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  • Bamboo Forest of the Lost
    Locations of interest: Eientei
    128 Topics
    3423 Posts
    Last post by Eirin Yagokoro View the latest post
    12 Sep 2013 10:04
  • Forest of Magic
    Locations: Marisa Kirisame's House, Alice Margatroid's House, Kourindou, The Hakurei Shrine, Gate to Makai
    153 Topics
    3917 Posts
    Last post by Alice Margatroid View the latest post
    21 Sep 2013 12:17
  • The Gensokyo Plains
    Locations: Garden of the Sun, Nameless Hill, Muendzuka, Sanzu River
    61 Topics
    1277 Posts
    Last post by Meira View the latest post
    23 Sep 2013 05:05
  • Human Village
    Locations: Village School, Hieda House
    55 Topics
    1237 Posts
    Last post by Ran Yakumo View the latest post
    21 Sep 2013 20:49
  • Misty Lake
    Locations of interest: Ruined Western Mansion, Scarlet Devil Mansion
    103 Topics
    3231 Posts
    Last post by Koishi Komeiji View the latest post
    24 Sep 2013 21:31
  • Myouren Temple
    Locations of interest: Temple Graveyard, Great Mausoleum
    1 Topics
    11 Posts
    Last post by Mystia Lorelei View the latest post
    21 Sep 2013 08:18
  • Netherworld
    Locations of interest: Hakugyokurou
    61 Topics
    1388 Posts
    Last post by Hata no Kokoro View the latest post
    25 Sep 2013 02:55
  • Underworld
    Locations of interest: Former Capital, Palace of the Earth Spirits, Nuclear Furnace, Remains of Blazing Hell, Underground Geyser Center
    82 Topics
    1506 Posts
    Last post by Yuugi Hoshiguma View the latest post
    24 Sep 2013 00:06
  • Youkai Mountain
    Locations: Moriya Shrine, Tengu Village, Kappa Village, Giant Toad's Pond, The Waterfall
    105 Topics
    2460 Posts
    Last post by Fujiwara no Mokou View the latest post
    23 Sep 2013 19:04
  • Spellcard Tournament Arena (Event)
    A Colosseum-style arena for the Queen of Iron Spellcard tournament. All tournament battle threads are posted here.
    48 Topics
    745 Posts
    Last post by Patchouli Knowledge View the latest post
    22 Nov 2011 04:51
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