) Lunar Visitation

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Re: (Open) Lunar Visitation

Postby Kaguya Houraisan » 17 Aug 2013 21:30

Suika Ibuki wrote:Great choice! Ya'll won't regret this~
Shall we? We have a lot of places to go and visit. Follow the oni leader!

The princess was easily startled by the oni's rather blind acceptance, even if her escorts were suspicious. She seemed trustworthy enough, even if her clock of sanity was stuck constantly at half-past sense. Still, her rather lively offer seemed to hold promise, as Kaguya followed along. "My, she's a rather spirited girl..." the princess offered, as a general reply. Perhaps, more a statement of fact than anything else, but the stranger Earthborn were often the most amusing. "I'm sure you'll make an excellent guide, Suika-san. Please, you may lead on."

Suika Ibuki wrote:So do ya have any particular interest, nice people? Medicine, furniture, clothes... I can name all of the food stands in order of quality of the sake they offer~ If ya'll like strong drinks, there's only one place in the village that serves quality Onigoroshi. I know the one who supplies the place, so we can get a discount. It's for later though, the better always come in the end, hehehe~

As she followed, listening to the oni's rambling, the princess tuned out the tiny bit about the Onigoroshi. That would be madness, even for a superior Lunarian constitution, and the princess's own tolerance for alcohol was unusually low already. However, it was the lives of the people that interested her most. The curious princess responded with an odd fascination. "Well, might you tell us of some interesting food venues? Perhaps some interesting places to buy any clothing? I may want to see anything else there is to offer, in this place..." She certainly dealt with medicine and clothes quite often, and fancied herself a pinnacle of Earthbound fashion. Despite being born on Luna, she was something for these proles to aspire to. "I would like to be lead to whatever of those categories strikes your fancy."[/quote]
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Re: (Open) Lunar Visitation

Postby Reisen Udongein Inaba » 14 Sep 2013 22:02

It seemed that a quick, if somewhat hesitant consensus was soon reached between the Lunarians. Opposed to the suspecting faces of Kaguya, Eirin and herself, Suika, of course, was elated -- she might have been running a particularly boring day, or maybe she was just that way all the time, but her face certainly did brighten upon hearing the shared acceptance of her new role as Eientei crew's travel guide to the Human Village.

Humans all around were somehow still relatively calmly going about their natural business, but not a small number was also staring at this odd, noisy meeting of youkai. Reisen immediately began to feel her nervousness again when she realized that so many curious, confused eyes were pointed at her, so without much else of an idea, she tried her best to hurry things along, nodding towards the little oni who was raring to go either way. "Yes, please... let's get on with it."

The lunar rabbit watched closely while Suika multiplied herself, a technique she'd seen employed by her before, but much more offensively. Without further ado, she then began to follow the oni towards the village's center, a little bit further ahead of her group. After all, she was the second-most familiar with the village after Suika, at least enough to know more or less where she was headed.

As they walked, Reisen looked back, listening intently to the princess' suggestion -- it made enough sense for her to want to visit a fashion shop or the likes, and if she were to be perfectly honest (which, right now, she was refraining from), the rabbit actually would have been happy to sate her curiosity as to the fashion of today. Maybe try something on? Who knows. At the very least, she wasn't particularly hungry despite not having gotten her breakfast before speeding out of the mansion some time ago. "There's a clothing store in the center somewhere. I've never been, but the princess might enjoy seeing it."
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Re: (Open) Lunar Visitation

Postby Eirin Yagokoro » 21 Sep 2013 02:33

"A valid appraisal, princess." Eirin would smile and nod with the same cryptic air as before, her voice softened to a polite level; she would keep pace Kaguya, though staying a respectful step behind the Lunarian princess. She acted as her shadow (in a sense), remaining quiet yet still keenly aware of her surroundings. In truth, the silver-haired doctor was still reticent to place full trust in the oni (though she was quite familiar with their honesty), and she anticipated - quite correctly - that Reisen had similar doubts; her lips parted a small ways to issue yet another command to the rabbit, but it seemed that she had made haste in directing the oni (and by extension, the princess and herself as well) towards the clothing store.

"It seems the consensus is to visit the clothier's, Suika." Eirin decided upon this course following Kaguya's exposition regarding it, taking advantage of her position to make such executive decisions. The store itself was not one that Eirin was tremendously familiar with; it was more suited to Kaguya's, or even Reisen's, tastes. This was not to say that she disagreed with such a venture - more that it was for the princess, and not herself.

"I cannot say I've been to the village recently, and the Princess is more keen on fashion than I am." The Houraijin's expression softened as she unveiled a more genuine smile, though it was one that still cloaked her true state, and her remarks were directed towards the Lunar rabbit ahead of them, though were loud enough to be overheard by their entire party. As they continued at their leisurely pace through the populated streets, Eirin kept a closer eye upon her apprentice than she did the princess. Long years in service of the Moon had found the great doctor often in the public eye, and the occasional stares of the townsfolk did not seem to bother her.

"Now that I consider it, such a visit is fortuitous. Winter is coming, and your coat is showing signs of its age, Kaguya. Perhaps it is time for a new one?" Eirin's smile grew as she relaxed, still remaining as keenly aware of her surroundings as she was subtle with her observations of Reisen. This was only aided by her position in the group, as she brought up the tail end - effectively forming the caboose of the oni conducted train. "I wonder what manner of coat you will choose this year?"
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