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Re: [Open] Cat CHAOS (help help help)

Postby Satori Komeiji » 18 Sep 2013 06:20

Between the scenes of people being tied up and the touching sight of vaguely related people embracing – one with a significant part of her clothes shred no less – in the middle of the chaos, you could be forgiven for comparing this situation to an excerpt in the middle of a battlefield. The truth might in fact be not much farther than that, but the numerous thoughts of people around her moving at a breakneck pace has started to give Satori headache. In any case the situation is bigger than what she gave credit for, and she might be here for longer than she intended.

Satori might not care of how the outcome will be handled per se, but the commotion has enough substance in it to serve as a driving force of a book’s plot. Now if she can see through the end she will have enough ideas on how it’ll end too.

She watches as the Dragon’s messenger introduces herself. There’s still the matter of why such a servant have made their way to solve such a private manner. However by the looks of her behavior and thoughts she’s not here by orders, which is a perfectly reasonable ordinary course of action she supposed.

What’s out of the ordinary is her train of thoughts in correspondence of the kitsune and nekomata’s reactions, as well as her seemingly reading the emotion out of the atmosphere like it was words out of a book. It’s a familiar feeling for Satori, and yet at the same time different. She always sees emotion as something that is the byproduct of thoughts and therefore can always be quantifiable depending on how those thoughts are formulated. She also found that emotion can easily be faked, but your heart’s voice stays true to what you are, and naturally it’s just better to base judgments on inner voice rather than surface emotion. Still, the messenger’s ability is interesting, if not can make you…dangerously vulnerable at times.

Case in point: a smack in the face by a cat for trying to help another person in need. No good deed goes unpunished indeed. While not being overtly malicious, they see it as another victory in the guerrilla war of independence they’re playing against the powerful ruling body of…a vaguely defined entity.

“Mrawwwr!! Meow, meowrr!”

SUBTITLE: “Down with the oppressive rules!! Victory to the oppressed!”

Like so.

While she would love to sit down and find out just what happened to these ragtag bunch of would-be bakeneko, she found it hard to concentrate between the humans’ angry thoughts, the cats’ strategizing their next incisive strike at the heart of society, and the confused thoughts of her other three…compatriots, supposedly. Briefly contemplating her next course of action, Satori decided that her best bet is to talk with the ‘leader’, even if she’s…not quite stable and reasonable right now.

Gripping at her hood, Satori makes her way towards where the other three youkais are. The area is still thankfully in the middle of the eye of the hurricane, or at least relatively well off in comparison of the chaos around them. It’s…almost relaxing.

“Nekomata.” She tapped Chen’s right shoulder as she speaks, hopefully snapping her from search of solution from the depths of her memories even for just a brief few seconds to consider her words. “Oppression and the oppressed. Revolutions will not be civil, but it might still be possible. Consider why they think that way.” A couple of seconds isn’t plenty of time for a mission briefing…but that might suffice for the situation with the hints they’ve gotten.
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Re: [Open] Cat CHAOS (help help help)

Postby Ran Yakumo » 21 Sep 2013 20:49

The kitsune, the poor poor kitsune, her nerves on the breaking point, numbly accepts the coat, giving Iku a thankful nod as she flops over onto her rear end. A long sigh as she looks at Chen, at Iku, at Satori, at the cats, her face still red. She straightens up and then her ear twitches as she hears the satori's words. A rebellion?! An uprising?! Did Chen get into Sim City again?! That game isn't good for a growing youkai, especially a shikigami like Chen!

"Chen, what did you do?" Ran's voice is a bit stern, not the anger that was present before. "What are they rebelling against?" her tails on guard now, swooping away various cats that try and shred her clothing. They will not catch her off guard this time, she swears it on her name as a kitsune!

That doesn't stop cats from trying of course, Ran's tails sweeping about in a burst of fluffy that catches several cats in it, causing them to rowl and flail angrily before despondently calming down and letting themselves be immersed in the fluffy. As Chen knows, it's a warm and comfortable place, possibly one of the best for a cat to be, so, grudgingly, many of these Revolutionary Felines (this Kon would come up with a Che Guevara cat pun but can't think of one) settle down in the comforting embrace of the fox's tails, at least until they're disturbed.
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