[Open to All] Day of the Living Umbrella.

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Re: [Open to All] Day of the Living Umbrella.

Postby Tenshi Hinanawi » 31 Aug 2013 01:34

"Aaah~ Today is a good day."

The young celestial couldn't help but bring herself to think such thoughts as her hair and dress fluttered wildly from the catastrophic weather. With both hands rested on her hips, Tenshi surveyed the scene below with a pleased and delighted grin. While it may have seemed that she was enjoying all the chaos, one would be mistaken for thinking that was the logic behind her good mood. Upon hearing Kogasa's clear and resolute response, the peach girl was quite proud of herself. Why? Simple.

Despite all the chaos and destruction that had occurred, Tenshi honestly believed that she had done a good deed by helping a troubled person in need.

A youkai, down on her luck, beaten into the dirt while carrying a tragic past on her shoulders. A celestial, descending gallantly from the heavens, shining a light of hope upon the unfortunate! It was definitely that kind of thing, right? It was a nice feeling having someone call onto you for help, something she could get used to if given the chance. In any case, with her good deed of the day done and Kogasa seeming to be in control of the situation, Tenshi felt that now was the best time to disappear back into the skies in a cool and mysterious fashion till she was once again needed by the people...

...Hah! As if it'd be that easy.

As evidence to the scythe wielding twintail rocketing towards her, Tenshi figured that she'd have to stick around for a bit longer less she risk getting chased all the way back to Heaven. As amusing as that sounded, it'd be pretty pointless against someone with that kind of power. Quick to react, the azure-haired girl would go about summoning her sword back into her hands before deflecting the slash at the last minute. Her body would be sent flying back slightly from the impact, distancing her from the shinigami a bit.

"'One who is too insistent on his own views, finds few to agree with him.' To get this upset over tea and cakes...they really must treat their employees pretty horribly, those Hell officials," Tenshi replied with a grin, "Though it's in real bad taste to take your anger out on others, ya know?"
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Re: [Open to All] Day of the Living Umbrella.

Postby Kogasa Tatara » 07 Sep 2013 11:21

Kogasa might not be consumed by her rage anymore, but that didn't make her any less emotional. She prepared her spellcard, gaze affixed to the selfish shinigami. With a purple glow to her eyes, she stares out pure hate and malice. Gone is any hint of the familiar 'cheery forgotten umbrella' now. The vengeful tsukumogami focuses on channeling her energy into a single, devastating spellcard; oh how that flippant twintail would pay.

But before she can finish the setup, out comes a spray of star shaped danmaku from behind her current target of anger. As Komachi changes paths upwards towards Tenshi in the sky, Kogasa's hateful glare reaffixes itself to a new target. She had nearly forgotten about the witch's presence until now. Oh how this stupid girl would rue siding with the shinigami!

"You... you side with that selfish oppressor? I'll bet you're human, aren't you?"

Opting to graze straight through the pattern instead of dodging outright, the karakasa instead does something strange.

"You're all the same, every stupid last one of you!"

Gripping her umbrella half tight, she rushes ahead at a speedy pace, humanoid half leading the way straight towards the black and white. Though a number of the stars tear at her clothes and scrape at her skin, she appears unfazed; her unflinching glare doesn't blink for even a moment.

"I hate you so goddamn much!"

Kogasa shouts this with streaming tears as she continues her steady pace towards her new target of hate. Should nothing stop her, she has every intention of making this a melee fight. With every last bit of momentum she'd gain from the distance traveled, and with every last drop of her unbridled fury, she'd smash the detestable witch with her umbrella tongue. She'd let out all of her frustrations and give the human back all of the pain her kind has inflicted on this tsukumogami!
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Re: [Open to All] Day of the Living Umbrella.

Postby Komachi Onozuka » 14 Sep 2013 04:29

Komachi stared down the celestial for a moment. She slowly reached inside her vest. As she pulled her hand out, a single coin was held between her thumb and forefinger. With a flick of her wrist, the shinigami fanned her fingers out, producing a set of coins between each of them.

“You are the last person I want to hear that from. Your games cause untold destruction. You care little for the damage you inflict on the cycle. And you would warp the perception of a confused umbrella. All this just so you could have a bit of fun...”

She tossed the coins into the air. They seemed to move on a pet path, despite the chaos around them. “Just as you are no true immortal, you are no true celestial.”

The moment the coins dropped back in front of Komachi's eye, she gave her scythe an unnaturally fast swing. The blade sliced cleanly through the coins. For each of the coins the reaper cut, one appeared near Tenshi, encircling her. The small pieces of copper and brass then exploded into hundreds of coins. They flew out in large circle patterns covering the celestial's area.
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